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Jack Bauer was thisclose to getting the last laugh.

After turning himself in to the Russians in exchange for Chloe’s freedom in the closing moments of the 24: Live Another Day finale, Jack Bauer was flown via helicopter to what we can all expect to be months (maybe even years) of torture in Moscow. However, there was almost an ending in which Jack didn't survive. 

Of course, in true Jack Bauer fashion, he would’ve gone down fighting.

“We went through so many ideas for that ending,” Kiefer Sutherland told fans at 24: Live Another Day’s Comic-Con panel on Thursday. “We thought, maybe for the DVD, Jack will pull out a hand grenade, and just blow [the helicopter] up. We had never had that kind of freedom before.”

Unfortunately, Jack Bauer really is on his way to Moscow. But whether we'll find out his ultimate fate remains to be seen. Executive producer Jon Cassar remained mum on whether they’ll do another season, but did give hope for seeing Jack again on the big screen. “We’re still talking about the movie,” he said to much applause. “It’s still potentially out there, so that’s good news.”

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