21 Jump Street

Season 2 Episode 4

Two for the Road

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 11, 1987 on FOX

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  • A mixed bag

    This episode seemed somewhat flat, to have the whole episode pretty much relvolving around an over enthusiastic rookie cop making a mistake seems somewhat desperate. The highlight of the episode seemed to be the touching scene with Hanson and the kid towards the end of the episode where the kid gives him the gun. The fact that it was always Hanson reaching out being sensitive with the kids just reinforces the fact the Fox were selling him as a product to ensure there success. Whether or not this was right is debatable but it sure made good watching, this is proven in the later stages of season 4 when Depp is dictating what Hanson does. The series just seems to be falling apart by the finale. It's quite disappointing to see the spectrum from good to astonishingly bad.