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  • Tom, that recently graduated top of the police class, get\'s the boot cause his recklessness and past. Send to an undercover chapel infiltrating schools, investigating crimest, together with his team, Hoffs punk girl, Doug Penhall biker guy, Harry

    It\'s a true classic, the theme song was also very good and I can still sing it along out of memory of the show. Everybody who\'s grown up during the 80\'s has seen it, it\'s for he teens, not adults. It\'s clear from the start, with babyface Depp stealing the show. But don\'t let that fool ya, it\'s still very good.
  • Lovely Show.

    I had first started to watch this show because I had heard that Johnny Depp was on it and he is my favorite actor, but after the first episode I realized that I would have probably watched the show even without him in it. It deals with real issues that are still around today; drugs, prostituion, aids, murder, exc... And not only that but it also gives life to its characters personal lives outside of their jobs, unlike some cop shows. It can also relate to problems and thoughts of all generations. So all in all, 21 Jump Street is a wonderful show.
  • 21 Jumpstreet RULES!!!!!!

    This show rocks. One of my all time favorite tv shows. Johnny Depp was awesome in the role of Tom Hanson. Peter DeLusie as Doug Penhall rules. This show is awesome. It mixes adventure with humor and mystery. I have ever season on dvd. I love this show so much.
  • Younger looking cops are in a secret police program. They go undercover in schools to stop budding criminals.

    There are always tv shows and movies that capture a time period perfectly. For the late 80's, nothing does it better than 21 Jump Street. From the clothes, to the music, to the language, this show has everything to bring you back to that time period. Some of the storylines are a little corny, but nothing is perfect. For the most part, the episodes are edgey and well written. I wasn't allowed to watch the show during it's first few seasons because my parents thought I was too young. But I managed to sneak in a few episodes here and there. It was the show everyone knew about. Eventhough it was best in it's first 2 seasons, EVERYONE knew 21 Jump Street existed through the whole 5 years. The acting was done very well,of course Johnny Depp being the standout, a lot of the situations still hold up today. The officers where very cool and hip to the current trends. And the show also very high on the comic relief. I have all 3 seasons on dvd and watch them all the time. 21 Jump Street is one of those great shows that will remind you of an era in everyway. If it wasn't for Johnny Depp leaving, and the quickness in style change during the 90's, I think it could have gone a few more seasons. But since it was built around being a "cool" show in 1987, trying to make the cast change into the very different 90's style would not have been very authentic. So if you want a very retro, yet very entertaining and well written police drama with a lot of comedy thrown in, check out 21 Jump Street.
  • Adult cops who look like teens

    I liked this show. Since I like cop shows and this was a cop show, it stands to reason that I would enjoy it. I was in my late teens when this came out. I haven't seen it since then, but I think it will stand the test of time.
  • Fox did thats who. It was one of the first, and great fox shows. If there is any... The cast was great and the plot and theme of the show was excellent. I think the only reason people nkow this show now is because of johnny depp.

    Fox did thats who. It was one of the first, and great fox shows. If there is any... The cast was great and the plot and theme of the show was excellent. I think the only reason people nkow this show now is because of johnny depp. But the show is much more than one person. Sure it sent him into the hollywood spotlight, but without his cast, johnny would still be in FOX.
  • Go Johnny Go!

    I loved 21 Jumpstreet when I was a teenager. I used to think it was class. A proper grown up show with real issues like I was facing at the time. Recently I bought the DVD and sat down to watch.




    Nearly pulled a muscle in my stomach from laughing. Don't get me wrong, Jumpstreet is still a great show, but the hair, clothes, acting and dialogue are hysterical. I can't believe we used to think that was cool. Incidentally, I bet people will laugh at the OC in 20 years.

    You can see why Johnny Depp became a star off the back of this show. Even with the hokey dialogue, ("I'm gonna kick your tail" -what!!! Could they not say “ass” then?) he is in a class of his own. He deserved an Emmy for his extraordinary ability to keep a straight face if nothing else.

    It is interesting to compare this show with what is on tv for teenagers now. I am sick of being told that kids grow up so quickly today, how they face all these issues today that adults didn't have to face when they were young. Blah. Blah. And so on, ad nauseum.

    This simply isn't true. Kids grow up very slowly these days. It is excruciating how slowly people grow up – people still act like teenagers well into their twenties. Even as recently as the 1960s, most people were married with children by 22. That is not the norm anymore. Read the Little House on the Prarie books and look at how hard the kids back then had to work. In World War One, most boys enlisted in the army by 17/18 and found on the Western Front. I think childhood is easier today – child abuse laws are strong, there are anti-bullying programmes and people recognise that children suffer stress. When my parents got divorced in 1975 (“in my day” etc) there was no recognition that it would upset me. Therapy is par for the course these days.

    There are some pretty heavy duty issues in Jumpstreet: incest, school shootings, gang warfare, high school prostitutes. I challenge any teenager today to find something they do which teens of the 1980s (or earlier) didn't do. Even if you go back as far as the 1950s you can see in Rebel Without a Cause and West Side Story that is was the same then. TV and film may have been sanitised, but clearly there are still vicious knife fights and teens driving cars off a cliff playing chicken. It is the same as today. Change the production values of Jumpstreet, sharpen up the dialogue and the show would absolutely be relevant to today’s kids. Things haven’t changed. Adults just have rose tinted glasses about childhood.
  • 80s Nostalgia Galore! Dramatic, funny, and addicting all in the same show. A premise that sounds like it would fail, but works like a charm. Johnny Depp and the rest of the ensemble shine!

    I can confidently call 21 Jump Street one of my favorite shows after just barrelling through the first 2 seasons on DVD.

    Officer Tom Hanson (Johnny Depp) plays a rookie cop turned undercover high school student. This show was ahead of its time, as crime has only seemed to escalate in schools. Now more than ever does such an idea seem good and acceptable.

    Every week, Tom and his partners go undercover and deal with bad kids doing bad things. The show has a large pool of guest stars, before the stars were famous. Brad Pitt and Blair Underwood are just two examples.

    The series has episodes which deal with specific issues, many of which are still big topics today. Many of the shows also had open endings, which is unusual in most TV Shows or movies.

    {Spoilers} BEWARE
    For example, at the end of one episode, a girl pregnant with her teacher's baby still doesn't know if she'll have an abortion or not.

    In another episode, Hanson must protect a student diagnosed with AIDS from other students. At a critical moment in the particular episode, Hanson is unwilling to take a drink from the same container as the kid with AIDS.
    {End Spoilers}

    While the series covered such issues, it never came off as too preachy. The officers would even second guess some of their own morals on issues.

    The episodes do very well at carrying multiple plotlines and keeping the audience interested in each plotline. Each main character, the five rookie cops and their captain, is well-developed. In just the first two seasons, we see each character grow, rather than remain static.

    If you like good stories, good, entertaining television, I highly recommend a drive down to 21 Jump Street.
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