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Don't you hate pretentious parties? Me too, but you should see the mini pot pies and jumbo shrimps! So good. The champagne was free and I tipped the bartender $20 and he is slipping me Duck Fart shots when no one was looking. Anyway, a LOT happened between 4pm and 5pm so let's get started.

Navarro and Erik survived the ambush...

...and the CIA is busy picking up the mess and what was left of their pride. President Heller has seen about enough ineptitude and with the British PM breathing down his throat, he decides maybe Jack's offer wasn't so bad after all. He gives Navarro the order, and it went something like this: "Give Jack everything he needs." And when he says he wants Kate (awwwww - don't we all!) he tells Navarro that "...if he wants her and needs her - he gets her!" How often I told my daddy to tell that to prospective prom dates!

Meanwhile, it is just a typical tea time afternoon at the Al-Harazi home.

Margot recovers the voicemail of Naveed’s phone. Unfortunately for his sister, Farrah (and her daughter), she was alerted to pack her $h1t and get ready for a trip. Margot demands Simone find out what she knows – and if it is too much, dispose of the problem. That means slaughter them both in case I was being too cryptic (sorry!)

Jack is preparing his playthings.

Mark drops in for a visit, not concerned about drones or murders or the President’s safety. No. He is worried about Jack being interested in Audrey’s fine booty. Insecure much! Jack assures him that even if he survives this little mission, he will be heading right to the Big House afterwards – so he has nothing to worry about. Jack must be mellowing because he shot out some platitudes trying to alleviate Mark’s worries that Audrey and he could still be a thing.

But before we can feel too sorry for Mark and his low self-esteem, he gets a call from the Russians regarding an arrangement he had in place to deliver a previously in custody Jack.

Obviously, since he was the one to sign the President’s name, he wants to keep this little arrangement hush hush.

Jack and Kate make their way to the arms dealer he knows, Karl Rask. This guy had direct deals with Margot and it just so happens Jack has worked for him for the last 2 years. The plan is to offer up Kate as a peace offering – nothing like a CIA agent for the guy who has everything. The idea would be for Kate to be knocked out on propofol to make her unavailable for interrogation. The risks are significant and Jack leaves the choice to Kate. Then this happens.

The look on Jack’s face is absolutely priceless. The scheme begins. I believe we have the new Jack Bauer, everyone. But her best badassery is yet to come.

All goes according to plan except for one thing: Rask has a drug that will counter act the propofol, allowing them to interrogate Kate. And by interrogate, I don’t mean politely talk to.

Jack’s buddy Belcheck is perched watching the events unfold through a scope. Unfortunately, because the British PM is aware Heller has Alzheimer’s, he orders MI-5 to follow Jack and Kate’s plan. They don’t understand that Belcheck is there to prevent the plan from going pear shaped.

After taking out Jack’s support, they prepare to storm Rask’s place. The entire plan revolved around Rask accessing his bank account (to insure his money was safely in the account Jack had established.

If MI-5 rushes in, the plan is FUBAR. And just as he is about to hit ENTER – they do just that. Though, Kate would have to admit she is glad she isn’t seeing the business end of that drill.

This is where things get good. I need two GIFs to cover Kate’s awesomeness.

Jack not only manages to not get shot…

…he also manages to save the plan.

Chloe now has access to Rask’s account and hopefully information on the Al-Harazi transactions. Unfortunately, the escape plan Rask had was hugging a hand grenade.

Simone has been chatting up Farrah and her daughter and is convinced they know nothing. She believes Naveed was acting strange due to marital issues. Margot, the cold bitch she is, instructs Simone to off them both just the same. Simone hesitates, however. She pulls out the handy brain sticker, but tells Farrah to grab her daughter and run. Of course, Farrah insists on just freaking out and Simone almost accidentally guts her (if that is even possible).

The little girl sees it all. She takes off running with Simone chasing. Unfortunately for her, she brought a knife to a bus fight and is knocked to the street, unconscious. Margot will not be pleased.

We zip into the spilt screens!

Chloe searches Rask’s bank data. Jack and Kate escape. Margot formulates a plan to eat live kittens. Heller knew there was something he forgot to tell the PM. And then forgot who he needed to tell what he forgot.

A shadowy figure moves to the roof of a building, slipping a battery into a cell phone. It is Navarro. He concerned his IT guy is digging too deep into the Adam Morgan espionage files. There is a risk the planted evidence against him will be discovered as a fraud.

We have found our mole!

Until next hour, gang!

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