This Hour Has 22 Minutes

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This Hour Has 22 Minutes

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Now in its fourteenth season, This Hour Has 22 Minutes is one of Canada's most popular comedies. The show's combination of sketch comedy and news parody has earned it nineteen Gemini Awards (the Canadian equivalent of an Emmy), including five for Best Comedy Series.

22 minutes is a satirical news program akin to Jon Stewart's Daily Show. In the words of the show star Mark Critch: "It's kinda like the news, only drunk."

Popular segments include: Sports Beat with host Chip McAllister and his new Hindi co-host Raj Bhinder; Frontier in Science, which pokes fun at science and technology magazine programs; commercial parodies; crashing of major events; and the ever popular ambushing of politicians and other public figures.

The show's fourteenth season began on Tuesday October 3, 2006.

Broadcast History: Season 1 -- Friday 8:30pm CBC Season 2 -- Unknown CBC Season 3-8 -- Monday 8:00pm CBC Season 8 -- Thursday 8:00pm CBC (Eps 11 and 12 only) Season 9 -- Friday 8:30pm CBC Season 10 -- Tuesday 8:00pm CBC Season 11-13 -- Friday 8:30pm CBC Season 14-present -- Tuesday 8:30pm CBC


Previously Aired Episode

AIRED ON 12/1/2009

Season 17 : Episode 9

Gavin Crawford

Gavin Crawford

News Anchor Gavin Cooper, Uwe Mayer, Stuart McLean, Gallum Smeagal, Various Others (Seasons 11+)

Shaun Majumder

Shaun Majumder

News Anchor Tucker T. Bartlett, Raj Bhinder, Bob MacDougall, 'No Pun Intended', Various Others (Seasons 11+)

Cathy Jones

Cathy Jones

News Anchor Sydney Debizzinchik, Babe Bennett, Joe Crow, Heather Colter, Mrs. Enid, Dr. Susan Enright, Various Others

Mark Critch

Mark Critch

News Anchor Bas MacLaren, various others (Seasons 11+, recurring previously)

Rick Mercer

Rick Mercer

News Anchor J.B. Dickson, Billy Smithopolis, Stewart Steed, Various Others (Season 1-8)

Mary Walsh

Mary Walsh

News Anchor Molly Maguire, Marg Delahunty, Dakey Dunn, Mrs. Eulalia, Mom Reardon, Connie Bloor, Various Others (Seasons 1-10, re

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  • Used to be funny.

    This Hour Has 22 Minutes used to be funny but for the last two or three years it has just sucked it used to be great and Royal Canadian Air Farce sucked but now they both suck.

    Royal Canadian Air Farce still sucks tons more than This Hour Has 22 Minutes but they both just have bad jokes about news headlines and the segments and sketches are all just terrible.

    The acting on This Hour Has 22 Minutes is tons better than on RCAF but the jokes are just so bad it is sad to see that the show has fallen this far from where it used to be.

    The cast is fine but they need to change the show tons to make it funny again or else just cancel it like they finally canceled RCAF maybe some shows just shouldn't stick on TV forever or they get stale like this.moreless
  • Used to be Funny.

    "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" used to be a very funny show. Like another CBC program that is a very similar sketch comedy show about Canadian politics ("Royal Canadian Air Farce") it has probably just been on too long. Both shows are well over ten years old and they have obviously gotten very stale. I don't think the show got really bad after Rick Mercer left, it has only gotten really bad in the last two or three seasons. "The Rick Mercer Report" is also not very funny (I think Rick Mercer has just lost it) with nothing really happening in it. This season is the worst I can remember and I just won't watch "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" any more. They are finally getting rid of "Royal Canadian Air Farce" and I think this show won't be far behind. It is sad because it used to be very good.moreless
  • Going Downhill Fast.

    This show used to be very funny with some great sketches and great talent on it, it was one of the few Canadian comedy TV series on CBC that as a Canadian you could actually be proud of-- or at least not angry that they were wasting your tax dollars on it. But the last two or three seasons this show has just been garbage. They have really bad new people on it who just aren't funny and none of the sketches or jokes or characters are funny any more either. The show must just be stale but it has been on for so many years I guess that is no surprise. It used to be better than Air Farce but now it is just like Air Farce with tired gags and over acting. Stick a fork in this show cuz it's done.moreless
  • Lame

    This Hour Has 22 Minutes used to be a very funny show and one of the best Canadian comedies on TV. CBC had a good thing going but it's time to let it go. Now that Royal Canadian Air Farce has finally been showed the door THH22Min is easily the worst comedy on Canadian TV. The jokes/sketches/characters are lame and just none of the show is funny any more. Even worse there is no relevant social or political comedy, it's all caricatures and bad, predictable jokes. Remember when it used to be funny and relevant too? It was even still a good show after Rick Mercer left and for a little bit after Greg Thomey left but now it is just going through the motions. CBC please cancel this before it gets way out of hand like Royal Canadian Air Farce that show got way more sad before the plug was pulled, at least replace THH22Min now before it gets that sad, time for new shows and new blood at the CBC obviously.moreless
  • This Hour has 22 Minutes should be on the old Ma and eddie Reardon skit "That Show Sucked".

    I agree totally with the other commentators that this show used to be hilarious and now it just sucks. I try watching it occasionally, but i just cannot stomach the lame jokes. The show itself is the joke now. Cathy jones is being dragged down by those weakass so called comedians they replaced the other cast members with. time to cancel this show and quit wasting taxpayers money producing this garbage anymore. I hate to say that since i used to look forward to watching this show. At the very least maybe they could get Greg Thomey, Mary Walsh and Colin Mochrie.moreless

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