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The longest day ever is technically not even half over. only 12 episodes and 12 hours. But for the sake of this season of 24 - our day is almost done.

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Kate and Jack try to shoot themselves out of the Russian trap as Cheng realizes exactly who he is dealing with.

The tracker that was once attached to the Override, leads our heroes to the carnage at Open Cell. Chloe managed to hit the voice recorder on a cell phone, revealing to Jack a very familiar voice.

And unfortunately - that same voice has an equally disturbing affect on Audrey when Jack calls the President to inform him of the new owner of the Override. Heller didn't think Cheng was alive. He was told he was killed 3 years ago as he tried to escape from a Chinese prison. He looks pretty spry for a dead man. He was alive and well and wanted to basically destroy the modern world.

If we were wondering if it was simply a coincidence that both the Russians and the Chinese were brought into Jack Bauer's sphere of influence - wonder no longer.

Stolnavich and Cheng are in cahoots.

With the US attack on a Chinese carrier, President Heller has some fine stepping to do to avoid military escalation.

Audrey has a contact at the Chinese Embassy that might be able to help convince the Chinese that the events unfolding is not truly their doing.

Audrey leaves to meet her contact as Jack comes in to confront Mark and talk with the President. It begins with a call of concern as to how all this was affecting Audrey.

It ends with a heartfelt confession of feelings of what had once been. Audrey assures Jack that she never hated him for all that had happened. She also gives him the go ahead to give Cheng everything he deserves.

Jack lays it all out on the table.

The President cannot believe his ears as he hears his Chief of Staff essentially admit to treason. But there is a way for Mark to make this all right. He can use his connection with Stolnavich toget Jack information on Cheng. I mean - who benefits from a US/China war? The Russians, obvs.

Cheng still has Chloe in toe, smartly keeping around a computer genius makes more sense than a bullet to the head. But what Cheng did not expect was that Chloe had it in her to Jack-out, beat the crap out of his thugs...

...and leap from the truck. Even laying perfectly still - it would have been just a matter of time before she was found. Fortunately, a caravan of British military comes rolling through and orders them to move their truck off the road. Cheng has no choice but to let Chloe go.

Jack and Mark have little to no plan. Wearing a camera on his lapel, the idea is for Gavin to get an idea of the security of the Russian Embassy and then disable it - allowing Jack and Kate to have a chat with the Russians.

It works and he gets inside under the guise of seeing asylum. Unfortuantely when ole 'Stache sees the cameras go out - he has a moment of clarity.

He moves to attack Mark as Jack and Kate warmly greet the security staff.

During the scuffle, glass in embedded in Stolnavich's neck, pretty much ruling out the chance Jack can get any useful intelligence out of him about Cheng.

Lesson here: Do NOT pull out the foreign object stuck in your neck!

Audrey meets with her contact... and for a moment it appears she will be helpful in getting her bosses to look at the evidence the US has, implicating Cheng in the attack on their Aircraft Carrier. But gunshots ring out, everyone around her is dropped, and Audrey stands stunned in the middle of an empty park as we move to the Split Screens to end Hour 11!!!

Jack and Mark take apart Stolnavich's office to try to find anything that will help them find Cheng. The President, having agreed to go to DEFCON 3 after the Chinese take out a couple of our surveillance satellites, is moved to a secure location. Chloe decides it safe to leave her warm, comfy ditch. And Audrey. Poor poor Audrey.

The phone rings and the voice on the other end is the one voice she feared most she would hear.

And once again, Audrey finds herself at the mercy of Cheng Zhi.

See y'all in an hour!


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