This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Tuesday 8:30 PM on CBC Premiered Oct 11, 1993 In Season


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This Hour Has 22 Minutes

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Now in its fourteenth season, This Hour Has 22 Minutes is one of Canada's most popular comedies. The show's combination of sketch comedy and news parody has earned it nineteen Gemini Awards (the Canadian equivalent of an Emmy), including five for Best Comedy Series.

22 minutes is a satirical news program akin to Jon Stewart's Daily Show. In the words of the show star Mark Critch: "It's kinda like the news, only drunk."

Popular segments include: Sports Beat with host Chip McAllister and his new Hindi co-host Raj Bhinder; Frontier in Science, which pokes fun at science and technology magazine programs; commercial parodies; crashing of major events; and the ever popular ambushing of politicians and other public figures.

The show's fourteenth season began on Tuesday October 3, 2006.

Broadcast History: Season 1 -- Friday 8:30pm CBC Season 2 -- Unknown CBC Season 3-8 -- Monday 8:00pm CBC Season 8 -- Thursday 8:00pm CBC (Eps 11 and 12 only) Season 9 -- Friday 8:30pm CBC Season 10 -- Tuesday 8:00pm CBC Season 11-13 -- Friday 8:30pm CBC Season 14-present -- Tuesday 8:30pm CBC


Previously Aired Episode

AIRED ON 12/1/2009

Season 17 : Episode 9

Gavin Crawford

Gavin Crawford

News Anchor Gavin Cooper, Uwe Mayer, Stuart McLean, Gallum Smeagal, Various Others (Seasons 11+)

Shaun Majumder

Shaun Majumder

News Anchor Tucker T. Bartlett, Raj Bhinder, Bob MacDougall, 'No Pun Intended', Various Others (Seasons 11+)

Cathy Jones

Cathy Jones

News Anchor Sydney Debizzinchik, Babe Bennett, Joe Crow, Heather Colter, Mrs. Enid, Dr. Susan Enright, Various Others

Mark Critch

Mark Critch

News Anchor Bas MacLaren, various others (Seasons 11+, recurring previously)

Rick Mercer

Rick Mercer

News Anchor J.B. Dickson, Billy Smithopolis, Stewart Steed, Various Others (Season 1-8)

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