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  • An excellent show with the perfect cast I can't picture any one else playing the roles of the jump street team, when Fuller replaced Jenk I thought it wouldn't be the same but it was just as good in its own right

    As a massive Johnny Depp fan I found 21 Jump Street after its high status and being from the uk I think being a Johnny Depp fan was the only way I would have found it but this show is awesome, The old 80's police cars and the way the guys go undercover, you can always tell when there about to pull out there badges but its hilarious just watching the look on the bad guys faces. In the pilot when depp is assigned to the street team you kind of feel sorry for him in a strange way but in this I think you can see all the reasons Johnny Depp was right for Tom Hanson
  • The young police officers of the 21 Jump Street chapel, Tom Hanson, Ioki, Hoffs, Penhall, and other significant characters who come on later in the show, go undercover to schools, and gangs to bust drug dealers, rapists, and other wrong doers.

    This show is absolutely sweet!! I Love the drama, and I can't believe I never heard of it before 2007!! Ok... well that's understandable, but anyway! I adore Hanson and Penhall! Hanson's hot, and cool, and funny! Penhall is stupid in a funny way! Hehe! I love that! McQuaid brothers rock!!! Drama... action... LOVE THEM!!
  • An 80's show that has stood the tall for so many years after its original air dates.

    I loved this show growing up, being able to watch this series when it was fresh on the air was awesome. Johnny Depp had shown great potential as an actor, stemming all the way back to his debut in Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street(1984). Here Depp's acting ability was greatly shown, since his character is always undercover as a new character. Depp has even said that he enjoyed his time on the series and that it was a great way to expand his acting chops and when you watch the series you see this. Unfortunately the series did rely a lot on Depp's character and when he left at the end of Season 4, the rating's declined. Peter Deluise was always a fun character to watch, because he started off as a tough guy and grew into a very responsible character, since his last appearance saw him leaving Jump Street so he was alive for his adopted son. That shows a great deal of evolution from a character. But it was still great to see his character of Doug Penhall and Johnny Depp's character of Tom Hanson create the infamous "McQuaid Brothers"
    The rest of the cast is great, mostly noting Holly Robinson as Judy Hoffs, Steve Williams as Captain Fuller and Dustin Nguyen as Harry Ioki. Top rated series that spawned an equally good show that was cut short called Booker, starring Richard Grieko as Booker(stemming from his character in Season 3).
  • Early Johnny Depp and some other people.

    I never saw this show when it was actually on TV. The first season coming out on DVD was my first experience with and to be perfectly honest, the only reason I wanted to watch was because of Johnny Depp. I had heard all the rumors about him using rubber bands on his tongue and giving listless performances in attempts to escape his contract. It was surprisingly entertaining. Just the idea of young-looking cops infiltrating high schools in order to bust drug users, car thieves, and child pornographers is ridiculous. Apparentally, this show was based on an actual police division. Everything has to be taken with a grain of salt. Just go with the flow. This is not NYPD Blue. I found it more funny than serious. Seeing Depp in his various disguises is worth it alone.
  • I love this show, it rocks.

    I love this show. The characters were absolutely brilliant and the storylines were great. I've only ever seen it on DVD, being a Johnny fan I think I was obliged to buy it, very glad I did and it has started a kind of obsession with the show. Everybodies performances were amazing too. Johnny and Peter especially. I don't understand why this is never on English TV, as I think it would be enjoyable. This is a really great show, and I am quite upset that it ended like it did, it could have stayed on another series.. well if the characters stayed on that long.
  • Younger looking cops are in a secret police program. They go undercover in schools to stop budding criminals.

    There are always tv shows and movies that capture a time period perfectly. For the late 80's, nothing does it better than 21 Jump Street. From the clothes, to the music, to the language, this show has everything to bring you back to that time period. Some of the storylines are a little corny, but nothing is perfect. For the most part, the episodes are edgey and well written. I wasn't allowed to watch the show during it's first few seasons because my parents thought I was too young. But I managed to sneak in a few episodes here and there. It was the show everyone knew about. Eventhough it was best in it's first 2 seasons, EVERYONE knew 21 Jump Street existed through the whole 5 years. The acting was done very well,of course Johnny Depp being the standout, a lot of the situations still hold up today. The officers where very cool and hip to the current trends. And the show also very high on the comic relief. I have all 3 seasons on dvd and watch them all the time. 21 Jump Street is one of those great shows that will remind you of an era in everyway. If it wasn't for Johnny Depp leaving, and the quickness in style change during the 90's, I think it could have gone a few more seasons. But since it was built around being a "cool" show in 1987, trying to make the cast change into the very different 90's style would not have been very authentic. So if you want a very retro, yet very entertaining and well written police drama with a lot of comedy thrown in, check out 21 Jump Street.
  • Go Johnny Go!

    I loved 21 Jumpstreet when I was a teenager. I used to think it was class. A proper grown up show with real issues like I was facing at the time. Recently I bought the DVD and sat down to watch.




    Nearly pulled a muscle in my stomach from laughing. Don't get me wrong, Jumpstreet is still a great show, but the hair, clothes, acting and dialogue are hysterical. I can't believe we used to think that was cool. Incidentally, I bet people will laugh at the OC in 20 years.

    You can see why Johnny Depp became a star off the back of this show. Even with the hokey dialogue, ("I'm gonna kick your tail" -what!!! Could they not say “ass” then?) he is in a class of his own. He deserved an Emmy for his extraordinary ability to keep a straight face if nothing else.

    It is interesting to compare this show with what is on tv for teenagers now. I am sick of being told that kids grow up so quickly today, how they face all these issues today that adults didn't have to face when they were young. Blah. Blah. And so on, ad nauseum.

    This simply isn't true. Kids grow up very slowly these days. It is excruciating how slowly people grow up – people still act like teenagers well into their twenties. Even as recently as the 1960s, most people were married with children by 22. That is not the norm anymore. Read the Little House on the Prarie books and look at how hard the kids back then had to work. In World War One, most boys enlisted in the army by 17/18 and found on the Western Front. I think childhood is easier today – child abuse laws are strong, there are anti-bullying programmes and people recognise that children suffer stress. When my parents got divorced in 1975 (“in my day” etc) there was no recognition that it would upset me. Therapy is par for the course these days.

    There are some pretty heavy duty issues in Jumpstreet: incest, school shootings, gang warfare, high school prostitutes. I challenge any teenager today to find something they do which teens of the 1980s (or earlier) didn't do. Even if you go back as far as the 1950s you can see in Rebel Without a Cause and West Side Story that is was the same then. TV and film may have been sanitised, but clearly there are still vicious knife fights and teens driving cars off a cliff playing chicken. It is the same as today. Change the production values of Jumpstreet, sharpen up the dialogue and the show would absolutely be relevant to today’s kids. Things haven’t changed. Adults just have rose tinted glasses about childhood.
  • A very cool show to watch each week.

    This show really rocks. The undercover high school theme is so cool. It's a cool concept. I watch this show each week, because it makes me wonder what Johnny Depp will be up to. The whole cast is a perfect ensemble. It's too bad Johnny Depp left the show for the final season. His replacement, Michael Bendetti wasn't so bad. But it wasn't as good as it was when Johnny Depp was in the show. But overall, it's a very compelling show to watch. It never bores you, there's that adventure element in the show that makes me watch it each week.
  • 80s Nostalgia Galore! Dramatic, funny, and addicting all in the same show. A premise that sounds like it would fail, but works like a charm. Johnny Depp and the rest of the ensemble shine!

    I can confidently call 21 Jump Street one of my favorite shows after just barrelling through the first 2 seasons on DVD.

    Officer Tom Hanson (Johnny Depp) plays a rookie cop turned undercover high school student. This show was ahead of its time, as crime has only seemed to escalate in schools. Now more than ever does such an idea seem good and acceptable.

    Every week, Tom and his partners go undercover and deal with bad kids doing bad things. The show has a large pool of guest stars, before the stars were famous. Brad Pitt and Blair Underwood are just two examples.

    The series has episodes which deal with specific issues, many of which are still big topics today. Many of the shows also had open endings, which is unusual in most TV Shows or movies.

    {Spoilers} BEWARE
    For example, at the end of one episode, a girl pregnant with her teacher's baby still doesn't know if she'll have an abortion or not.

    In another episode, Hanson must protect a student diagnosed with AIDS from other students. At a critical moment in the particular episode, Hanson is unwilling to take a drink from the same container as the kid with AIDS.
    {End Spoilers}

    While the series covered such issues, it never came off as too preachy. The officers would even second guess some of their own morals on issues.

    The episodes do very well at carrying multiple plotlines and keeping the audience interested in each plotline. Each main character, the five rookie cops and their captain, is well-developed. In just the first two seasons, we see each character grow, rather than remain static.

    If you like good stories, good, entertaining television, I highly recommend a drive down to 21 Jump Street.
  • Johnny Depp Is So Cute !

    Johnny Depp is so cute was always the first thing on my mind years ago when I watched this show I had the biggest crush on him, so when the dvds came out for sale I bought them and the funny thing is its actually a great show ...... Johnny is still hot on the dvds and watching the show is just a lot more fun now days when I don't just watch the scenes with Johnny in them .... lol
  • A group of young looking under cover cops go undercover at schools to stop petty crimes from escalating.

    Who cancelled it??? I love this show!! Tons of action amd romance!! Some episodes are boring, but the rest are awesome! The charactors have such great chemistry with each other!!! I do not like the constant cast change though. Season 1-4s cast was great, but they kept swithching it up, which proved confusing. But hey, I do love the younger generation criminals! It shows that teens are bad people to!! The McQuaid brothers are awesome,they totally make me LOL! I have this thing against Jenko. He slightly annoys me, bu Captain Fuller is to serious. Iwish they could find a happy medium!!
  • A great and unique cop show that I will always miss


    I loved 21 Jump Street. I loved the actors and their characters and I loved the stories. Most of the stories were realistic and just plain entertaining. Almost every episode was filled with a good balance of humor and sadness. Everyone had great chemistry together.

    I was just a kid sitting with my parents or uncles when I first saw new episodes of 21 Jump Street, and I wasn't sure if the show was as good as I remembered. When I got the DVD set and sat at home with my husband to watch some episodes, we ended up having a 21 Jump Street marathon! :-) We were both happy that the episodes were as funny and clever as we remembered.

    21 Jump Street was unique. It had a lot in common with other cop shows but it stood out from them. Most other shows weren't tackling topics like these with characters like these. I love this show so much and I'll always miss it. It was one of the best.

  • Still crazy after all these years.

    Lots of fun to watch a young Johnny Depp, morphing right before our eyes into renegade Hollywood actor. And, surprisingly, some of the plots hold up well to the passage of time. One begins to actually care for the 21 Jump Street Gang and their adventures. This show will surprise new viewers, and will still engage it's original fans.
  • wow

    Tom, that recently graduated top of the police class, get\'s the boot cause his recklessness and past.
    Send to an undercover chapel infiltrating schools, investigating crimest, together with his team, Hoffs punk girl, Doug Penhall biker guy, Harry

    It\'s a true classic, the theme song was also very good and I can still sing it along out of memory of the show. Everybody who\'s grown up during the 80\'s has seen it, it\'s for he teens, not adults. It\'s clear from the start, with babyface Depp stealing the show. But don\'t let that fool ya, it\'s still very good.

  • great show

    this is the show that put johnny depp on the map. it also starred richard grieco(what ever happened to?) and all twelve of the deluise brothers. i do not think this show would have been as sucessful as it was if it were to come out today. it is just another example of great eighties television.
  • saY JUMP 21 jump street

    this was my favourite cop show back in the late 80's 90's, and i still love to watch this on dvd. we meet tom hanson, doug penhall, julie hoff, captain fuller, booker, and loki. they would go under cover into the school as teenagers to bust gangs, drug dealers, rapists. this show deals with every thing that we still see to this day. from prostution to rascist, to drugs. this was a great show and its great that they put it on dvd for the fans of the show so they can watch it again. its good that we can see theses show again.
  • I absolutely loved this show, every storyline was informative & done to a very good standard. The actors were on point & although it was critically acclaimed at times, it was awesome!

    I remember watching this show from about season 3 but have since watched most of the the re-runs. I have them all on DVD now, the show is a classic. There were alot of cop shows at the time, but only Jump Street dealt with the provocative storylines that teens were finding themselves in. My fave character had to be Hoffs since she was the only female on the team, followed closely by Penhall. All the actors seemed to have that rapport that made the show so popular! I didn't really miss Johnny in Season 5, shame it was eventually cancelled, I must admit it wasn't the same without him!
  • Fantastic Show

    This show is one of the more favourite shows that I saw when I was like 12 or something like that. I remember Johnny Depp and the rest of the cast of how cool I used to think they are. Just recently I bought the show on DVD and looking back made me remember what it was like in those days. They were good old days and the show was good untill Johnny Depp left, I do believe that he made a big contribution to the show.
  • Great Show!!! Johnny Depp was phenomenal in this show!

    This show was definitly before my time... I was born in late 88 so it was after the show originally began it airing run and at 3 years old would i have understood it... no! The show had really good story lines it dealt with a lot of the same topics that can still be relvant... which makes this show one of the best and i love love love the late 80's early 90's Fashions *i'm serious!* The characters were well developed, and they had someone for everyone!
  • Awesome show. Very interesting. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. I love watching this show. Johnny Depp is wonderful in this show.

    This show is very interesting. The story line is just so strange, I can't help but like it. Tom Hanson has to be, in my opinion, the best character. Johnny Depp is very good in this show, and he definitely shows his early potential when he does dramatic scenes. He does get a lot of those, because he seems to be the most dramatic and interesting character and the most likely character to make you want to cry. I know I almost cried when I watched Orpheus 3.3 For those of you who haven't watched this episode, it's very sad. I REALLY REALLY recommend it. But I don't really like the 5th season, because of Hanson, Penhal, and Ioki's abscense. But McKann is alright, I suppose. No Hanson, but he's alright. Well, have fun watching the show!!
  • Great show

    I like this show. Even though I was born during it's first season, and I've only seen season 4 and am working on the season 3 DVD set, I find that I watch it every time there's nothing else on. It has some great lessons in it, even though it seems to focus more on the character's lives than the actual cases they work on.
    I find watching Johnny Depp during his younger years very interesting. You can even pick out some of his acting gestures that you can find in his latest movies. I'll keep watching this show over and over until I get sick of it!
  • 21 Jumpstreet RULES!!!!!!

    This show rocks. One of my all time favorite tv shows. Johnny Depp was awesome in the role of Tom Hanson. Peter DeLusie as Doug Penhall rules. This show is awesome. It mixes adventure with humor and mystery. I have ever season on dvd. I love this show so much.
  • Lets just say I watched it because of Johnny Depp

    Cops that looks like teens goes undercovers in schools and what not to catch the bad gys that done bad deeds.
    Simple enough and didn't hurt either that Johnny Depp played Officer Tom Hansson, or Peter DeLuise playing Doug Penhall. 2 good actors, in a good show.
    I thought it was good that they moved out from the school and went undercover in other places than a school, but sometime I missed the going under at a school consept.
    And why oh why did Johnny Deppp leave?? He was the rock of the show and for me, the show wasn't the same. As I said, Johnny Depp was one of the reasons I watched the show
  • Lovely Show.

    I had first started to watch this show because I had heard that Johnny Depp was on it and he is my favorite actor, but after the first episode I realized that I would have probably watched the show even without him in it. It deals with real issues that are still around today; drugs, prostituion, aids, murder, exc... And not only that but it also gives life to its characters personal lives outside of their jobs, unlike some cop shows. It can also relate to problems and thoughts of all generations. So all in all, 21 Jump Street is a wonderful show.
  • A show of the past that is still loved by the teenagers of the 21st century starring hottie superstar-Johnny Depp

    The show is amazing, a major Johnny Depp fan I received 21 Jump Street for my birthday off my step father and instantly fell in love with the 80's hit show. It taught alot of teenagers about American society with the concept of the show using prime issues of society and trying to get kids to do the right thing. 21 Jump Street was the address of a chapel which was HQ for an undercover cop station where selected officers went undercover in teenage high schools and busting teenage crime. Heart throb Johnny Depp was part of the team and this was the start of his career, encompasses different genres and highly recommended for anyone.
  • Goo dto have the movie right now!!

    Der Film ist sehr unterhaltsam und biete eine Menge Spass. Ich kann auch nur sagen schaut Ihn Euch an. Wenn Ihr Euch berzeugen wollt, schaut Euch den Trailer oder Szenen gerne an zum Beispiel auf http://www.trailerlounge.de oder http://www.plonki.com.


  • Adult cops who look like teens

    I liked this show. Since I like cop shows and this was a cop show, it stands to reason that I would enjoy it. I was in my late teens when this came out. I haven't seen it since then, but I think it will stand the test of time.
  • A show about cops who look like high schoolers.

    I started watching this show because of one reason and that was for Johnny Depp.
    But as I continued on, the shows stories were great and they really devled into how kids in high school and college act.
    They touched on alot of storylines that were considered taboo for that those times.
    The show was great and even when the new guys came in, it was still good.
    I have to own the dvd's and really wish that they would go into syndicatin again.

    In this Fox show co-created by Patrick Hasburgh and Stephen J. Cannell, we follow the jump street gang. Basically, Tom Hanson (Johnny Depp), along with Doug Penall (Peter DeLuise), Harry Ioki (Dustin Nguyen) and Judy Hoffs (Holly Robinson) form this undercover police unit. The job of the Jump Street gang? Going undercover infilitrating high school crime. Under the command of Captain Fuller (or, in the first few episodes of the first season, Captain Jenko) the cops tackle many tough issues. In later episodes the team loses and gains cast members. But the premise remains the same-bust the kids before they become adult criminals. On a side note Holly Robinson sings the shows opening theme song.
  • Teenagers get arrested by other teenagers with a badge.

    It has been, 10 years since i last watched an episode of this show so it is not much what i can say about it. What i am going to do is say whatever comes to my mind about the show and that somehow matches what others have said about it. I remember enjoying the fact that young people were putting crimnals in jail and being the heros on this show. I also remember how the team would usually pretend to be memebers of a gang, those were my favorite episodes. Later, they changed some of the cast but it was never the same.
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