Season 1 Episode 13

Day 1: 12:00 P.M. - 1:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 26, 2002 on FOX
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Jack plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with Gaines that results in a final confrontation. CTU arrives on the scene and flies Jack and his family to safety. Palmer plans to talk to the D.A. about Ferragamo's murder, but a threat from Carl changes his mind. Nina discovers that a second assassin has arrived in LA, which means that Palmer's life is still in danger.moreless

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  • Jack and Gaines showdown.

    In this episode Jack tries to get Kim and Teri away from Gaines once and for all with the help of Rick who felt that he had to make up for putting Kim in this situation It was always going to come down to a showdown between Jack and Gaines I just never thought it would be this early With the end of Gaines coming halfway through the season I would suspect there is a much bigger plot and Gaines was just the beginning The man who hired Gaines is behind it all and its far from over because the end shows a new that there is a new threat on Palmer's life.moreless
  • Gaines' grave

    When it comes to the stuff going on near the terrorist compound, this episode is the definition of "self-contained." Gaines and his men hunt Jack, Teri, Kim, and Rick down, when this could actually have ended in the last episode. I guess the writers just wanted to stretch things out for one more hour, so they came up with the idea for a manhunt in the forest. But do you hear me complaining?On other fronts, Nina and Tony speak with Jamey's mother and pick up a thread on a contingency plan to assassinate Palmer. Since the Gaines arc comes to an end in this hour, the writers will need to keep the audience interested by hinting at the threat to come in the second half of the season (although we're technically already in that second half).As for Palmer himself, he really hates Carl now. Why? Because Carl's planted evidence pointing to Keith as the one responsible for Ferragamo's death. In other words: blackmail. Awesome-o.And Rick escapes to die another day. Or get arrested another hour, whatever.The end is worth it; the Bauer family emerges victorious and boards a chopper out of this hell, their departure accompanied by some soft, happy music that isn't overly inspirational. It has all the markings of a family-friendly finale (three times fast), even though there's another eleven episodes of hell to go.Hourly Highlight:Jack and Gaines' final conversation.moreless
  • Things are Safe Now!!!!

    As usual, this episode is less exciting the the previous one, however, continues to be good.

    Is clear that the writers wanted to capitalize in this rescue plot, so they splitt this in two episodes.

    This is good, since this prevent some fillers episode that they are forced to do.

    CTu Scenes was nothing special, just that Nina and Tony get some new information.

    Palmer Plot continues to be interesting and the situation seems to be complicating. Now things are getting serious. The threat from Carl will definitely made this plot more interesting. Jack and Gaines little confrontation was cool. Kim and Teri of oourse are safe and now a new plot is necessary to be built.

    In the End, we already have a new plot.moreless
  • Finally safe...

    This really marks a point to one story and maybe the start of another. Most of the episode is cat and mouse game in quite beautiful forest where Bauer tries to get his family to safety, same time not abandon boy who helped Kim and found out what is going on.

    Also, Palmer storyline gets some interesting turns as senator is starting more and more see that he is not in the control and there are many other forces who play with him. And more and more it is sure that the mission Jack was once has part in all of this and those explanations Jack got.. they did not helped much. One thing is sure.. there is another assassin...moreless
  • exciting episode

    12:02 P.M.-12:07 P.M.: While Jack and Rick escape, Gaines, Kevin, Neill and a couple other thugs pick themselves up after the explosion. Gaines orders Neill

    to take the jeep and cut Jack off at the service road, and the others to come up behind him. Gaines butts Kevin in the stomach with his rifle for letting

    this happen, refusing to hear anything he has to say. Rick tells Jack to go on without him, as he's in too much pain to continue and he's slowing him down.

    Jack agrees that Rick is -- and tells him to speed up. After a near brush with one of Gaines' men, they press on. Teri tries to follow Jack's route, but

    is forced to make a detour to avoid the thugs. When she uses the palm pilot to see which way is best to go, Kimberly whines that it's not the way dad told

    them to go. Never mind that it's, you know, the way where they won't get shot on sight. Nina attempts to call Jack, but gets no answer. Tony comes to her

    with the results of some research he did -- Gaines' compound was leased six months ago by a company that doesn't exist. Nina is too worried that something's

    happened to Jack to think about that. Tony isn't worried, because after all it's Jack, but Nina fears she should have listened to him, not Jack, and brought

    Alberta Green in sooner. Nina apologizes to Tony for acting like such a martinet. Their conversation is broken up when the real martinet walks over to

    say that she understands they're bringing in Jamey's mother. Nina tells Green that's so she can pick up Kyle. Green wants them to grill the woman first;

    $300,000 was deposited in her bank account over the past four months.

    12:07 P.M.-12:10 P.M.: Palmer's chauffeur is driving him and Mike back to the hotel. Palmer is on the warpath as he fills Mike in on his gameplan to first

    talk to Maureen, then go straight to the district attorney. Mike admonishes him to get the facts first. Palmer doesn't want to get the facts first, he

    just wants to give Maureen the story of her career. Mike recommends he tell Sherry before he tells anyone else, but the mention of that traitor does nothing

    to calm the cranky senator down. Gaines is on his cell phone with Drazen. Gaines' announcement that Jack showed up at the compound and he expects to have

    him back in custody soon pleases Drazen enough to think about giving him a second chance. Since Gaines wants to make good on his contract to kill Palmer,

    Drazen says they'll talk about that after he sees Jack's body. After they hang up, Kevin asks about Drazen. Gaines responds that if they don't kill Jack,

    Drazen will kill them. Kevin has a better idea -- since he heard Jack phoning in some GPS coordinates and he expects CTU backup to arrive any moment, perhaps

    they should cut their losses and beat it. Gaines knows it doesn't work like that. No matter where you go, they'll find you. So if they want to live, Jack

    has to die.

    12:10 P.M.-12:12 P.M.: Rick has opted to follow Jack. Jack leads the kid into the water tower, and wonders why Teri and Kimberly aren't there yet. He sits

    Rick down, assesses his damage, and tells him the bullet passed through his arm without hitting any bone or major arteries. He asks for some loose clothing

    to make a tourniquet, so Rick directs him to a bandanna in his back pocket. Teri makes Kimberly stop for a moment to check where they are. But even with

    the palm pilot, she has no idea. They're lost -- but Teri doesn't want to admit it.

    12:16 P.M.-12:20 P.M.: Palmer and Mike are back at headquarters. The senator has decided to tell Sherry after all. It doesn't take her long to figure out

    that Mike agrees with her. Palmer still doesn't want her covering up one more thing than she already has. Meanwhile, she doesn't want him to turn his career

    and his family into a media circus, which is what will happen when Carl and his people get done hiding the evidence and twisting the truth. Sherry reminds

    him that he needs power to fight Carl -- the kind of power he'll have after he becomes president. Mr. Morality has to sleep on that. Jack works himself

    up into a frenzy that Teri and Kimberly aren't in the tower. After confirming with Rick that this was where he told them to wait, he calls Green to tell

    her there's a new development and he needs to go back and find Teri and Kimberly. She asks him where to have the incoming team to pick them up. He gives

    her the description and general location of the tower, and requests that the team pick up Rick even if he's not there when they arrive. After Jack ends

    the call, Rick thanks him. Jack says to thank Kimberly instead. Rick is apologetic over what happened, and attempts to pin the blame on Dan. That doesn't

    satisfy Jack, who feels Rick should have done something when he saw what was happening. Rick rudely blurts out that Dan was his friend. And Kimberly is

    Jack's daughter. Before he leaves, Jack has a fatherly chat with Rick about accepting responsibility when presented with a second chance.

    12:20 P.M.-12:24 P.M.: Teri thinks she knows where they are now. She and Kimberly have another close call when they see Neill and another guy in the distance.

    They dodge the thugs and duck inside an abandoned cabin. Teri is forced to draw her gun, because Neill has ducked inside himself. Just as he's about to

    come face to face with the women, Gaines' voice comes over his walkie-talkie, telling everyone to convene in a new location. After Neill exits, Teri says

    to Kimberly that they wait until the coast is clear, then make a run for it. Her digestive track gets the better of her again, but before Kimberly can

    do anything, she cries out, as she spotted Neill's face peeking in from a slat in the wall. Just when it seems the ladies have met their end, Jack comes

    to their rescue, and pumps a few rounds at Neill from outside. Jack's gunfire eventually connects, sending Neill right through the cabin wall. Jack uses

    the nice, new entryway Neill has created to come in and see if Teri and Kimberly are alright. Gaines, who heard the gunshots, gets on Neill's walkie-talkie

    again to find out who was shooting and where they are. Jack tells his family they have to get out now. Kimberly picks the most opportune of moments to

    ask where Rick is. Jack says he's waiting for them at the water tower, which is where they need to be ASAP. After checking to make sure no one else is

    around, he leads them back out into the woods.

    12:29 P.M.-12:31 P.M.: Jamey's mother, Mrs. Vasquez, is at CTU, tearily looking through photos of her daughter that are part of the belongings she has come

    to claim. Nina and Tony enter the room where she's waiting. An angry Vasquez wants to know where Kyle is. Nina tells her she can get him in a bit, but

    first they would like to ask her some questions. Vasquez would like to ask them a few questions too: for starters, how could they let Jamey bleed to death

    and not do anything to help her. Tony offers a perfunctory apology, but swears they did try. Vasquez is too mad to answer their questions; instead, she

    grabs a box of Jamey's stuff and begins to walk out. Tony stops her to lay down the law about how Jamey was a traitor who confessed. He warns her that

    she could be tried as an accomplice, leaving Kyle with no one to take care of him. After sobbing quietly, Vasquez puts the box down on Jamey's desk, and

    asks them what they want to know. Nina shows her the records that indicate she makes $45,000 a year, yet she has an account in her name with $400,000 in

    it. Vasquez says it was from Jamey for Kyle in case something happened to her. Tony wonders where Jamey got the money, but Vasquez says she never asked.

    He's a little steamed that she never asked, and warns her not to screw up at a time when Kyle needs her most.

    12:31 P.M.-12:35 P.M.: Gaines repeatedly tries to get through to Neill and another guy, Maxton, over the walkie-talkie. Maxton finally gets on to say where

    they are and how they're meeting up with another group in hopes of cutting Jack off at the service road. Jack still holds Neill's walkie-talkie, so it's

    a sure bet he won't be at the service road. Jack has Teri give him the palm pilot to scope out new locations. When Gaines asks Maxton where Neill, the

    only one he hasn't gotten a hold of, is, Maxton tells him he split off to the northeast side of the creek (where the cabin is). With Maxton's directions

    and the palm pilot, Jack is able to pinpoint the best escape route. Palmer bangs on Maureen's hotel room door, demanding to be let in. After a pause, Maureen

    takes a break from packing her suitcase to open for him. The annoyed senator asks why she's shutting him out. The equally annoyed reporter doesn't think

    they have anything more to say to each other, but lets him in anyway. He says he no longer wants her to sit on the story, because Ferragamo is dead. After

    saying it, he realizes she already knew. Her announcement that she's quit shocks him, but he has no intention of heeding her advice to follow her lead

    and back off. At first he figures Carl's people bought her out, but when she ignores him to continue packing, it hits him that they threatened her. Palmer

    changes his tune to concern and promises Maureen protection, but she considers her resignation her protection. When he blasts her for covering this up

    like she's his wife or something, she takes Mike's stance -- these people are too powerful, and they've already covered the evidence up. On the verge of

    tears, Maureen apologizes. That's all she can do.moreless
Christine Avila

Christine Avila

Erica Farrell

Guest Star

Devika Parikh

Devika Parikh

Maureen Kingsley

Guest Star

Al Leong

Al Leong


Guest Star

Michael Massee

Michael Massee

Ira Gaines

Recurring Role

Tamara Tunie

Tamara Tunie

Alberta Green

Recurring Role

Daniel Bess

Daniel Bess


Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In the previous episode Jack was in the shack when he called in the GPS coordinates - so how is it than in this episode Kevin is able to tell Gaines that he overheard Jack calling in the co-ordinates?

    • When Senator David Palmer and his chief of staff are in the limo discussing how to proceed in light of Ferragamo's death, the background in the rear window suddenly changes. When Palmer is saying "Maureen Kingsley is going to get the story of her career", trees and a vehicle suddenly appear where there was only blue sky.

    • When Jack, Teri and Kim are waiting across from the water tower, Kim gets up wanting to go find Rick, saying "there's no one here!" Just at that moment, you see there is someone there, the sound guy in the left of the screen trying to hide in the bushes.

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