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Two steps forward with two bad guys disposed of, but one huge step back as a former villain rears his ugly head. Let's get to the moving pictures for hour 10!

The chase from last week continues as Navarro continues to elude Jack.

Jack phones Kate to clue her in about Navarro's treachery. Navarro manages to make the drop to Cross who escapes with the Override, but Navarro himself is taken into custody. Meanwhile Jack sees exactly who is running off with the prize.

And we get our first "Damn It" of the hour. I think that was directed more at seeing Chloe with Cross than Cross running away.

Meanwhile, the gang guesses correctly Navarro had a way to track the location of the Override. But he isn't willing to give it up without full immunity from the Prez, which acting Head of Station Erik is willing to give. Unfortunately for Navarro - Jack is not. Jack had some good lines this hour, including this one about immunity not being on the table, while his hand is:

Mr. Mustache wants an update on Mark's task of securing Bauer for the Russians.

Mark gives them the ability to track Jack and apprehend him themselves. That deal is good enough for them to hold off on turning Mark's forgery against him.

Cross has tried to convince Chloe his intentions for the Override are noble. He wants to give every country access to the technology crippling the military and making war technology obsolete. It appears the Override can be configured to be the ultimate MacGuffin and can control all weapons systems. Chloe tags along for a bit while looking for the right opportunity to grab the Override.

Cross is having none of that. While he still wants to win Chloe over to his side, he does use the threat of a gun to continue to tag along.

Jack was the wildcard in getting to Navarro to talk. Erik would not let him go all Bauer on him so it is time to go to plan B for Kate. Kate totally Jacks-out and attacks Navarro in the infirmary and in an interesting role switch, Navarro begs Jack to save him - blurting out the codes that allowed him to track the location of the Override.

I love how Navarro caved like a little bitch, completely falling for the bad cop and worse cop routine. The look on his face when he realized he was just played was priceless. Kate lets him know she will be front and center at his execution.

Cross and Chloe arrive at the new digs of Open Cell only to find someone already dropped in to say hello.

Guess who? Holy crap!

It is Cheng! The man who was so evil he was thrown into prison to rot by his own government. And oh yeah - the guy who tortured Jack for a year and Audrey into catatonia. Cross thought it was the Chinese government financing Open Cell while all along it was Cheng who had an agenda of his own. And it sure wasn't to give the Override to the world.

After using Cross to coerce Chloe into getting the Override up and running for him, his use came to an end.

But not before he was able to tell Chloe that Morris and Prescott were not the result of an assassination gone wrong. Cross had been withholding information because he wanted to Chloe to stay - but her family was killed in an accident. Nothing more.

After Mark found out Jack was leading the retrieval of the Override, he tries to get the Russians to call off the imminent abduction. To no avail.

With the Override in reach, a new obstacle makes this day even longer for everyone involved. Good thing the Russians are crappy shots.


Cheng sends an order to a US nuclear sub to fire on a Chinese aircraft carrier.
Chloe mourns defeat and loss all in one moment. Mark and Heller await news from Jack. Erik is in a state of WTF as he has no idea what just happened to Kate and Bauer, both of which try to shoot their way out and back on task.

And as for those torpedoes heading toward the Chinese carrier?

Yup. Whatever Cheng's plan is, it is in motion.

See you next hour!


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