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They went there. I didn’t think they would go there – but they most definitely went there. One of the great things about recapping 24 is that although there are different things happening in real time, each episode has to be focused on the ground immediately in front of it. When there is major dilemma, the show keeps it firmly in its cross-hairs as the hour passes. It makes for an easy review since I don’t have to jump all over the place including 5 different plot threads.

In this case, last week ended with President Heller’s decision to sacrifice himself to Margot A-Harazi in exchange for destruction of the drones. This week, we spent a cold, calculating hour building the suspense to the resolution of this bargain. Jack Bauer and gang had the hour to find an alternative that Heller would accept thereby breaking his deal with the devil. With the fact “THEY ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME”™, the only alternative would be to find Margot and Son and/or find a way to shut down the drones they control. Hour 8 dedicated itself to the race to beat Heller’s deadly deadline.

The best place for Team Jack to start is with Simone. She has been brought to the C.I.A. Blacksite and is getting medical attention. Because she showed a willingness to betray her mother once, the hope is she would have some enthusiasm to do it again after her Mum threw about 43 drones at her. She is practically on death’s door and needs to remain unconscious in order to have any chance at survival.

Ha. That is rich.

Meanwhile, Navarro’s assassin remains confused as to why a clean shot to the upper arm didn’t result in Jordan’s instant death. Silly assassin.

Jordan leaves a trail of blood for the assassin to follow and finish the job.

Unfortunately Kate spends most of the episode talking on the phone, getting orders from the man she initially was willing to put into the ground.

One again, Kate displays her resume for being the next Jack as she quite easily sticks a gun in the Doctor’s gut, encouraging him to comply. Wake the bitch up, indeed!

He does and Simone is downright chatty for someone close to death. She not only gives up the initial location but tells Kate about the disks that Naveed left. Simone knows Mum will be long gone, but those disks would allow a hack back into the Drone control systems – rendering the drones safe once again. Kate sends a TacTeam to retrieve whatever they can find.

President Heller is reminded that the result of keeping his daughter in the dark about his plan is that he won’t be able to properly say goodbye. Under the guise of wanting to see an old family picture, he pops in on Audrey who has her head buried in a computer.

Busy busy busy.

After chatting for a second, she breaks off to get back to work. Heller knows she has no idea this is goodbye and that anything she is working on means nothing compared to this final chat. William Devane is just fantastic here as is Kim Raver. This could have been played for complete cheese, but it was well done and realistic – making me remember all the insignificant “priorities” that stole minutes away from time I could have spent with a loved one. We never know when we are saying goodbye.

Jordan is not happy. Apparently.

Screaming at Navarro for extraction, but in my mind I believe he is starting to realize the man he is talking to indeed might be the one who ordered his death. There is a brief conversation between Navarro and Cross, one rat informing another (falsely) the problem had been taken care of.

Jack took some convincing. He did not want any part of Heller’s plan to “negotiate with terrorists”. But Heller had an ace up his sleeve: WWJD. What Would Jack Do? And Jack knew damn well (because he has agreed to do it countless times) self-sacrifice is a way of life for him. What puts him totally on board is Heller telling him about his Alzheimer’s disease, that he is at the stage where he will soon lose his identity. And that this final act is a way to go out on his terms – saving many lives in the process.

After a little impromptu surgery to remove a tracking chip, they both go into Ninja mode. One final light moment with our soon to be former President:

Heller has been around awhile in the world of 24 and has had to hear about all the awful things Jack has had to do. But it is funny to see his reaction when he witnesses it up close.

Off they go to Wembley Stadium …the prearranged site for the surrender.

I am not sure if Navarro shops at Murder Mart, K-Killer or Assasins-R-Us, but this dude is awful. The fucking computer hipster guy gets the drop on him and disarms him rather easily. Unfortunately, he is also apparently dumb enough to fall for the “is the safety on” trick and a tussle ensues.

By his closed eyes and labored breathing, it is hard to tell if there was a winner in this fight quite yet. We are led to believe Jordan is mortally wounded.

The TacTeam arrives at the former location of Al-Harazi.

They find the disks, but when Kate turns to get Jordan to help her with the upload to Chloe, she finds him gone. Ruh-Row. Navarro plays dumb but Kate is too smart to buy what he is selling. It is only a matter of time…

I just have to say…I have missed Chloe. In real time she has been basically out of my life for 2 weeks. In the world of 24, however, she has been scarce for about two hours as she had to bolt the lair and set up shop in a pub.

I wish I could have grabbed more of her reaction to “drunk guy” messing with her.
Jack wants results NOW knowing that if the data she received isn’t put into practice in the next couple of minutes, President Heller is going to be wearing one of those drone missiles to the prom. Chloe doesn’t have ideal working conditions and Jack just begs her to do the best she can.

Hour 8 is almost complete. Cue the split screens:

Jack says his goodbyes to Heller as he marches out on to the pitch at Wembley Stadium. Both Simone and Jordan are barely hanging on to their lives. Chloe orders another round of Guinness, gets the name of the cute guy in the corner, and still gets close to wrestling away control of the drones from Margot. The last frame that didn’t make it to the .gif was Audrey, who found out her father’s plan and already tore Mark a new on. While she was breaking down, my guess is this time she does not go catatonic.

Heller arrives at midfield.

Facial recognition verifies it is indeed the President. Margot is the one who wants to pull the trigger.

As I said. Yeah. They went there.

RIP President Heller.

See you in an hour!

-* Edshrinker*-

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