This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Tuesday 8:30 PM on CBC Premiered Oct 11, 1993 In Season


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  • Used to be Funny.

    "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" used to be a very funny show. Like another CBC program that is a very similar sketch comedy show about Canadian politics ("Royal Canadian Air Farce") it has probably just been on too long. Both shows are well over ten years old and they have obviously gotten very stale. I don't think the show got really bad after Rick Mercer left, it has only gotten really bad in the last two or three seasons. "The Rick Mercer Report" is also not very funny (I think Rick Mercer has just lost it) with nothing really happening in it. This season is the worst I can remember and I just won't watch "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" any more. They are finally getting rid of "Royal Canadian Air Farce" and I think this show won't be far behind. It is sad because it used to be very good.