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  • I'm more of a cartoon person, so I'd have to say this is my favourite non-cartoon show...

    This show is AMAZING. Ok, I just had to get that out of the way. Personally, I have never really liked cop shows - in fact I d cops. I thought they were pathetic and completely useless. Well that's what I thought...until I watched this show. Maybe the fact that they were undercover got my interest. But anyways, 21 Jump Street definately changed my oppinion about cops and also helped me understand the reality of the issues they cover. Now, I am one of the many who think the first 4 seasons were way better than the 5th, where many of the main characters left the show. But strangely, when I started watching the show, they were airing season 5. Even though I now realize that it was nothing compared to the others, it still thought it was a good show. That is, until everyone left but McCann, whom I've always d. Fortunately season 1 rolled around again, and I got to see what JS was really about. Absolutely stunning. This show is so exciting and well-done it's unbelievable. Every episode is interesting and different, so you never want to miss one. It's full of humour, action, romance, mystery, and then there's those moments where you're sitting there, biting your nails uncontrolably. It's so much fun to watch, and it is also very informative.

    A lot of people say that without Hanson (Johnny Depp), the show isn't nearly as good. I'd have to agree with that. I'm not some crazed JD fan, but without Hanson the show was missing something. It just wasn't the same.

    21 Jump Street is definately a show worth watching. It's my favourite show, and the only cop show I've ever liked. If you don't mind the whole 80s atmosphere, and want a show that's exciting and extremely entertaining, then turn off your computer and turn on your TV.