This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Tuesday 8:30 PM on CBC Premiered Oct 11, 1993 In Season


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  • This Hour Has 22 Minutes is a Canadian parody on news broadcasts and is so much better then 'The Daily Show'!

    This Hour Has 22 Minutes is a hilarious show, that's getting better every season! The sketches are hilarious and keep getting better and better. The commercials that they make fun of are hilarious and I often find myself rolling on the floor with laughter. I hope that more people will begin to watch it, because it should deserve more credit then it receives. The cast deliver an outstanding performance. The writers have quite an imagination, that are much funnier then Royal Canadian Air Farce, another Canadian sketch comedy. I hope that Americans will start to watch the show, because its a good show.They might find it funny. Unfortunately, there are a lot of jokes having to do with Canadian politics, and since Americans don't know who Paul Martin is, they might have a problem comprehending the humour. All in all, This Hour Has 22 Minutes is hilarious and i wish it well in the future.