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I don't know about you, but three straight weeks of getting trashed and destroying my house is starting to take its toll. I never made it to work today, had to go to the clinic for a shot - there was something that looked like cauliflower growing out of my privates (hey, girl with the 3rd nipple and metal claw for a hand - you better get yourself checked!) Anyway, I am going to create a Kickstarter campaign to start to fund these suckers, because I will be broke by Hour 12.

I digress...

Please be a good CTU agent and click the HEART at the top of the page if you had a good time at my throw down. Any items of value left behind will be auctioned off to get a wig fashioned for my Lab who's fur was rudely shaved into the face of Michelle Dessler. She's not even on the show anymore, people! Dammit!

My head is throbbing! Someone turn the dimmer down on that clock!!!!


The last we saw of Mr. Bauer, he had created a riot by kneecapping a couple of Marines and screaming the crowd into frenzy.

As Jack slipped past the crowd, Kate and Erik were hot on his tail. The complete hysteria outside the gates allowed Jack to slide inside and do his thing. He enters the Embassy, securing a disguise and a pass card.

With Chloe's guidance, Jack tracks down where they are holding Tanner. He knocks politely and engages his friends with light conversation and pithy retorts. And with his fists.

Jack's first plan was to simply slip Tanner out of there but since the guard has 99% more intelligence than any Agent on The Following, he decides to verify before wandering off with this handsome man. That costs the guard his consciousness. So instead, Jack simply asks Tanner for the Flight Key of the drone that was hijacked. He insists to Tanner that he is there to help him and he knows he is innocent. Tanner gives up the key, which the guard still held.

The thing about having the episode order cut in half is that we have fewer plot threads to follow. Kim isn't out fighting cougars, Michelle and Tony aren't getting it on. There are fewer bad guys and slimy politicians.24: Live Another Day is a little claustrophobic - we are following a very tight story line ...and I like it.

Our trusty split screens show us Jack making his way towards an exit, the crowd outside still agitated, Simone's brother finishing his link from the drone control device to his targeting computer, and Simone and Naveed in the afterglow of a romp that did NOT include a stiletto to the brain. Crucial point there.

The Embassy is on lockdown and Jack's stolen card is useless. Chole directs him to a comms room where he offers treats and snacks and cold beer in exchange for the use of their computer. Kidding...but he does not shoot or hit anyone. The idea is, from here he can upload the drone's data key to Team Chloe. I am quite certain that if she wasn't so busy doing essentially everything on her own, she would have gone Chloe-Ninja on Cross right where he sits. It seems the rest of the team is not happy about how Adrian is handling the situation and although they can't do much to help, they are tossing out shade.

Heller holds himself together and gives a fine speech. Exiting the stage, however, Mark has some shocking news - especially for Audrey: Jack is in the Embassy and he has taken hostages. Mark had been trying to hide the fact Jack was in town and just the mention of his name gets her all dewy.

*Author Comment - the perfectly timed in unison "wuuuuut" look by Mark and the Prez cracks me up every time I see it.

Naveed expresses his change of heart to Margot, who has been monitoring the bedroom anyway and knows what he was going to say. Simone initially agreed to go with him, but she only did so half-heartedly knowing her mother will never let them go. Naveed makes the mistake of thinking Margot will only torture him into relenting and flying the drones. But you have to figure if your dear ole Mum would ask you to f%$ for technology, she would also ask you to donate a finger to the cause.

After Kate talked to Tanner and putting all the pieces together, including what Jack has told her, she has one foot on the side of the C.I.A. and the other foot on the side of Team Jack.

She is acutely aware he is on to something big in the area of terrorism here in London and she even wins Navarro over into the idea of bringing Jack in alive to find out what he knows.

Heller gets Jack on the phone and Jack makes his case. The key was encrypted and while Chloe is jamming to get the data unencrypted, he asks for more time to have the evidence to make his case.

Heller is ready to jump on board but Mark, the Chief of Douche, talks him out of it, insinuating his real mission was to break out Chloe O'Brien and assist "Open Cell" (Adrian Cross' Group). Heller relents and orders Jack to be taken down, infuriating Audrey.

Because, as everyone knows, air ventilation systems allow unimpeded access to any part of any building - Kate manages to wiggle her sweet butt over the top of the comms room Jack in holding up in.

Kate swears her allegiance and considering her complete disregard of protocols, these sweet kids are going to get along famously. Unfortunately for them, there is a squad of pissed off Marines outside the door with shoot to kill orders.

Kate wants to protect Jack and she also wants to get to the bottom of what's happening with the drones. But the encryption is still holding and the Marines will break in long before it is done. There is only one solution.

Kate claims Jack is her prisoner and under her protection. These two are about to be hella-awesome together.

The split screens begin to draw Hour 4 to a close.

Jack is in custody once again, and once again it is on purpose. I have no doubt Kate will be as loyal to Jack and this mission as she has led him to believe. Navarro and company are watching Scandal on the black site plasma screen, and Simone can now only count to nine.

But our last shot is the Death Star being fully operational. Yates' drone hijacking tech is wired into they targeting computer. Margot orders the 10 most heavily armed drones to London and lovingly purrs to Naveed that it is now up to him to pilot the planes of death. And he agrees.

Hour four was very light on action and high on exposition. That is not necessarily bad, but our half a season version of this show feels a little by the numbers so far. It doesn't feel quite as epic as earlier incarnations. I believe that is likely due to what I mentioned earlier in the Recap in that 24 does not have the luxury of creating 3 or 4 different threads running throughout the serial storytelling. People awaited the return of Jack and Chloe, and with only 12 hours to explore the main plot, 24 does not want to waste any time on side stories. That makes sense and I can't say I disagree with the strategy. But I also miss the intricate story threads that are weaved together through the 24 episodes of a normal season. Nonetheless, I am enjoying every hour of the worst day ever.

Now, whoever pinched off that loaf in my dog's water dish - clean it up, buy her a new dish, and plan on a one GIF party suspension for rude behavior. Rudeness. What would Hannibal do?

See you next hour!!

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