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I don't even know where to start. Other than to say - you better have a speedy computer because this took a lot of freakin' GIFs to do it justice.

Brilliant hour of 24!!

We open with the gang mourning the death of President Heller.

And the bad guys doing the evil version of a Snoopy Happy dance...

....until freaking Ian sees a glitch in the recording. Sonafabitch!


All that is left for us is the image in our heads of Chloe, beer soaked and testosterone saturated - looping the video while Jack scooped Heller off the pitch. All the the Al-Harazi gang saw was the decimation of a Hellerless soccer pitch. "Live Another Day" is literal for the Prez.

The plan nearly works, but the race is on to find Al-Harazi and the Override Device before Margot can utilize the last drone they saved from self destruct. Damn terrorists were actually keeping their word. But now they are pissed.

Although... Jack informs the gang of the plan and Audrey is pleased.

So the question is - can we find Margot's new location before she can use the final drone? With the data Chloe has, she utilizes the help of an old friend...

By the smile - we know we have a location. I mean seriously... when does Chloe ever smile? Cross is set up in his new digs - and Open Cell is able to help Chloe pinpoint Margot's exact location.

So it is Kate and Erik by land...

And Jack by air. Hey bad guys... you might want to look UP!

As Kate and company work their way up to the 5th floor, Jack is cool with wrapping himself with a high voltage power cord to swing down. Hey. It's Jack. No whoop.

The drone is on auto fire. It is on its way to Waterloo Station. While an evacuation is underway. this missile is fired. How long do they have?

Jack works his way down to the Al-Harazi's. I will stop with the silly typed words now and just let you enjoy:

Incidentally - yes the double "Sploosh" is intentional. Actually - I think Audrey's was probably bigger.

"Margot - you are in custody. You have the right to remain...oh Fuck it":

So all is cool right?

Hells no. This is 24. Even though we have half the time, we still have to have one bad guy peeled back to reveal the one Big Bad of the season. But to get there, Kate has to filter through Navarro's bullshit and find out about poor Jordan Reed:

Kate has a contact with the police that gets the prints of Jordan's assassin. She gets Jack the prints to run against a database at the CIA (love Jack's dark contacts - that could be its own series!). Navarro knows he needs out. He contacts "the middleman" Cross to get help on getting out of the country. Cross wants The Override in exchange.

I know you guys have crashing computers from so many GIFs - but this exchange is so priceless - I just have to. In my own words:

Now Jack leaves to take the call. Some reviewers might wonder why he would trust Navarro. Navarro is the STATION CHIEF and thus far has done nothing at all wrong or the least bit questionable. Unfortunately, for the Tech that has The Override - the info that Navarro was linked to the assassin comes too late. Which makes for a dead Tech and a missing Override.

Navarro tries to shut things down as he escapes. Unfortunately, Jack doesn't care much for rent-a cops:

SPLIT SCREENS! What an hour!

Jack tries to catch Navarro as he escapes with The Override. Mark contemplates how Treason will look on him. Audrey towels herself off and bandages her dad. Kate and Erik (I do NOT trust Erik!) see to their fallen comrade. And a car stops to refuel...

We heard Chloe say goodbye to Jack earlier. Now we see she has chosen to rejoin Adrian Cross and Open Cell. And her feelings go beyond hacking. Meanwhile - Adrian speeds off to get The Override from Navarro.

Holy crap.

- Edshrinker

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