21 Jump Street

FOX (ended 1991)





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  • About a group of undercover cops that could pass for highschool students how pretend to be highschool to catch the bad guys.

    Okay, I was only 3 when this show first aired on TV but a couple of months ago I totally hooked to this show. Despite the bad hair and cloths from the 1980's this show has become one of my favorite shows to ever be on TV. How could a show go wrong with Johnny Depp as the main character? This one didn't. Loved the show through season 1-4 but I have not watched the last couple of episodes because they are the last that Johnny Depp stared in and I don't think I am quite ready to them yet (I get very attached to TV characters). Even thought this show is great from what I have heard season 5 goes down his with the loss of Johnny Depp (but I understand why he choose to leave and forgive him). Despite the prospects of season 5 being pretty grim I will still watch it and think it will still be entertaining.