Season 1 Episode 11

Day 1: 10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2002 on FOX
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Senator Palmer begins to forulate a two-year-old connection between himself and Jack Bauer to figure out why the agent wants him dead. Gaines meets with Drazen, the man behind the Palmer assassination plot. Drazen gives Gaines an unpleasant ultimatum that will result in the deaths of Teri and Kim. Jack's interrogation of Cofell goes awry, but he discovers another familiar face who can lead him to his family.moreless

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  • When Senator Palmer hears the name Jack Bauer, he feels he has heard it before. Jack's interrogation of a lead brings him closer to his family.

    This is another significant episode to this season. The main reason being is it gives us more insight into important points. First we see one of the men behind all the day's events and learn a little more about his motivations. Second we start to see the beginnings of why both Jack and Senator Palmer have been targeted for assassination which certainly helps the viewer to stay motivated to keep tuning in. Third, we also see how loyal Nina and Tony are to helping Jack rescue Teri and Kim. Speaking of which this is the reason why I can't give the episode a perfect score. Alberta tries like hell to get Tony and Nina to crack. While she ultimately fails, Tony later admits he was about to give up and tell Alberta everything. That is a very old cliche that I wish we did not see here. However Jack's interrogation of Ted Coffell makes up for this problem. Those scenes were very well done and made this episode worth your time. I also like how Jack managed to subdue Kevin Carol, aka Fake Alan York, and get him to take Jack to Teri and Kim. This episode was not quite perfect, but it is still fantastic.moreless
  • Jack's interrogation.

    This episode is about Jacks interrogation to get the location of Kim and Teri out of a business man with a connection to Gaines but when things go wrong Jack thinks that he has hit a dead end until Jack crashes his meeting with another friend of Gaines and one who Jack will remember well That was probably the best part of the episode where the imposter from earlier on gets in the limo and Jack is waiting and he tries to shoot Jack and Jack just sits there behind bullet proof glass Now that Jack has him he promises he will take him to his family but will he really because he has already lied once.moreless
  • Jack Interrogation make this episode great.

    In 40 minutes, there can be some key moments that make a episode worth watching, and this episode have it. After some slower episodes , the audience deserved.

    The episode gets intense and more complicated for some characters like Palmer, Kim and Teri.

    Palmer continues to be slower, but with the next episodes this can be interesting, since it seems that the writes have waiting to put the best part of this Palmer plot more later.

    Kim and teri could have died in this episode, if wasn´t for rick help, now their situation is critical, but Jack now know where they are and this will be interesting.

    A character makes its return as well.

    BEst part, of course is Jack Scenes, where he interrogates a suspect Man, that seemed innocent. This man last words indicate that all this is about revenge. And then, a surprise, The imposter alan appear and Jack is using right now.moreless
  • Struggle..

    Time is running out for Jack but he is getting - this thing going on is personal and he even starts to figure out why they are after him - that has something to do with mission two years ago. But Jack is not the only one, running out of time - his wife and daugther are in more danger and it looks like Teri is feeling ill too. But in the end she finds strength to save Kim.

    It was again not too intense and fast episode, but very exciting.. all the interrogation and trying to figure it out.. Nina and Tony in CTU..moreless
  • cool episode

    10:02 A.M.-10:07 A.M.: Alberta Green announces how Secret Service think the photographer, Martin Belkin, may be in on the assassination attempt, as he hasn't

    been seen since the breakfast. Nina tells her she hasn't heard from Jack. Kevin calls Cofell, because something important has come up and he needs to be

    met at a parking garage. After getting off the phone with Kevin, Cofell tells Mark his change of plans, but Mark doesn't acknowledge them, and Cofell soon

    figures out that he's not talking to Mark. When he voices his protests, Jack locks the doors automatically so Cofell can't escape. Cofell pleads for his

    substitute chauffeur to stop the car. Jack doesn't comply until Cofell pulls his cell phone out of his pocket to dial for help. With the car in park, Jack

    draws his gun, makes Cofell give him the phone, exits the vehicle, comes around the back, sits next to Cofell, and orders him to sit on his hands. Cofell

    thinks Jack wants money, so after smacking him across the face, Jack sets the record straight. Cofell pretends that he doesn't know who Gaines is, nor

    what Jack is talking about, as he's just a businessman. Jack doesn't believe him, since his limousine has a bulletproof divider; Cofell explains it's for

    protection from people like him. Jack cocks his pistol, explaining to Cofell that it's his last chance to tell him where his family is, but Cofell continues

    to declare his innocence. Jack backs off and has Cofell stay put while he calls Nina, who opens a secure line. After she fills him in on what's up there,

    he says he's got (meaning kidnapped) Cofell. She thinks that was stupid of him, and doesn't know how much longer she can cover, since Green isn't buying

    any of it anyway. Jack ignores it, and asks her to put together as best of a Cofell interrogation profile as she can in five minutes. He hangs up, and

    drives Cofell to a new location.

    10:07 A.M.-10:13 A.M.: Teri believes that Nina and crew were able to get the trace before the phone went dead, while Kimberly doesn't. Rick comes in, and

    apologizes for what happened. Teri goes to thank him, but he stops her, claiming that since Eli sent him in to interrogate them it's better that they don't

    say anything, as he can't tell Eli what he doesn't know. Kimberly asks Rick what Eli is going to do to them. Rick neglects to answer, and leaves. Kimberly

    is able to spy on Eli and Rick from a slat in the wall, and sees Eli kick the crap out of Rick for claiming the women didn't tell him anything. Nina quickly

    halts work on the profile when Green comes over. Green says she's been reviewing the report of the first-class passenger list of the 747, and they don't

    add up. Nina explains they were altered to make it look like there was an empty seat, but CTU feels there wasn't one. Nina explains that Martin Belkin

    was in that seat and died in the explosion, and a lookalike assassin took his place at the breakfast. What Nina can't yet explain is how the lookalike

    got a legitimate ID. While the two are talking, Jack calls Nina. Nina says hi to Bill, then, just in case she needs his help, tells Tony it's Bill Warner

    at the Bureau. She does need his help as Green wants to talk to Bill, so Tony walks over to distract Green with something else. With her out of the way,

    Nina gives Jack what little she managed to come up with in the short time he gave her -- Cofell is the oldest of three children, father died when he was

    a boy, went to college at 16, first in his class, vice president of his company three years later, got a heart condition, not generous with money. She

    guesses he's passive aggressive. Her parting words that the threat of pain can be more effective than pain itself for the kind of person she perceives

    Cofell to be give Jack his next plan.

    10:17 A.M.-10:20 A.M.: Cofell continues to stalemate. He tells Jack he was meeting a businessman named Kevin Carroll, who sells machinery. Jack wonders

    why he was meeting him in a parking garage, but Cofell doesn't know, as it was Kevin's choice. Jack calls Nina to run a background check on Kevin Carroll,

    which is probably an alias. Then he pulls out a towel, drenches it in water, rolls it up, and enlightens Cofell on how the Soviets punished prisoners in

    the Russian Gulags with makeshift torture devices. They'd shove wet, twisted towels down their throats, hold onto one end, wait until their stomachs started

    digesting the towel, then pull them -- and their stomach linings -- out. Cofell fearfully questions what kind of man Jack is. Jack says he doesn't want

    to hurt him, he just wants his family. Cofell hands Jack his wallet, so he can see a picture of Cofell's family. Cofell repeats that if he knew something,

    so would Jack.

    10:20 A.M.-10:25 A.M.: Gaines and Drazen meet in a deserted location. Gaines assures Drazen that they'll be ready for Jack this time, but Drazen thinks

    he and his people made a mistake bringing the Americans into this, and pulls the plug on Gaines' involvement. Gaines doesn't understand how Drazen could

    quit something that's been so important to him for over a year, but Drazen says he's not quitting; he has a contingency plan. Jack and Palmer will both

    be dead by the end of day, and Gaines... well, it's no longer his concern. Gaines begs for just two more hours to find Jack. Drazen gives him thirty minutes.

    If Gaines doesn't find Jack by then, he'll have to kill Teri and Kimberly, pull his people out, and Drazen will take over. Rick, who's standing nearby,

    hears every word. Drazen calls someone, and talks to them in Serbian. After class, the principal of the school chats with Palmer, and offers him some suggestions

    on his educational program. Mike interrupts to hand Palmer a phone. Carl's on the other line, none too happy about his former boss needing his help. Palmer

    asks to see him in person, because he got a tip that George Ferragamo's life may be in danger. Carl thinks Frank Ames told him that, and brushes it off.

    Palmer threatens to blackmail Carl if he doesn't come meet him at the school. Carl says he'll be there by hour's end. Jack calls Nina back to see what

    she's learned. She's found six Kevin Carrolls, one of whom does sell machinery. Jack feels it has to be a cover, but Nina thinks he may have the wrong

    Ted Cofell, especially since Nina's email was partially erased. More than that, she feels Jack's judgement is affected. After he ends the call and starts

    the car, he tells Cofell they're going to see Kevin.

    10:30 A.M.-10:34 A.M.: Teri's pain returns. Since Kimberly knows she's not fine, Teri admits her stomach's been hurting her. Kimberly wants to ask the kidnappers

    for help, but Teri won't let her. Cofell carefully flips down a cushion in the backseat, revealing a secret compartment. He removes a knife and returns

    the cushion to its upright position, with Jack none the wiser. After talking with the principal, Palmer pulls Sherry over to ask if she's spoken to Carl

    since he was fired. She says she did; she asked him if he could find a way to stop Maureen Kingsley, and he replied that he'd take care of the evidence

    against Keith. She says the reason she hid this was because she wasn't sure what Carl meant. Palmer thinks it's yet another secret in the grand scheme

    of things that proves how disloyal she is. Palmer checks up with Mike, who tells him he scoped out Jack as requested, and found the usual gap-ridden agency

    file. Mike is stunned when Palmer asks if one of those gaps coincides with the summer of two years ago. Palmer won't say how he knew that.

    10:34 A.M.-10:37 A.M.: Jack orders Cofell to shift over to the opposite seat, so he can come on back and visit. Cofell decides to use the opportunity to

    kill Jack, and readies his blade. Jack catches Cofell mid-lunge, twists the knife out of his hands, and breaks his wrist. The knife now in Jack's possession,

    he angrily demands to know what kind of businessman keeps a Microtech HALO in his car. Cofell is so annoyed over his broken wrist that he slips up in the

    accent department. He's a Serb -- or at least that's the language he's chosen to curse out Jack. Since Jack spent that time in Belgrade, he recognizes

    what language Cofell has lapsed into, and attempts to get more out of him. Cofell bitterly taunts Jack about how he deserves what's happening to him, and

    how he will pay. Jack lets his temper get the best of him, and rams Cofell in the chest with the back end of the knife. That heart ailment of Cofell's

    that he and Nina both know about? Yeah, not the best thing for it. While Cofell suffers cardiac arrest, Jack holds his heart pills in his hand, claiming

    he'll hand them over right after finding out where his family is. But Cofell would rather die. Realizing his key witness is about to croak, Jack waives

    the testimonial and stuffs Cofell's medication in his mouth. Cofell spits them right out, then goes limp. Now in a panic, Jack loosens Cofell's shirt and

    tie and attempts CPR, begging him to please be alive. Bully for Jack -- he killed him.

    10:41 A.M.-10:44 A.M.: Nina consoles a teary Jack, who worries that he won't be able to find Teri and Kimberly now. Nina wonders if Kevin Carroll may know

    something. Jack isn't sure he's even coming, since he's late. Jack knows the terrorists have a personal agenda against him, but doesn't know what for.

    He wants Nina to dig as deep as she can into two things -- 1) Cofell's background, and 2) a two-year-old assignment he did in Belgrade and Kosovo called

    "Operation Nightfall" -- and then crosscheck the files against each other. After hanging up and pulling himself together, he starts making Cofell look

    presentable. Tony goes to Nina with a proposition: since Green already knows they're lying, they might as well come clean. Nina sternly refuses, because

    Jack said no and because they can't be sure that Green -- or the thirty people Green is sure to call -- is any more on the level than Jamey was.moreless
Currie Graham

Currie Graham

Ted Cofell

Guest Star

Michael Massee

Michael Massee

Ira Gaines

Recurring Role

Tamara Tunie

Tamara Tunie

Alberta Green

Recurring Role

Zeljko Ivanek

Zeljko Ivanek

Andre Drazen

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Ted Cofell says, "Mark, I have a change of plans. I'm going to be meeting someone in the parking garage at the corner of Nordoff and Willingham." The closed captioning has him saying that he's going to meet someone at the corner of Nordoff and Sherman Way.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Teri: Whoever sent him in here to kill us is expecting two shots. That was the second shot.

    • Palmer: I can't believe you used to work for me.
      Carl: I never worked for you! You and I have always worked for them.
      Palmer: You maybe, not me!

    • Jack: We are talking about my family, do you understand me?! All I want is to get them back. So, as soon as I know that they are safe, I will let you go, that is the agreement!
      Kevin: If I say no?
      Jack: We'll find out how good you really are at withstanding some pain.

    • Jack: Don't make this any harder than it has to be.
      Kevin: I was just about to say the same thing.
      Jack: But I'm the one with the gun.

    • Nina: You want me to put together an interrogation profile in 15 minutes?
      Jack: I'll give you about five.

    • Jack: You're a very good liar. But I've seen better.

    • Jack: You probably don't think I could force this towel down your throat, but trust me I can. All the way. Except that I'd hold onto this little bit at the end. When your stomach starts to digest the towel, I pull it out. Taking your stomach lining with it. Most people probably take about a week to die. It's very painful.

    • Jack: Hello, Alan. Or is it Kevin? Where is my wife?

  • NOTES (1)

    • The producers changed Jack's recap monologue again. Apparently people like "Right now, terrorists are plotting to assassinate a Presidential candidate" better than "There are terrorists plotting to assassinate a Presidential candidate."


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