Season 1 Episode 15

Day 1: 2:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2002 on FOX

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  • Senator Palmer demands to speak with Jack at CTU. Together they learn who the assassins are and why they want Palmer and Jack's family dead.

    This episode could very well be my favorite of the inaugural season. My reason for thinking that is because of the significant moment of Senator Palmer's meeting with Jack. The first time I saw this episode Palmer and Jack's scenes together stuck with me and stayed with me ever since. I am reminded of how good they are whenever I see this episode. One reason why is the obvious one that they reveal a major plot point in that they establish the connection between Jack and the Senator. They also establish just who is behind the entire assassination plot and why. Also, Kiefer Sutherland and Dennis Haysbert are so believable in their roles as we all know. The scenes came off as totally genuine. You almost forget it's a scripted show. I also very much enjoyed Teri confronting Nina about her affair with Jack. That too came off as very genuine. I just watched this episode again recently and it still has the same effect on me. That's how good it is.
  • Jack and Palmer meet.

    This is the episode where Palmer finally realises that Jack is trying to protect him not kill him and he realises that people are trying to kill him because of an operation he gave Jack in the past that ended in killing someone and today is the second anniversary of his death We find out that the assassin is closer to Palmer than we thought and its going to be interesting to see how that plays out.
  • The encounter between Jack and Palmer!!!!

    The only real interesting part of this episode was the interactions between Jack and Palmer, I think there is no doubt about it.

    The connection they made, takes them to discover that everything that happened is about revenge.

    Now of course, it is Teri and Kim time to be interrogated. At least, Teri discovered that she is pregnant. Teri little drama with Kim was unnecessary, because it just show how Kim can be boring sometimes. Teri drama with Nina was better.

    I don´t Know why we have this ending, but ok, the writers are trying to build a strong story, since they Thought that 24 would be canceled.
  • More eye of the storm

    While things continue to gear up, the characters get a little more quality time.
    Palmer and Jack meet again, but actually talk to each other for the first time. Jack manages to clear his name, and he and Palmer become the best of friends! So they spend much of the episode working together to find out who's targeting them and for what reason.
    Nina interviews Teri at a safe house, and the conversation somehow leads to Teri finding out that Nina's the woman with whom Jack had an affair. It's actually a pretty good scene whose calmness and quietude I don't mind at all.
    Even the villainous Drazens get a little reflective moment as they sit down for lunch and reminisce about their deceased sister (or lack thereof in Alexis' case).
    Save for the penultimate scene, this entire episode seems devoted to quiet moments in which the major characters are further fleshed out. It's really not that bad. Moments like these are more realistic than what we'll see in later seasons, though I can see that they're also more successful at making the audience restless. These slow afternoon episodes were the result of the writers having little time to come up with more story after the Gaines arc, but I myself don't have much of a problem with this nice, calm hour.

    Hourly Highlight:
    Teri finding out about Nina.
  • Face to face...

    This and last episode are quite slow motion and not too many things happening and this one is mostly talk-talk-talk. Not that this is bad as Bauer and Palmer sort out quite a lot of things and learn why those bad guys are after him. It was really good when Palmer realized it has nothing to do is running for President and all that. Irony.

    Also, the conversations back in the safe house are quite intriguing. Nina and Teri and now Teri knows the truth. That was quite smart turn and added much hard blood between them. And Kim trying to protect that boy who kidnapped her. So lot of talking...
  • exciting show

    2:02 P.M.-2:04 P.M.: Elizabeth and the assassin have sex. Palmer warns Tony, who won't let him in, that he can go over his head. Tony realizes that, and
    says Chappelle will likely let him see Jack, provided they know why first. Palmer stands his ground and refuses to state his business, and Tony caves in
    and calls Chappelle. Over the phone and out of earshot of Palmer, Tony tells Chappelle that he doesn't think he can stall any longer. When Chappelle learns
    that Palmer still hasn't said what he wants with Jack, he tells Tony not to give him clearance until he assesses the situation himself; he doesn't want
    to put the senator and Jack together. After their call is over, Tony asks Milo if he's gotten any new info on the backup shooters. Milo says he ID'd one
    -- Alexis Drazen, who is likely connected to two other shooters, and stopped in D.C. for a couple days before ending up in L.A. There's more to the story
    that he hasn't quite figured out yet. Milo already sent a copy of the report to Nina's computer. Tony requests his own copy.

    2:04 P.M.-2:07 P.M.: Teri wonders why Nina is taking her and Kimberly to a safe house. Nina says she just wants to question them. Kimberly wonders if Jack
    is going to be there. Nina replies not at first, but maybe when he's done being prosecuted, he'll pop over for tea. Teri asks if they're still in danger
    and if Jack knows where they're being taken. Nina tells her they're not and he does. While Nina is otherwise preoccupied with a phone call, Kimberly asks
    her mother what the doctor said. Teri replies that it was a benign burst cyst. Kimberly is about to question why the doctor had her sent out of the room
    then, but Teri doesn't want to discuss it. During their interrogation, Jack requests a break from Green, so he can find out how his family is doing at
    the clinic. He's shocked and disgusted when she responds that they've already left, and are on their way to a safe house with Nina. Furious that she didn't
    tell him they were being moved, Jack gets up and announces that their meeting is over. He demands she get Chappelle right now, which, after a stunned look,
    she does. Elizabeth and the assassin snuggle after sex. She says she didn't think she'd see him again after D.C. Also, Palmer has to go to Nevada, and,
    as one of the few people in the campaign who were told about it, she has to go with him. She gets up to go take a shower, and he asks if he could tag along
    for the ride. She's ecstatic that he asked. He rifles through her purse without her seeing. She invites him into the shower with her.

    2:07 P.M.-2:11 P.M.: Palmer calls a friend in the Department of Defense to help him get clearance a little faster than Chappelle wants to provide it. The
    friend says he'll take care of Chappelle. Chappelle comes out finally and introduces himself to the senator. Palmer asks why he can't get in to see Jack.
    Chappelle explains that since Jack is under internal investigation, the procedure for such cases is to keep them in isolation until they've been fully
    interrogated, and he doesn't have the authority go around that. Palmer insists he can assist in the investigation. Before Chappelle can reply, Tony comes
    over to say that Alan Optican, the friend Palmer was just talking to, wants to speak to him. Alan tells Chappelle to give Palmer whatever he needs. Chappelle
    has no choice but to comply, and makes Tony bring Jack over. Palmer orders Chappelle to shut all the security cameras down, as their conversation is going
    to be private. Chappelle promises they'll be talking in a secure environment. Tony enters the holding room to tell Jack that Nina called; Teri and Kimberly
    are fine, and are being guarded by Paulson and Breeher. That satisfies Jack. Before leaving, Tony says that Chappelle wants to see him in the conference
    room. As Jack is being led there, he bumps into Milo, and apologizes for switching the cards on him. Milo understands he did what he had to. Jack greets
    Palmer in the conference room, but doesn't get much of a welcoming back. Palmer barks for the agents who escorted Jack in to leave and close the door,
    then orders Jack to sit. Though Jack has zero respect for Green's authority, zero respect for Chappelle's authority, zero respect for Mason's authority
    and seemingly zero respect the authority of anyone else above him in CTU, he transforms himself into quite the kowtowing peasant whilst in Palmer's presence.
    Or at least for five seconds anyway, until Palmer ticks him off by declaring that he knows why he wants him dead. Jack shouts that he doesn't know what
    he's talking about, so Palmer reminds him of Kosovo and how he holds him responsible for the loss of his men. Jack is a little beside himself that Palmer
    knows about Operation Nightfall. Palmer says that he authorized the mission. And he's well aware that Jack took out Victor Drazen and his inner circle,
    while Victor Drazen and his inner circle took out all six of Jack's men. Angry that Palmer is insinuating that he wants revenge, Jack blasts the foolhardy
    senator how he wants revenge on him so badly that he almost died today trying to protect him. He says if he blames anyone for the loss of his men, he blames
    himself. The conversation degenerations into a shouting match (at least until Jack attempts to have some restraint, which is more than can be said for
    Palmer) with Palmer asking what Jack was doing at the power plant, and Jack admitting that he went for Hayes' gun to create a diversion and get him out
    of the room. Palmer is confused, so Jack clarifies that he people who want him dead kidnapped Teri and Kimberly and threatened to kill them if he didn't
    assist in the assassination. Palmer suddenly realizes what an ass he's been, while Jack suddenly realizes that nobody told him this when he came in. Jack
    confirms it's true and Chappelle can verify it. But a speechless Palmer doesn't appear to need the verification.

    2:16 P.M.-2:18 P.M.: Nina, Teri and Kimberly arrive at the safe house, located in sunny suburbia. Agents Ted Paulson and Jeff Breeher were waiting outside
    to meet them. Nina introduces them to each other, telling the Bauers that they worked with Jack for years and are tops. Breeher asks Nina where she wants
    them. She tells him one inside, one out. Breeher goes in, Paulson stays out. Nina takes Teri and Kimberly on a guided tour and comforts them that there
    are motion detectors set up. Kimberly asks how long they have to stay there, but Nina doesn't give much of an answer. Teri goes to the bathroom, and decides
    to use the opportunity to take the home pregnancy test.

    2:18 P.M.-2:21 P.M.: Palmer explains to Jack his position on the senate three years ago, when the CIA notified him of the massacres that Victor Drazen had
    been committing in Kosovo. When the usual channels were of little help in terminating Victor, he turned to the one person whom they both know could get
    timely results -- Robert Ellis. Palmer says his committee funded Ellis, whose job was to implement the missions that took down Victor while seeing to it
    that names were kept hidden. He must have not done a very good job in the latter, since both Jack and Palmer are on someone's hitlist. Jack understands
    that if they could track down both of them, they can certainly do likewise with Ellis. Somewhere in a nightclub in New Orleans, a swarthy, somber gentleman
    is playing Yahtzee for money with another guy far more excitable than he. The man's phone rings. He answers it, saying it's Ellis. Palmer called him, and
    Ellis is neither happy to hear the sound of his voice, nor to learn that Jack is in the room with him. Ellis tells his partner to beat it, and asks Palmer
    what he and Jack are doing together when he went through a lot of trouble to keep them apart. Palmer replies that someone close to Victor connected them,
    and now wants revenge on the two-year anniversary of Operation Nightfall. Ellis is in disbelief that somebody else found out about Operation Nightfall
    and put him on a hitlist. He asks to speak to Jack, who gets on the line. After some small talk, Ellis tells him if they want to crack this case, they're
    going to need each others' help. But Jack says he's under investigation, and his hands are tied. Ellis says he'll retrieve a closed file on Nightfall which
    will give the names of Drazen's associates. Meantime, Jack needs to find out where the money is coming from. Since Ellis needs him to be able to get into
    an account he doesn't have access to unless he gets reinstated, Ellis recommends he get reinstated. After Jack gives the place where he can be reached,
    Ellis tells him they'll compare notes later.

    2:21 P.M.-2:24 P.M.: In the bathroom, Teri is looking at the results of her test. Blue line. She's pregnant. And speechless. Nina knocks on the door to
    tell her she put some clean clothes on the bed. Teri thanks her and hides the kit's box. Both of them back from the airport, Elizabeth bumps into Sherry
    in the hallway outside the hotel room. Surprised, Elizabeth says she was told not to fly out as they're not going to Nevada. Sherry tells her that Palmer
    had to take care of something first, and felt they'd be safest waiting for him here. After Sherry goes in another room, Elizabeth calls up her boyfriend,
    who's having lunch at an outdoor cafe. She says she hopes he didn't book his flight to Nevada. He didn't. Elizabeth disappointedly breaks it to him that
    she might not be going. He asks her when she'll know for sure, and if she does stay in town, will she remain at the hotel. An hour or so, and she isn't
    sure. While they're talking, Andre Drazen comes over and sits next to him. After a bit of phone flirting, they hang up, and Andre asks him, Alexis Drazen,
    if that was the girl. Alexis says yes, though Palmer might not be going to Nevada after all -- which is better for them according to Andre. Andre asks
    if there was any problem disposing of Gaines' men. Alexis replies that there wasn't, then rubs it in that he told him using Gaines was a mistake. A hardly
    humble Andre wants to move on. The sound of a woman laughing causes him to look over at her and muse that she looks like Martina. Alexis tells him to get
    over it; their sister is dead. Andre changes the subject, asking if Alexis has spoken to a Jovan and a Mishko. Alexis replies that the pair have sight
    of their targets. He gives his word that Palmer will be dead by the end of the day.

    2:24 P.M.-2:26 P.M.: Kimberly comes into the bathroom to ask for some toothpaste. Teri tells her where it is, which just so happens to be right next to
    the box. Kimberly sees it, and gives her mother another one of her patented evil seed looks. Teri says Dr. Kent just wanted her to take it as a precaution.
    Relieved, Kimberly is on her way out when Teri stops her, admitting without saying a word that she is pregnant. Confused, Kimberly doesn't understand how
    Eli could have knocked her up so fast. Teri explains that it was Jack obviously, though she seems just as confused as Kimberly does. Kimberly is enraged
    that the two of them were trying to have a baby without telling her, but Teri insists that's not how it was. Kimberly decides that it's only been about
    two hours since her last tantrum, so to make up for lost time, she storms out of the room. Teri follows, and yells at her for being a spoiled brat, considering
    that she wasn't expecting the baby either, and birth control isn't 100% effective like abstinence is. Kimberly coldly tells her fine, she doesn't need
    her permission anyway. Teri replies that she doesn't get it, and once in a while she should think about what others are going through. Then she goes back
    to her room to think about what she's done. Kimberly changes her tune and tries to apologize, but Teri closes the bathroom door in her face.

    2:31 P.M.-2:32 P.M.: Jack and Palmer are having a three-way discussion with Ellis in regards to potential suspects. Milo enters the room. They had him called
    in so Ellis can talk to him personally. Ellis the egomaniac decides to impress Milo with his hacker's knowledge (or scare him with it) by letting the kid
    know that he knows about the socket that Milo just opened. Ellis skips the small talk and tells Milo he's going to need some names... and his login and
    password. Milo is stunned, so Jack makes him hand it over. Ellis logs in with it, and tells the others that he's only found partial results. Meaning something's
    been removed. Ellis is decidedly on his guard when he spots a suspicious man walking into the club, and secretely pulls out his gun. He tells Milo that
    he's sending a file to his server, and asks that he print out copies for Jack and Palmer.

    2:32 P.M.-2:36 P.M.: Teri and Kimberly have made amends. They're sharing a meal together in the kitchen, noting how it feels good to be safe now. Kimberly
    apologizes again for acting stupid, and asks Teri when she's going to tell dad. Teri decides to tell him right now, so she calls CTU. Tony answers, then
    says it's a bad time. Teri asks him to have Jack call her back first chance he gets, and hangs up. Nina walks in smack in the middle of their make-up hug,
    and sheepishly announces that she needs to start debriefing them, Teri first. After the two have left, Kimberly snatches a cell phone and goes to her room.
    Nina sets up a camcorder to tape the interrogation, telling Teri that it's standard procedure. Kimberly calls Rick at home while he's dressing his wound.
    She asks him if he's okay, then recommends he see a doctor, because he doesn't sound good. Rick doesn't want to. Kimberly recommends he turn himself in.
    Rick doesn't want to. Kimberly says she'll tell the police that he helped them escape, 'cause then they'll, like, let him off the hook and stuff. Rick
    doesn't want her to. He demands she doesn't tell them anything about him. But she says they're about to interrogate her and, because she's such an upstanding
    citizen, a fantastic daughter and just a really, really good person, she simply can't lie. Rick says if she can't lie, then tell them that he was in the
    dark about things and Dan threatened him. After mulling it over, Kimberly agrees to that, provided he turn himself in. Rick needs to think about it as
    well, since he doesn't come from a good family, and his parents can't afford to buy him Johnnie Cochran and the Dream Team for his trial. Kimberly blathers
    on that it's just the right thing to do. Rick reminds the good little samaritan that bringing her to Gaines = kidnapping, and kidnapping = 20 to life.

    2:36 P.M.-2:38 P.M.: Palmer laughs with Jack how the day's events have nothing to do with his running for president, nothing to do with the primary, nothing
    to do with his being black. Except Jack's not laughing. Sherry calls her husband to say she's back at the hotel... where is he? When he tells her he's
    at CTU to take care of some things, she wants to know what's going on. He responds that he's trying to find out who's after him, so he can't chat. After
    he talks his problems out loud, Jack gives him an emotion-free apology for what he's going through. Palmer laughs at that too -- after all Jack and his
    family have been through, he's concerned about some stranger and his family. He probably isn't, since after all, the apology was emotion-free. Palmer uses
    Jack's shoulder to cry on regarding his not being there for Keith, who has always been there for him. He says it's not easy being the son of a politician.
    Jack simplifies that statement; it's not easy being a son or a daughter or a father. Palmer asks if Teri and Kimberly are okay. Jack wishes he knew.

    2:43 P.M.-2:49 P.M.: Milo gives Jack and Palmer each a stack of Nightfall stuff that Ellis just sent him. No word on the missing file, though. While browsing
    through the papers, Palmer alerts Jack to a key piece of evidence therein that was never noted in their initial reports. Victor Drazen's wife and daughter
    were in a bunker that they blew up, and they died in the explosion. Payback time. A panicked Palmer asks Jack who has the authority to add additional security
    to Teri and Kimberly. Chappelle does. Palmer pages someone to have Chappelle sent in immediately. Teri's debriefing has begun. Nina asks about Rick. Teri
    says he gave them a gun and helped them escape. But she doesn't know his last name. Maybe Kimberly doesn't know it either. Maybe... no one knows it. Teri
    tells her that Kimberly met him through Janet, then lapses off into how her daughter hasn't grown out of her problems like other people said she would
    once she became a teenager. She's surprised when Nina says she's sure Kimberly will based on what Jack said to her, since his job seems so secretive to
    her that she can't picture him talking about his family at work. Nina tries to get back on track, but Teri changes the subject again, wondering if Jack
    ever talked about her while they were separated. Nina says he never discussed his marriage, even though she and everybody else at CTU somehow knew he was
    having problems. Staring into space, Teri continues on about how after they got back together, Jack told her he'd been with someone else. From the looks
    they exchanged when they got off the chopper, Teri guesses it was Nina he'd been with. Nina stops the camcorder immediately. After a long pause, she admits
    that she did sleep with Jack, but only during the separation. He soon realized it was a mistake. Teri asks if she thought it was a mistake as well, and
    doesn't believe Nina when she swears they stopped sleeping together. Nina apologizes in hopes of returning to the interview, but Teri needs to take a break.

    2:53 P.M.-2:55 P.M.: Palmer tells someone over the phone that he's leaving in a few minutes, then tells Jack he can't wait around for Ellis. Jack replies
    that he's still technically under arrest, and they won't let him work here. Palmer decides to do something about that. With Jack by his side, he goes to
    Chappelle and demands Jack be given his old privileges back, as the matter at hand is more important than the charges against him. Green trots over to
    throw her weight around, stating that he doesn't have the authority to decide what Jack gets. Neither does Green, obviously, since Chappelle tells her
    to put a cork in it. He then apologizes to Palmer, claiming the agency would be held in contempt if Jack were reinstated without a hearing. Jack butts
    in to say that he doesn't have to be reinstated permanently; just give him provisional status until the end of the day so he can share his wealth of knowledge.
    A noticeably irritated Chappelle gives in and gives Jack what he wants. With one minor setback -- Jack answers to him. Chappelle wishes Palmer good luck
    before departing. Jack then gives Green the evil eye before Palmer pulls him aside. Palmer says that Secret Service wants him to leave the state immediately,
    as it's not safe here. Jack agrees. Since Drazen's people want both of them dead today, Palmer tells Jack he's not leaving the state; he's going to stay
    and help him personally snuff the baddies out, or else they and their families will live in fear for the rest of their lives. Though he clearly doesn't
    think it a good idea, Jack understands, and says he'll follow up with Ellis, then get back to him. He's about to leave when Palmer apologizes for misjudging
    him. Palmer holds his hand out, and they shake on their newfound friendship.
  • Jack Bauer and David Palmer meet.

    Not a lot happens, yet again. But being the two major characters in the season, the meeting of Jack Bauer and David Palmer for the first time is what makes this episode. The whole set-up for the meeting takes a long time, and because I'm so intrigued in what is going to come out of the conversation between them, I'm on the edge of my seat.

    And with Nina, Teri and Kim. What a set-up - sending Jack's ex-lover to look after his wife and daughter. What I don't understand is Teri being in a foul mood with Jack on the phone after finding out he had a fling with Nina during their seperation. He did save her life a couple of hours ago, after all.

    And with the back-up assassin, it looks like he's been involved with one of Palmer's staff even before Gaines failed his task. Quite interesting how this will turn out considering she seems to be telling him everything about Palmer.

    Quote of the hour! Robert Ellis: "If you could read what's in my eyes, you'd crawl under a rock and cry."
  • Senator Palmer insists on meeting Jack face to face; CTU agents secure Teri and Kimberly in a safe house.

    This episode forms the close personal relationship between Palmer and Jack that will last them all the way through season 5, and through his brother Wayne, through a lot of season 6 as well. The unraveling of the plot to kill Palmer and Jack and their families is also revealed... who's doing it and why. This is all very gripping, but the director's focus on the Teri/Nina thing detracts so heavily from it. I can't believe at the very end we see Rick get killed, and yet they decided to end the episode with Teri sad on the bed in the safe house. Oh boo hoo.. a man just DIED for Christ's sake. A funny side note to season 1: It seems to be the Prison Break season. The man who raped Teri and ended up being killed by her played Haywire on the show, and now we have the actor who plays Bellick (Wade Williams I believe his name is) playing Rick here.
  • Review

    I thought that the only real interesting part of this episode was the interactions between Jack and Palmer. Learning where they knew each other from and then Jack having to tell him everything about how he tried to save his life was very intense. Keifer Sutherland and Dennis Haybert have a very good on screen connection that made there scenes together that much better. I thought the scenes with Teri and Kim at the safe house came up too often and werent needed. I thought thats what the writers used as the filler aspects of the episode. The member of Palmers staff that is sleeping with the assassin is also another intresting side story. Whats fully going on there we dont know, but its sure to pick up soon
  • Teri finds out about the affair; Jack and Palmer discover the Drazens' motives

    This episode shows that the writers are still struggling to put the pieces together for a storyline in the second half of the season, after FOX unexpectedly picked up 24 for the last 12 episodes of the season.

    Nothing much is happening over at the safe house with Teri and Kim, except Teri begins to grill Nina about her relationship with Jack, and finds out about the affair. Still, the safehouse scenes just are rather boring, and I found myself groaning silently every time the scene shifted from Jack and Palmer at CTU to the safehouse. And the episode ended with the most anticlimactic and pointless conclusion to an episode ever, with Teri lying on her bed, if I remember correctly.

    The best parts of this episode are at CTU, as Palmer confronts Jack about the assassination attempt at the power plant. Jack defends himself and says that he actually saved Palmer’s life. Eventually, things begin to cool down between the two of them, as they realize that the assassination plot is directly related to a Special Forces operation that Jack headed two years ago in Kosovo, which Palmer authorized. We also learn that the threat not only involves Palmer, but it involves Jack personally as well, which makes for an intriguing twist, as the Drazens seek revenge for the death of their family during the operation.

    Most importantly, this episode establishes the critical relationship between David Palmer and Jack Bauer, and it shows the parallel paths in which each of their character arcs are headed throughout the season. Overall score: 86/100 (B)
  • The following takes place between 2pm&3pm

    this is a slow episode but it is a good episode.
    with the best part is when Jack and Senater Palmer (he is a senater and not the Presindent in the frist season of 24) other wise the hour is a little daul and it sarts with the 2nd round of very very bad people and we find out the one of palmers worker is dating one of the very very bad guys and that storyline is one of the shorest in the whole series of 24 lasting only 3 hours that is mostly what I have to say about this Episode.
  • Good episode.

    Senator David Palmer meets Jack Bauer personally and figures out about his story. They both figure out about a military operation in Bosnia a few years ago that they are both involved with. One of Palmer's staff turns out to be sleeping with the enemy. This is another suspenseful scene, it's a clever device to keep the tension going up to this point. Nina and Tony talks about something personal at the safehouse. We see stuff in this episode, it's a fun episode to watch, i really had a great time. The writers did another good episode, it's really awesome.
  • If there wasn\'t for the great scene when Jack and the senator meet, this episode would\'ve gotten even crappier score from me.

    If i Had to summarize this episode i would say its crap.

    tell ya why.

    nothing happened. Jack was in CTU all along. although it was nice to see him and Palmer meeting and discussing the past, and the reason Drazen\'s want revenge, It was damn boring.

    Oh, speaking about \'boring\'... every single safehouse scene was painful. Basically Kim and Teri was repeating their story, again and again, GOD how boring. Oh, uh, oh, Nina was Jack\'s lover, now what! Oh yes. Nothing, AT ALL. Not relevant to the story AT ALL.

    Member of Palmer\'s staff is connected to Alexis in a... mmm.. intim way? Well.. ok. But we didn\'t find out anything except they do sleep together indeed.

    Usually there\'s a great scen eor cliffhanger after the split screens. Here there was no cliffhanger or great scene. It was just Teri laying down on the bed. GREAT, great, ...... Terrible episode.
  • We continue to wait for the new villains to begin their evil scheme.

    Well, yet again there isn't much going on here. We find out a few important details about Teri Bauer, and Kim continues to be a total dumbass.

    The fun part of the story is that Palmer and Bauer finally have a meeting of the minds, and the two big dogs begin to show CTU who runs show. We are also introduced to a new character, Robert, who has every look of being a total badass, and actually was Jack's superior prior to CTU.

    Palmer and Bauer finally begin to piece together what's actually going on with the assination attempts, and the writers start to give us hints about what the new assassins are up to, but this episode is still dull. There are no gun fights, and Jack's family continues to be stupid, with Teri even pitching in to take the idiocy-load off of Kim for a moment.

    All in all, a necessary pain for us to finally move on to the real action that we can ride through the rest of the season. Don't worry, after this episode things pick up a bit.
  • While slightly better than the 1pm-2pm mess...it was still pretty uneventful.

    Building on the previous episode, this episode served as a catalyst as to what the rest of the season would be about. The Drazens and Operation Nightfall. Definitely an about-face for a season that started off with Mason implying that CTU was going to be behind the hit on Palmer. Robert Ellis was a cool character and he had a mildly surprising ending to his life in this episode.

    -Ellis's line to the guy in the bar
    -Robert Ellis as a whole
    -Ellis's death
    -Jack and Palmer getting the most time together on screen that they've ever had
    -Teri and Nina talking about Jack

    -Again...not a whole lot of stuff happened to really advance the plot

    Whenever Jack Bauer is at CTU for long stretches of time, it spells trouble for 24. While his conversations with Palmer were worthwile, I would have still rather have seen him out in the field.