Season 4 Episode 23


Aired Saturday 9:30 PM May 11, 1989 on NBC



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    • While always credited under the pseudonym "C.J. Banks" on 227, series co-creator Michael G. Moye chose to be credited in the Jackee pilot under his real name as Executive Producer and Writer.

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    • This episode aired on a Thursday evening rather than the normal Saturday timeslot. One surprise that many first time viewers through syndication may not get to see is that this episode had a different beginning and ending theme other than the normal one used throughout the run of the series. It would be safe to assume that this would have been the theme if the show would have went into production. If you watch the syndicated reruns on TVOne cable network, you will see this but when you watch it on other network, the original 227 theme is edited back in.

    • For many, this episode was the beginning of the end as Jackee wanted her own series or for 227 to focus more on her. Marla Gibbs constantly fought her on this which resulted in Jackee's removal from the show in the beginning of the fifth season. In an interview with Jet, Jackee later regretted her behavior on the series and was even glad that her pilot was rejected by NBC.

    • This was a pilot for a proposed series, starring Jackee Harry.

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