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  • An 80's show that has stood the tall for so many years after its original air dates.

    I loved this show growing up, being able to watch this series when it was fresh on the air was awesome. Johnny Depp had shown great potential as an actor, stemming all the way back to his debut in Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street(1984). Here Depp's acting ability was greatly shown, since his character is always undercover as a new character. Depp has even said that he enjoyed his time on the series and that it was a great way to expand his acting chops and when you watch the series you see this. Unfortunately the series did rely a lot on Depp's character and when he left at the end of Season 4, the rating's declined. Peter Deluise was always a fun character to watch, because he started off as a tough guy and grew into a very responsible character, since his last appearance saw him leaving Jump Street so he was alive for his adopted son. That shows a great deal of evolution from a character. But it was still great to see his character of Doug Penhall and Johnny Depp's character of Tom Hanson create the infamous "McQuaid Brothers"
    The rest of the cast is great, mostly noting Holly Robinson as Judy Hoffs, Steve Williams as Captain Fuller and Dustin Nguyen as Harry Ioki. Top rated series that spawned an equally good show that was cut short called Booker, starring Richard Grieko as Booker(stemming from his character in Season 3).
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