21 Jump Street

Season 2 Episode 16

Orpheus 3.3

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Feb 28, 1988 on FOX

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  • Hansen blames himself for his girlfriend's death.

    Unfortunately, I really hated this episode. I hated everything from the story line to the way Hansen reacted to the situation. Hansen wanted to break up with the girl, but he didn't want to hurt her feelings so instead he pretended like he cared for her more than he actually did. Then, when she gets killed it, he acts like he was totally in love with her and he misses her; it doesn't make any since to me. If he would have broken up with her, she never would have been in that store, so in a way it was his fault.
  • This is why this series was respectable

    When I first starting telling people that I started watching this show, it was a bit of a joke, but this episode is the exact reason why I did. Full of raw emotions and a powerful story, along with incredible acting by Depp, this is one of the best episodes that this series has to offer. If anyone ever questions whether this was a good show, you don't have to look any farther then Orpheus 3.3
  • Full of emotion. Johnny's best performance in the series. Heart-wrenching. A real tear-jerker. LOVED it. My favorite episode in the series.

    I have to say that this is my favorite episode in the series. I have watched it about 20+ times. It's just full of emotion, and it makes you want to cry. In my opinion it was Johnny's best performance in the entire series. But I didn't think the part about him saying what you could do in 3.3 seconds was upsetting (like Judy). I actually thought it was interesting. I mean, really, what the heck can you do in 3.3 seconds? I never realized you could do so much in that little bit of time. It's very sad, because you want Hanson to get the 3.3 seconds back, but you know it can't happen. You just feel so sorry for him. Atleast, I know I did. Well, have fun watchin this episode. It's awesome!!!
  • Great acting from Johnny Depp.

    This episode is mesmerizing and tragic, as Tom Hanson slowly goes insane with grief and guilt as he obsesses over the 3.3 seconds it took for him to react to the shooting of his girlfriend. Sometimes the storylines of 21 Jump Street are incredibly sad, and the bouncy theme music of the weekly show can be jarring when juxtaposed with the heavy storylines. This one is definitely heavy -- yet always a joy to watch young Depp grow and mature as an actor.

  • this was one of the best episodes ever in the hirstory of TV. intense, interesting, and heart-wrenching.

    starting out with hansons girldfriend getting shot and killed in a convience store which is being robbed. the intensity doesnt stop there. he refuses to accept her death, becoming obsessed with the feeling that he could have done something in 3.3 seconds. it is intense. and by far the best eipsode in the season. johnny depp was awesome and there wasnt anything i didnt like about the episode. i loved it.
  • One of the most intense hours of television I've ever seen.

    This episode is the best of the series in my opinion. I remember being simply stunned by what I saw on the TV screen (when originally aired)- something that had never happened before and has only happened a few times since.

    I had always liked Johnny Depp on the show, but I never had any idea just how *good* he was until I saw this.

    I firmly believe if this show was on one of the three big networks Depp would have gotten an Emmy nomination for this and rightfully so.