Season 1 Episode 14

Day 1: 1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2002 on FOX
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Jack is forced to leave his family when Green places him under arrest and holds him at CTU. Once there, Jack must explain his actions to District Director Ryan Chappelle. Nina accompanies Teri and Kim to a clinic, where they are given a medical examination. Nina becomes suspicious of a phony FBI agent and decides to move the women to a safehouse. Palmer goes to CTU and demands a meeting with Jack.moreless

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  • Palmer's new shooter.

    This episode marks the end of Gaines' group of people when the new assassin wipes them out The attack on Palmer is far from over and Jack knows it but he can't do nothing about because he is being questioned by District Director Ryan despite Jack telling him his wife and daughter was in danger In this episode we also find out there is another person on the inside working against Palmer I know people have said its the worst episode of the season so far but I thought it was good and its the start of a new beginning.moreless
  • Eye of the storm

    So this episode bores the stuffing out of people everywhere. Things slow down a lot more than they did in "8am - 9am," giving all the characters some time to reel in.For his actions during the Gaines arc, Jack is placed in CTU custody, confined to the Situation Room for pretty much the whole episode and going over what happened the last thirteen hours. With that going on, Teri and Kim are sent to a clinic. In some new character combination, Nina is sent to look after them.By the end, Palmer finds out about Jack's involvement in Operation Nightfall and comes to a (wrong) conclusion about why he wants him dead. So what does he do? He marches right into CTU and demands a word with Jack! More new character combination!We're aware all along that the threat isn't over; like the characters, the big plot is merely taking a break. Andre and his brother Alexis are in Los Angeles, wiping out the last traces of Gaines' Plan A and preparing to put their Plan B into play. What more ominous way to convey this than the presence of a suspicious "FBI agent" watching Teri and Kim at the clinic?With this episode, the plot threads started in the pilot are no more, and new threads take their time to weave a great finale for the season.Hourly Highlight:Alexis Drazen killing Kevin.moreless
  • Not So good!!!!

    The best part here is this new shooter that appeared and killed the rest of the gaines crew.

    Jack Bauer is interrogated during the whole episode, because the writers need more time to think what to do with him, or what task should they givem him.

    Tony's attitude during his conversation with Chapelle was nice. Chapelle seems that type of character that is there just to complicated Jack´s Life.

    Kim and Teri continue in dangerous, but Nina notice something. It seem that someone in the Palmer administration can put him in danger.

    The highlight of this episode was Palmer entering CTU asking to speak to Jack Bauer. It was unexpected and a brilliant way to end this not so good episode.moreless
  • Still in danger...

    Oh, it looks like Jack's longest day is going to be very long and dangerous. It looked like the danger for Bauer family is over but no - they are taken to hospital and Nina goes there too and suspicious things start to happen. And that is not it. There are new assassins in play and one of them has busy hour. Also Palmer is not safe. I am not sure if it was shown before but now I realized that the right hand man of him is behind it all on that side. Wow.. and they have no idea. And it is not easy for Palmers with their son.

    And the ending.. really cliffhanger...moreless
  • good show

    1:02 P.M.-1:07 P.M.: The chopper brings Jack, Teri and Kimberly in to CTU. While Green and Nina are standing by to meet them, Green asks who is on board

    and Nina says just Jack and his family, since the prisoners were picked up separately. After the chopper lands and they get out, Jack learns that Teri's

    been having abdominal pain (from what she won't say). He tells her they've arranged for her and Kimberly to see a doctor. She wants to stay with him, but

    he's got an appointment with Green. After some agents help the women into an ambulance, Green drops the bomb on Jack that she's placing him under house

    arrest until he can be turned over to the FBI. While Jack is being escorted back inside, he asks Nina in secret if she could drop by the clinic they've

    taken Teri and Kimberly to and check up on them. Nina says she needs Green's approval to do that. After Jack is placed in the holding room, Nina asks Green

    for an hour off to go home and clean up. Green denies her request, because she knows Nina it's a lie. After Green tells her she'll give her an hour off

    if she is truthful about where she's going, Nina admits Jack asked her to look after his family. Green rubs it in about how ironic it is that he asked

    her to look after Teri, the woman the two of them hid their affair from, then gives her the hour off. Palmer asks one of his aides, Elizabeth, if they've

    heard from the person who has projections on state polls, as he wants to know if the incident at the breakfast is hurting his votes.

    1:07 P.M.-1:10 P.M.: In private, Sherry warns Palmer that he can't talk about Keith and he can't talk Ferragamo. Palmer says he's not going to talk about

    either of them -- he's being blackmailed. In shock, Sherry asks who's blackmailing him and why. He says his financers, because they want to see him the

    White House. Sherry is in disbelief that they could've planted evidence framing Keith for arson. Palmer tells her this is what happens when you cover things

    up. Yet, that's exactly what he plans to do as far as Keith is concerned. At the clinic, Dr. Kent introduces herself to Teri and Kimberly. She says she's

    been alerted to Teri's pain and would like to do an ultrasound. Teri continues to try to hide what happened, until Kimberly makes her have a change of

    heart. After another doctor takes Kimberly into another room, Teri tells Dr. Kent that she was raped. Dr. Kent would like to draw blood and do some tests,

    and strongly recommends Teri see a psychiatrist. Teri refuses the latter; with some hesitation, she admits she wants to keep this a secret from Jack.

    1:15 P.M.-1:18 P.M.: Mike advises Palmer to hang out with some important senators to boost his profile in their states. Keith hears Mike mention Ferragamo's

    name during the conversation and comes out to ask about him. Mike leaves, and Palmer admits to Keith that Ferragamo died in a fire. Keith figures out pretty

    quick what occurred, and angrily tells his father to go to the police with the truth. Palmer reminds his son that he didn't go the police with the truth

    in regards to Lyle Gibson. Keith breaks into tears, as Ferragamo was the only person who was there for him when he was having problems. After hinting that

    he would have offed himself had Ferragamo not been there to help, Palmer consoles Keith that he plans to do what's best for him.

    1:18 P.M.-1:24 P.M.: The Regional Director, Ryan Chappelle, and his boys enter CTU. He and Tony exchange greetings. Tony and Milo know Chappelle's presence

    means Jack's in pretty big trouble. Green tells them what room they're holding Jack. One of the boys goes in first to set up a tape recorder. After he

    leaves, Chappelle walks in and he and Jack exchange greetings of their own. Jack is a little taken back when Chappelle starts up the tape recorder for

    the interrogation. Nina has arrived at the clinic, but instead of finding Teri and Kimberly in their room, she finds an FBI agent. The agent says he and

    his team are there to interrogate the injured prisoners they're bringing into the clinic. Outside the room, Nina stops a doctor to ask where the Bauers

    are. The doctor tells her the room they've been moved to. Nina goes there, says hi to Teri -- who is having the ultrasound and is more than a little surprised

    to see her there -- and introduces herself to Kimberly. Nina says she's there to look out for them and will be in the waiting room if they need anything.

    Teri inquires about Jack, and Nina tells her he's being questioned. Teri wants to go home, but Nina explains that they need to take every precaution first.

    When Kimberly asks about Jack, Nina replies that because this was a terrorist plot they were caught in the middle of, Division, Secret Service and CTU

    will want to question him first. Before Nina leaves, Teri thanks her for helping save them. After she goes back into the hall, Nina gets a funny feeling.

    She returns to the other room she first went in, but the guy who said he was an FBI agent is gone. She spots him with his back turned to her in the hallway,

    along with a woman who's wearing an FBI tag. Nina interrupts the woman's phone call to ask her if the other agent is FBI. When the woman replies that he

    is, Nina says she'd like to talk to him again, as they met in the hospital room either. But as soon as the woman says that couldn't be since they both

    just got there, the other agent turns around and Nina sees it's not the same guy. After the woman says they're the only two FBI agents at the hospital,

    Nina rushes off in a panic to check on Teri and Kimberly.

    1:29 P.M.-1:33 P.M.: Jack explains to Chappelle that he didn't call CTU earlier because he was worried things could get out of control. But even though

    he did eventually call, Chappelle says he can't reinstate him simply because he broke protocol. In disbelief, Jack tells Chappelle that Palmer is still

    in danger and he can help. When Chappelle doesn't change his mind, Jack goes off on him about how he never deviated from his original goal of protecting

    Palmer. Chappelle knows that, and thinks that may be what will ultimately save his job, but he still doesn't care to hear excuses and plans to leave it

    up to the justice system to decide. After Jack yells at him some more, Nina calls Chappelle. Chappelle hands Jack the phone and decides their meeting is

    adjourned. Chappelle leaves and has one of his men keep Jack company during the call. Jack tells Nina that Chappelle didn't listen and he's been turned

    over to the authorities. He thanks Nina for looking after his family. But Nina's mind is elsewhere; namely on the dirty agent Walsh told Jack about. Could

    there have been more than one agent? Jack has already thought about that, and figures someone had to recruit Jamey. Whether or not they were in CTU or

    District or Secret Service, they have to assume someone else is out there. A little paranoid from her incident with the FBI agent, Nina explains that she

    just wants to be extra careful when it comes to Teri's and Kimberly's safety. Since they're being examined right now, Nina agrees to call back later so

    they can talk to Jack. They hang up. Green comes to Tony to see if he's found out anything new in regards to the backup assassination plan. Tony says they've

    uncovered three additional shooters, who all entered the country the past few days. But they can only find the names of two of them. Green needs Tony to

    find out the third name pronto. Meanwhile, the mystery assassin is in the desert in the middle of nowhere, spying on passing cars with a set of binoculars

    and his palm pilot.

    1:33 P.M.-1:36 P.M.: A car and one of the red vans pull up in front of a shed in the desert. Kevin gets out of the car and orders the guys in the van to

    put equipment in the shed before he comes in to brief them on the next strategy. He makes a phone call to Drazen while the assassin checks him out on the

    palm pilot. Kevin tells Drazen they just arrived at the transfer point and Gaines is dead. He attempts to suck up by saying that he tried to tell Gaines

    there were gaping holes in his plan. When Drazen asks him to get to the point, Kevin says he can fix everything -- why, he even managed to kill a witness

    whom no one else could find. Drazen turns down the offer, because, as he puts it, "Plan B is already in effect." Kevin has no idea what that means, and

    isn't about to find out from the source since Drazen hangs up on him. Looking around in hopes of figuring it out, Kevin spots Drazen's plan B spying on

    him from behind a dune. Kevin slowly draws his gun just as the others bring the equipment in the shed as told, but it's too late. The assassin holds a

    detonator in his hand, and blows the shed to pieces. Kevin was close enough to the explosion to get knocked down. Before he can get up, the assassin stands

    and strides over to him, pulling out his gun on the way there. After kicking Kevin's pistol away from him, the man asks if there's anything left in the

    van. When Kevin tells him to go to hell, the assassin shoots him point blank.

    1:41 P.M.-1:42 P.M.: Tony and Green discuss what to do with Palmer. Tony says they have to get him out of L.A. and away from the backup shooters. Green

    has him leave a case file with her to look over before she makes her judgement call. He's about to leave when she stops him to bluntly ask if he's satisfied

    with his position at CTU. He says he is. Since she wants to play games, she coyly tells him that she's always thought he was too talented to be third banana.

    He gets right to the point and asks her what she wants him to do. She does likewise and says that Chappelle will want to talk to him before making his

    final evaluation of Jack, as he was the one called for a lockdown, and they all know Nina isn't impartial when it comes to Jack. Tony asks what he's supposed

    to say. She wants him to tell Chappelle that even though Jack's family was in danger, there were better ways he could have handled it without breaking

    protocol. She tries to sway Tony by saying that he never would have had to call Mason had Jack been upfront with him in the first place.moreless
Kara Zediker

Kara Zediker

Elizabeth Nash

Guest Star

Judith Scott

Judith Scott

Dr. Kent

Guest Star

Mina Badie

Mina Badie

Agent Holmes

Guest Star

Tamara Tunie

Tamara Tunie

Alberta Green

Recurring Role

Zeljko Ivanek

Zeljko Ivanek

Andre Drazen

Recurring Role

Vicellous Shannon

Vicellous Shannon

Keith Palmer

Recurring Role

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    • Andre: I appreciate the offer, Kevin, but as you Americans so often say, "Plan B" is already in effect.

    • Teri: Nina, what's happening with Jack?
      Nina: He's being questioned.
      Teri: Is he in trouble?
      Nina: That depends. He broke a few laws last night, but he was doing it to save you and Kim, so I think they'll understand.
      Teri: Unless he pisses them off first.
      Nina: (laughs) My thoughts exactly.

    • Kevin: (to Alexis) Go to hell.

    • Novick: That was the Pentagon. Remember you asked me to look up the name Jack Bauer?
      Palmer: Who is he?
      (Mike leans over, and whispers to Palmer)
      Novick: He used to be in Special Forces. He led a six man team into Kosovo a couple of years ago.
      Palmer: That's what it was. The Drazen mission.
      Novick: He hand-picked picked his own men and trained them. Only Bauer survived.
      Palmer: He blames me for the death of his team; that's what this is about.

    • Milo: What do you think they're gonna do to Jack?
      Tony: They're not gonna name a street after him.

    • Chappelle: (to Jack) I've got five priority cases on my desk this morning. Your name's on all of them.

    • Tony: Let me save you some time, Mr. Chappelle. I'm not the biggest fan of Jack Bauer. I don't agree with the way he delegates authority and I don't like the way he runs operations. But since midnight last night you won't get me to disapprove of a single action he's taken.

    • Green: One thing I have a great eye for is B.S. If you want an hour off, tell me where you're really going.

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