21 Jump Street

Season 4 Episode 6

Old Haunts in a New Age

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 30, 1989 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: This episode takes place on Halloween and all of the main characters wear a costume. They are dressed as follows:
      Sal - The Phantom of the Opera
      Hoffs - a Devil
      Ioki - Elvis Presley
      Penhall - Dracula
      Fuller - a Matador
      Hanson - Travis Bickle (from the film Taxi Driver)

  • Quotes

    • Penhall: Ya ya...are you Swedish?

    • Penhall: There's death in the chapel.
      Hanson: Oh, yeah that.

    • Penhall (seeing bright lights and hearing rumbling): Oh, this is it. They're here! The Space Brothers are here! Hello? Hey, land! We mean you no harm!
      (The Goodyear Blimp passes overhead with a message that reads, "Follow me to Crazy Freddy's...")
      Hanson: Aliens travel six light-years to get a good deal on a car stereo. Believe it... or not.
      Penhall: Oh my God. A blimp. I can't believe it. You're never going to let me live this down, are you?
      Hanson: Doug! You're psychic!

    • Penhall: They're going to have fireworks, hot dogs, even Sprinkles the Clown.
      Hanson: Sprinkles? Really?!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The electronics store Penhall wanted to go to, "Crazy Freddy's" is a parody of "Crazy Eddie's," a successful, but corrupt northeastern electronics store in the 70s and 80s. The tv and radio ads were extremely memorable and popular and there has been several attempts to revive the brand name.

    • Penhall: There's something weird, and it don't look good.

      Penhall's statement and the three men, subsequently arriving from the Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) are both references to the 1984 movie Ghostbusters. Penhall says the first line of the theme song by Ray Parker, Jr. Ghostbusters II had also been released the summer of 1989.

    • Doug Penhall's experience in his truck at the crossroads, as well as his fascination with mashed potatoes, is a direct reference to the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

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