21 Jump Street - Season 2

FOX (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • School's Out
    Episode 22

    The Jump Street program faces a summer deactivation that could become permanent.  Meanwhile, Hanson discovers a kid living in a school boiler room while undercover to find a toilet bomber, Hoffs is offered a job in media relations, and Dorothy tries to force Penhall to grow up.

  • 5/8/88
    Hoffs and Penhall must deal with a pursuing husband when they are assigned to escort a girl arrested for killing her father when he tried to prevent her from eloping.
  • 5/1/88
    The suicide of a popular student, whom Hanson and Penhall had arrested the night before, leaves his family, fellow students and Hanson in a state of depression and forces Penhall to relive bitter childhood memories.
  • Raising Marijuana
    Episode 19
    Penhall and Ioki go undercover as the "Swark Twins" to get in with teenage boys working for drug smugglers. Meanwhile, Hoffs becomes romantically involved with the head drug smuggler.
  • A public school in a small religious town reports the burning of its biology books.  Hanson is sent into the classroom of a well-respected science teacher who has suddenly become adamant about teaching creationism following his son's near-death experience.

  • Champagne High
    Episode 17
    Penhall & Hanson go undercover as the McQuaid brothers in a suburban high school, that recently has had inner city kids bused in, to investigate the theft of a Porsche. Meanwhile, Judy must deal with a love-sick teenage boy.
  • Orpheus 3.3
    Episode 16

    Hanson and his girlfriend walk in on a convenience store robbery that results in her tragic death. He enters an emotional and psychological tailspin when the security camera tape reveals he had 3.3 seconds during which he could have prevented the shooting.

  • 2/21/88

    Hanson becomes trapped in a private drug clinic where he had himself placed without Captain Fuller's knowledge in order to investigate claims of patient abuse made by Kenny Weckerle, the kid he busted on drug charges in the pilot episode.

  • Chapel of Love
    Episode 14
    Past romances that didn't have happy endings are the subject of conversation at a Valentine Day Eve poker game.
  • 2/7/88
    Dorothy an old girlfriend of Penhall's, who walked out on him two years ago, returns and decides to move in with him. Hanson gets assigned to protect a student with AIDS who is being made to feel unwelcome in class.
  • 12/20/87

    Hanson and Penhall are condemned to repeat academy training when Hanson's grievous error while undercover as a street racer results in serious injuries to a hit-and-run suspect. Sensing his life is at a crossroads, Hanson instead leaves town with a free-spirited high school friend to pursue an old flame who's about to get married.

  • Christmas in Saigon
    Episode 11
    Ioki faces being dismissed from the force when internal affairs discovers that he is a Vietnamese refuge who is using an alias. Flashback sequences show his escape from Saigon.
  • 11/22/87
    Penhall gets close to a football player suspected of using steroids at a school where an olympic hopeful gymnast died after a performance due to steroid abuse. Hanson considers becoming a big brother.
  • 11/15/87

    While Hanson and Penhall are assigned to keep watch over a troublesome star during a film shoot, Waxer Thompson escapes custody after a prison bus accident and seeks revenge on Hanson.

  • Honor Bound
    Episode 8
    Hanson and Penhall find the military code of honor hampering their undercover investigation of a military academy where the cadets are suspected of killing homosexuals.
  • 11/1/87

    Hanson is sent in undercover at Lincoln High, a school that has been on the verge of racial violence since a black principal came in and a quarter of the school's population is now black.  Meanwhile, Penhall tries his hand at stand-up comedy.

  • Higher Education
    Episode 6
    A desperate pregnant girl lies to her parents and the school when she implicates Officer Ioki as the father of her child, when in reality the father is one of her teachers. Meanwhile, the officers rush to find out the truth before Ioki gets fired.
  • 10/18/87
    Hoffs and Fuller go undercover to investigate a teacher's shooting at a high school where students and teachers are packing heat. Meanwhile, Hanson learns that his mother is moving in with her boyfriend.
  • Two for the Road
    Episode 4
    The Jump Street unit is investigating a counterfeit drivers license ring when Captain Fuller gets arrested for drunk driving.
  • Besieged Part II
    Episode 3
    Hanson and Hoffs go undercover in order to put a crack ring out of business. Penhall, working on the same case, returns to squad car and becomes convinced that his new partner killed a drug pusher.
  • Besieged, Part 1
    Episode 2
    A sixteen-year-old crack dealer is mysteriously murdered and the Jump Street squad goes undercover in the seedy world of narcotics and prostitution.
  • 9/20/87

    The Jump Street unit discovers that a boy who was being used as a pawn by his feuding parents faked his kidnapping with the aid of his grandfather to get away from his parents.  Hoffs tries to get to the bottom of her parents' separation.