This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Tuesday 8:30 PM on CBC Premiered Oct 11, 1993 In Season


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  • Lame

    This Hour Has 22 Minutes used to be a very funny show and one of the best Canadian comedies on TV. CBC had a good thing going but it's time to let it go. Now that Royal Canadian Air Farce has finally been showed the door THH22Min is easily the worst comedy on Canadian TV. The jokes/sketches/characters are lame and just none of the show is funny any more. Even worse there is no relevant social or political comedy, it's all caricatures and bad, predictable jokes. Remember when it used to be funny and relevant too? It was even still a good show after Rick Mercer left and for a little bit after Greg Thomey left but now it is just going through the motions. CBC please cancel this before it gets way out of hand like Royal Canadian Air Farce that show got way more sad before the plug was pulled, at least replace THH22Min now before it gets that sad, time for new shows and new blood at the CBC obviously.