Season 1 Episode 12

Day 1: 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2002 on FOX
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Jack sneaks into the compound and rescues his family, but Gaines catches on to him and gives chase. Jack and his family are attacked by Gaines and his men, causing them to become separated. Palmer tries to talk to Keith's therapist, but discovers that Carl has been there before him. Green tries to turn Nina and Tony against one another.moreless

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  • Its the conclusion

    Its the conclusion of the kidnapping story, atleast the first part. Great suspense, rewatching it, i realized how good the first season was. Kiefer is incredible.
  • Jack finds Teri and Kim.

    The season is now moving forward with Jack finding the location of Teri and Kim but getting out of the compound was always the problem, especially when Gaines finds out that Jack is here to rescue his family It really didn't look good for Jack when he was cornered with lots of people shooting at him but he finds a way out of it but he and his family are on the run and the next episode will show whether they can get away from Gaines.moreless
  • GunFight and some suspense!!!!!!

    Jack is infiltrated in the enemy territory, thanks to the false alan, to save his family. This creates certainz suspenseful situations and it seems that rick will be the casuality.

    His help is crucial for Jack to save his family and the audience fear more for rick life, because he is dispensable.

    Again, Nina and Tony are pressed to tell Jack location. This make the audience like tony more than before.

    Palmer Plot is on another level now, is scenes were filler, with only one important scene, the final scene.

    The final Scenes is filled with action.

    Overral, another great episode, with the necessary to catch your attention and interest.

    The Best par of this episode is the gunfight.moreless
  • Jack saving his family...

    The first part of the episode is quite slow motion as the most of the thing is going around Palmer who seems not to be much action but instead a lot of intrigue. The things turn much interesting when Jack finally gets to the place where his family is held and goes to rescue with some stylish shots.. and ofcourse when in CTU things turn and Tony and Nina are arrested and they have time to think about what to say. The motion there is just broke in the right moment and I think we would have never wanted to hear what Tony had said - he was in lose:lose position and glad that he did not had to make the decision.

    And the end - the "accident" with the psychologist, Bauer and his family on run with that kid.. really great ending for 12 hour..moreless
  • excellent episode

    11:02 A.M.-11:05 A.M.: Kevin grudgingly tells Jack where to go. Jack warns him that his family better still be alive, or else. Green has gathered up all

    of CTU to thank them for working so hard. She lets them know that there's a high probability Palmer is still in danger, and Jack is their key lead. Nina

    and Tony have no choice but to listen to her as she drones on about how they're also looking for the imposter photographer, as the man is probably Jack's

    accomplice. When the meeting concludes, Nina calls Jack to give him the heads up. He interrupts her to say that, thanks to Kevin, he's on his way to see

    Teri and Kimberly. He asks that she open up the GPS function on the palm pilot she sent him so he can scope out the compound. After she warns him about

    Green, he tells her he'll turn himself in right after he finds his family. As soon as they hang up, Tony comes over to ask Nina if that was Jack. She says

    it was and fills him in on what he's up to. He thinks she should tell Green. She says she won't do that until Jack gets his family out. And if he doesn't

    get them out, then she'll have to live with the consequences. She tells him she appreciates what he's doing, but he shouldn't feel as if he has to continue

    covering for Jack. He says he's not doing it for Jack, and walks away. Green has been watching them, and knows that they're hiding something.

    11:05 A.M.-11:09 A.M.: Teri and Kimberly drag Eli's body onto a platform, and cover it up with a big metal tub. Teri gives Kimberly a sanctimonious lecture

    about how it's alright to kill someone in self defense. But Kimberly admits she's glad the creep is dead. Their bonding moment is ruined when Eli's beeper

    starts going off. The pair quickly lift the tub so Teri can get the beeper. She then tells Kimberly they have to get out now before the others come looking

    for Eli. Since there are two guys right outside the shed, they need to wait until the coast is clear. Kevin has done as promised and led Jack right to

    the compound. Nina calls Jack with the coordinates he requested, but soon does an about face and stresses that she thinks they should bring Green into

    this so she can authorize backup. Her suggestion sets Jack off, since he feels CTU could turn things into another Waco. She gives up and sends him the

    photos of the compound over the palm pilot. With that done, Jack drags Kevin out of the car, making like he's going to kill him. Instead, he makes Kevin

    presentable by wiping the blood off his face. Thinking Jack went back on his word, Kevin reminds him of the agreement. Jack doesn't care about Kevin's

    agreement; he only cares about his own agreement, which was that he'll let Kevin go after he knows his family is safe. Like Nina, Kevin warns Jack that

    he's being stupid to go into an armed compound by himself. Stupid is as stupid does. Jack uncuffs Kevin, hands him the keys, and tells him to drive. Kevin

    makes one last appeal -- if Gaines finds out he brought Jack into the compound, he'll kill them both. Jack says they should avoid Gaines then. Kevin has

    no more appeals left to make, and drives Jack into the compound.

    11:09 A.M.-11:12 A.M.: Palmer and Mike are riding in the limo together. Mike sees Palmer's got something on his mind, and asks what it is. Palmer tells

    him what Carl is doing. Mike thinks he's being paranoid, but promises to call Ferragamo himself to tell him to be on his guard. Palmer says he already

    did that, only to get Ferragamo's voicemail. Mike is absolutely furious that Palmer exposed himself like that smack in the middle of his campaign. Jack

    hides himself under a blanket in the backseat of the car as he and Kevin approach the security gate. Jack warns Kevin that if anything goes wrong, he'll

    shoot everyone in and around the car starting with him. Neill greets Kevin at the gate, and tells him Gaines has been waiting for him. He sees Kevin's

    face is a mess and asks what happened. Kevin makes a sarcastic response and has Neill open the gate. Nothing goes wrong; Neill and the other guy with him

    open it.

    11:16 A.M.-11:20 A.M.: After Jack and Kevin get safely inside, Jack orders Kevin to pull over. He asks him how many men are on site and what building Teri

    and Kimberly are in, and isn't too pleased with Kevin's vague answers. Kevin has one last appeal after all -- he tries to be the straw that broke the Bauers'

    marriage by spitting back to Jack all the things Teri told him in confidence at the hospital. Jack rams him in the back of the head with his pistol to

    show him who's boss, then pulls out the palm pilot so that Kevin can tell him which building Teri and Kimberly are in. After Kevin points to the former

    cold storage shed where they're being held, he attempts to karate chop Jack in the throat, but Jack blocks it and subsequently beats the crap out of him

    in a rage. Looks like Jack took care of yet another star witness -- Kevin is out cold. So he grabs the palm pilot, gets out of the car, and sets off on

    foot to find the ladies himself.

    11:20 A.M.-11:23 A.M.: While Rick and numerous other men are moving stuff out of the compound center, Gaines is on the phone with Drazen, being warned that

    time is money. After they hang up, Gaines stops Rick to ask where Eli is. Rick says he hasn't seen him. Gaines tells him he sent Eli to snuff out the women

    a half hour ago, and asks him to see what's holding him up. Rick checks to make sure Gaines wants him to finish loading up a truck first. Gaines does.

    Meanwhile, Jack is making his way through the woods with his pistol in one hand and palm pilot in the other. He finds the center and sees all the thugs

    carrying things to red vans parked right outside the building. Dr. Ferragamo returns Palmer's call. When Palmer says he called to talk about Keith, Ferragamo

    reminds the senator that would be a violation of doctor/patient privileges. Palmer throws it up to Ferragamo that he had no problems violating doctor/patient

    privileges when it was to the press. Ferragamo mistakenly believes Palmer is threatening him, so Palmer sets the record straight who is. But since Ferragamo

    is under the impression that Palmer was the one who covered up Lyle Gibson's murder, he twists Palmer's words and continues to believe he's the one who's

    threatening him. In a fit of anger, Ferragamo stubbornly hangs up. Palmer attempts to call back, but only gets his answering machine again. He leaves a

    message begging Ferragamo to hear him out, but the shrink won't pick up the phone. Mike gloats that it didn't sound like the meeting went very well. Palmer

    wants to go see Ferragamo in person now. Mike reminds him he has to give a speech in an hour. Palmer says he'll be late then. Mike's pleading falls on

    deaf ears. Teri tells Kimberly that the men are gone, and they have to move fast. They grab their things and Teri grabs the gun, but before they even make

    it out the door, the main door in the other part of the shed flies open. Kimberly goes to hide with Eli's knife in her hand while Teri backs away from

    the door with her pistol drawn. The door slowly opens, and somebody jumps out from behind, knocks the gun from Teri's hand and pulls her down to the ground.

    Luckily, it's Jack. He keeps his hand over her mouth long enough to tell her who it is. She's relieved, he takes his hand away, and the two share a kiss.

    Kimberly runs over and the three hug for a good, long time. He promises to get them out soon.moreless
John Prosky

John Prosky

Dr. George Ferragamo

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Al Leong


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Jon E. Epstein


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Michael Massee

Ira Gaines

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Alberta Green

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