21 Jump Street

Season 1 Episode 6

The Worst Night of Your Life

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM May 10, 1987 on FOX

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  • Hoffs must rub out a pyromaniac, before the dance scheduled for a Catholic school goes up in flames. Meanwhile Penhall must find a woman who robbed him one night

    This episode is great, Holly Robinson is shown in top form as she becomes more desperate to find a pyromaniac before a prom is destroyed by fire. Lezlie Deane plays Janey, one of the suspects, who quickly convinces Judy of her innocence and tries to help. Lezlie is a wonderful actress and it is sad that she no longer acts, but she does still perform great in her new group Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs. Peter Deluise has a small subplot involving being robbed by an alluring thief, when he attempts to pick her up and begins to go crazy looking for her.
  • This episode is another great episode

    This episode is another great episode although it does seem to be a little bland in comparison with some of the better episodes. The storyline is good for what it is and is well plotted as we are led to believe in the wrong suspect and then are included in the almost shock twist at the end, It is ironic in a way that the JS team's proms never worked out twice in a row I feel anyway. The whole ending of the episode seems a little rushed like they had to squash the last scenes in so we are left feeling a little anti climaxed by the sudden end after the climatic build up. A bit of mixed feelings on this one I think.
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