21 Jump Street - Season 3

FOX (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • 5/21/89

    Hanson goes on the lam after learning he's the lead suspect in Officer Tower's death, while Booker teams up with Officer Tower's partner to conduct the official investigation into the shooting and locate Hanson.

  • 5/14/89

    Ioki is badly injured in a drive-by shooting while investigating a simmering gang war, and Hanson's clandestine investigation into the shooting turns up a crooked cop selling arms to the rival gangs.

  • Next Victim
    Episode 18
    Booker goes undercover as a radio DJ to discover who injured a controversial college radio personality by planting a bomb in his car.
  • Undercover looking for a person who has been preying on homeless teens, the Jump Street cops learn what it is really like to live on the street.
  • High High
    Episode 16
    The Jump Street cops enroll in a performing arts school to bust a drug ring being run there.
  • Fathers and Sons
    Episode 15

    When Hanson's girlfriend spreads word through City Hall that Jump Street is about to bust the newly-elected mayor's son for being a major drug dealer, Fuller ends up with a 30 day suspension for hesitating to call off the investigation. A new girl in Ioki's life results in Penhall becoming homeless.

  • Nemesis
    Episode 14
    Booker is laiden with guilt when after he infiltrates a gang of drug users that kill one of their own whom they suspect is an undercover cop.
  • A.W.O.L.
    Episode 13
    An old Army buddy comes to Fuller seeking the Jump Street unit's help in bringing in an AWOL soldier who will be classified a deserter if he doesn't return to base within two days. Meanwhile, Judy receives some obscene phone calls at work.
  • 2/26/89

    Hanson gets suspended following the publication for an errror-riddled exposé about the Jump Street program written by his old high school friend Russell Buckins. Desperate to clear his name, Tom tracks down Buckins at a wedding where he's gathering dirt for an exposé on the groom and trying to steal the affluent bride.

  • Woolly Bullies
    Episode 11
    Penhall's encounter with a bully while undercover causes the members of the Jump Street unit to reminisce about their dealings with bullies while they were in school.
  • What About Love?
    Episode 10
    Dorothy and Penhall split up forcing Penhall to move in with Ioki. Meanwhile, Hoffs becomes involved with a city inspector, who is auditing Jump Street's records.
  • Swallowed Alive
    Episode 9
    Hanson, Penhall, Ioki and Booker become inmates in a juvenile detention hall in order to investigate the murder of one of the inmates.
  • The Blu Flu
    Episode 8
    Everyone in the Jump Street unit gets the "blue flu" when the police force goes on strike forcing Captain Fuller to team up with a rookie cadet. Meanwhile, Booker learns the truth about unions; Penhall helps Dorothy get a promotion.
  • 1/15/89
    While working undercover in a Vietnamese streetgang, Ioki learns of a communist businessman who may be able to help his grandmother who is still in Vietnam. Meanwhile, Penhall accidently shoots Hanson during a pursuit.
  • Hell Week
    Episode 6
    Hanson and Ioki must endure hell week as fraternity pledges in order to gain the confidence and get evidence on a gang rape which occurred at a frat party.
  • 12/11/88

    Hoffs goes undercover as a pregnant teen to investigate threats of violence being made to a family planning center by anti-abortionists.  Booker's attempt to improve Blowfish's self-esteem backfires.

  • Coach of the Year
    Episode 4
    Penhall and Booker join a high school football team in attempt to prove that the coach's negligence led to the paralyzing injury of one of the players.
  • 11/20/88

    Penhall and his partner in Intelligence are promoted to the Major Crimes Unit after a major bust, but their hubris results in a grievous error that ruins the life of a popular sports writer accused by his vindictive ex-wife of molesting their four year old daughter. Hanson goes on a date with an Assistant District Attorney as a favor to Penhall.

  • 11/11/88
    Hoffs and Ioki go undercover in a Guardian Angel-type street patrol whose members have a vendetta out for a drug dealer that an undercover Hanson is trying to set up for a bust. Meanwhile, Fuller questions Penhall about whether he is going to return to Jump Street or not.
  • Fun with Animals
    Episode 1
    Hanson is assigned Dennis Booker as his new partner and the two clash, as Booker's racist attitudes lead Hanson to believe that he raped a black student. Meanwhile, Penhall tries to decide if he should stay with Intelligence or go back to Jump Street.