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If you need a quick way to catch up on last week, I would suggest the 1st 24 GIF Party (Hours 1 & 2) that was an epic throw down. It took me the rest of the week to clean up, you slobs! And whoever left the Llama, please come pick it up. It's pooping all over my carpet.

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What's that I hear?



Considering this is all in Real Time, makes sense we pick up exactly where last week left off with Jack pursuing Simone with Chloe's help.

Jack finds Yates and his skewered melon dead in the bathroom with no Drone tech. Chloe spots Simone leaving the bar and heading towards the tubes. Jack pursues.

Meanwhile, Kate and Erik are still at the apartment complex interrogating the participants of the shoot out but getting nowhere. They are ordered to cease and desist by Navarro, but Kate has other plans for Basher.

Erik begins to get on the same page with Kate and they basically threaten Basher with offering him up to a rival drug gang unless he gives up who they were protecting. He not only gives up Yates but also throws out Tanner's name as the target of his project. The wheels in Kate's head are turning as what she finds out begins to mesh with what Jack told her.

Simone jumps on the subway, but Jack manages to jump on with her with Chloe's guidance. She spots Mr. Bauer and she pulls out old faithful.

She uses the blood to smear on her face and shout out that she's being assaulted. Jack handles that little inconvenience just fine.

Simone does lose jack in the tubes, slipping out a maintenance tunnel.

But Jack knows he has Chloe covering all exits. Unfortunately, we get an event that leads to some backstory on the tragedy that has befallen Ms. O'Brien.

The young couple walking out of the station reminded Chloe of Morris and Prescott. Both were killed in a car wreck on the way home from Prescott's soccer practice; a ride Chloe normally provided. She is certain she was being targeted for murder due to her knowledge of the events around Jack's disappearance. As a result of the overwhelming memory, she loses focus and Simone slips away.

Audrey gives Mark hell for being too rough on her father, the President. Mark is increasingly convinced he is falling too deeply into dementia, should head back to America, and forget the address to Parliament. Especially in light of the Drone attack.

When Audrey slips out, he signs the President's name to the document that will disappear Jack Bauer forever.

Simone arrives home to her mother Margot the terrorist. Margot was radicalized into Al Qaeda after her husband was killed in a drone attack that President Heller authorized. Simone looks happily at the targeting that nears completion.
10 Downing Street, huh? That can't be good.

Simone's husband, Donny walks in. He seems practically disgusted by Simone's affections. He obviously isn't very happy about the tryst that Simone engaged in to further their cause. Psyco mom is all in on the carnage they are about to propagate and it appears that Simone has consumed the Kool-Aid as well. Donny, however, is not all that thrilled about killing innocents in the name of justice. An interesting flip-flop is being pulled off here as we see the pasty English folks are the bloodthirsty terrorists while the man of Middle Eastern decent is not happy about bloodshed. Nice work, show!

Adrian Cross thought he was done with Jack since Yates is dead. But Jack asks for his help as there is no way he can get into the Embassy to talk to Tanner without the whole team setting up the credentials to get him in. At first it appears Cross is going to help. But as alluded to in the name, he double-crosses Jack by entering in the wrong security clearance codes when Chloe isn't looking.

And if the gentle hair stroking isn't creepy enough on Adrian's end, how about dear old mum peeking in on the two crazy kids as poor Donny finally succumbs to Simone's advances.

The famous split screens begin, starting the wrap up of Hour 3 of Live Another Day.

President Heller insists on proceeding with the speech to Parliament and is greeted by repeated shout-downs. Margot is deep in thought, obviously hearing of Donny's reservations regarding the attacks. Simone's brother continues to set up the Drone control device.

Adrian's team awaits the $h!# storm they just set up. Kate and Erik are on their way to the Embassy to talk to Tanner. Jack is en route as well.

Jack works his way to the gates of the Embassy. Right off he can sense something is going wrong with his security pass. Chloe figures out what is happening and screams to him to get the f@#k out of dodge. Jack insists he has to get in.

The whole jacket over the head trick. We didn't see the noogies he also gave him.

And with the help of a few John Reese kneecappers...

...he has the distraction he needs to slip in through the gates with Kate and Erik on his tail.

See you at next week's bash! Someone bring the Nachos! And please leave the Zoo animals at home.


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