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BYOD, y'all!

There is a old skit from SNL called the Superfans, where 3 Chicago Bear fans would discuss all the things you could pit against former coach Mike Ditka – that would result in failure. “Dit-ka” would always win. Well, if you ever wondered what would happen if you put a drone and Jack Bauer against each other, we now have our answer. As if there was any doubt.

We open with the aftermath of the shootout.

I wonder how Kate feels about Jack being pissed MI-5 busted up their little plan – since that intervention was the only thing that saved her from an intimate encounter with a drill. Regardless, Chloe informs them of intel about a VIP accident victim. As we saw at the end of the last hour: Bus – 1 Simone – 0

Unfortunately, the EMT also contacts mum about the accident, which means she will shortly find out Yasmine is alive and that Simone initial intent was to get both her and her sister-in-law out of dodge instead of killing them. There is going to be a race between Bauer and Margot as to who will get to Simone first.

No great surprise here. Old “Double-Cross” is the man on the other end of the phone with Navarro. We do find out it was indeed Navarro who released sensitive information to the Chinese and then framed Adam Morgan for the deed. And as Cross reminds him, he is being well paid for his assistance.

Despite being warned off, Jordan Reed is still digging into the data. Although Navarro does hesitate in ordering a drastic solution to the Jordan problem, the snake does indeed go through with it. He sends Jordan into the field to complete a dead drop. Which is code for – “I am sending someone to shoot you”.

Kate and Jack arrive at the hospital. Kate goes off to talk to Yasmine and is encouraged to find out that Simone was initially trying to get her and her mum to leave town. She tells Jack, who is once again able to convince a doctor to risk the life of a patient and wake her despite her injuries. She may have been willing to save Farrah and Yasmine, but she is not willing to give up her mum. So Jack goes to plan B.

Poor pinky hole!

Margot’s contact in the hospital gives her the scoop on Simone’s betrayal as well as her location in the hospital. He loses a gunfight with the bobbies but his cell phone texts reveal exactly what Margot is planning to do. Which is this:

Fortunately, they had about 8 minutes to evacuate, though by the look of things not everyone made it out of the strike area. Not only that, but the drone Liam is piloting tracks Jack and Kate dragging Simone out of the hospital.

All I can say is, Liam is the worst shot ever. He shoots like a Stormtrooper. But the whole sequence of the escape is heart pumping.

Liam has one missile left. Jack hides the vehicle in a tunnel and then politely requests the use of another citizen’s car. He sends the former vehicle out of the tunnel, baiting Liam who ends up being way too pleased with himself.

Margot quickly spots the fake out, but it is too late to do anything about it.

The split screens bring hour seven home.

President Heller realizes the cat is out of the bad about his Alzheimer’s. He decides on a most interesting resignation – he is going to give himself up to Margot to avoid further death and destruction. He tells Jack he needs to see him – apparently to be the one to sneak him out to Margot.

Margot is actually feeling some remorse over the action against her daughter. Or possibly, she just feels sorry for herself that her daughter betrayed her. Or maybe she is just constipated.

We see Jordan survived the hit. From the promo for next week, he is going to be on the run for a bit but promises to be a fly in the ointment for Navarro.

The episode ends with a Skype between Margot and Heller. They want to know each will keep their word.

Looks like they have a deal.


  • Speaking of Chloe, she was warned out of her lair and had to set up shop in a pub with, apparently, excellent Wi-Fi.
  • Since this is a party, we have been playing the 24 Drinking Game. And I am wasted. We not only had 4 "Dammits" in about a 5 minute block but also got a "We're running out of time!!!" That is a lot of shots.
  • With that voice, can Michael Wincott ever be in anything where he isn't evil?
  • The subplot between Mark and the Russian ambassador went to another level. It is a "give us Bauer" or "we reveal your treason" deal.
  • Both Liam Al-Harazi and Navarro's assasin really need to go to a shooting range
  • Did that fact that Kate strapped on Jack's Murse (the Jack Sack) signify a "passing of the fedora" of Indiana Jones fame?

See you next hour!

- Edshrinker
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