Season 1 Episode 4

Day 1: 3:00 A.M. - 4:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 2001 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Jack breaks out of a locked down CTU so he can follow a lead from the key card. George Mason puts pressure on Jamey and Nina to learn of Jack's whereabouts. Palmer discovers who the source is that leaked the story about his son. Rick and Dan argue about how to handle Janet, while Teri and Alan run into an obstacle as they try to help their daughters.moreless

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  • Despite CTU being on lock down Jack manages to get out to Investigate a possible lead on the recovered key card.

    Not much going on here in the fourth hour of the day. Yet despite that it works well because it takes up deeper into the Palmer assassination plot. The best part of the episode is the ending when Jack realizes what has happened to Kim and that it may be related to the attempt on Palmer's life. However this episode does have some problems. There were a few lulls that I did not care for. One example is when Mason tries to turn Nina and Jamie against jack during the lock down at CTU. It could not have been more obvious that neither one was going to turn on Jack and it took up a little too much time. Another is when Teri and Alan are stopped by the motorcycle cop. In the next chapter we see what Alan acted the way he did but it seemed so contrived I'm surprised it did not make Teri or the cop suspicious. Still, once the episode was over I was satisfied and all the more anxious for the next one.moreless
  • Jack ewscapes

    Jack escapes CTU, we will see that in the future i am sure too. What a super hero he is.
  • Jack finds a link between his daughters kidnapping and the attempt on Palmer's life.

    This episode puts the story in a new direction when a lock down forces Jack to escape the building and look at the lead from the key card but things get bad when he finds a man there who knows about his daughter and now knows that the Palmer situation is linked with his daughter With the storyline being 24 episodes long some parts are longer than what thy have to be but the writers do a good job on making each episode good enough and add enough exciting parts to keep you coming back for more.moreless
  • Jack narrowly avoids a lockdown, Teri and Alan continue to look for the girls, Palmer tells Sheri of Maureen Kingsley's story, lots of other stuff. . . .

    In this episode, Janet York is laying unconscious in the middle of a street after being hit by a car. Kim pleads with her captors to return and get Janet medical attention. Dan and Rick decide to kill her instead. Also, Jack slips away from CTU to check out an address stored on the key card he got from Walsh. When he gets to the building at the address, what follows is one of my favorite chases so far in the series. Jack and a LA police officer work together to try to catch the guy. Teri and Alan York encounter some trouble when looking for Kim and Janet. This made fore some added suspense as Dan and Rick are making their way back to kill Janet. A fine example of how this show uses many forms of adversity to build suspense. The Palmer story really starts to get interesting about now as well. It's so hard to consider the story of one episode of 24, since so many things go on at once, and it's all part of a bigger picture. It's best to watch a whole season uninterrupted.moreless
  • Run Jack, run

    Jack breaks out of a locked down CTU so he can follow a lead from the key card. George Mason puts pressure on Jamie and Nina to learn of Jack's whereabouts.

    Palmer discovers who the source is that leaked the story about his son.

    Rick and Dan argue about how to handle Janet, while Teri and Alan run into an obstacle as they try to help their daughters.

    In this episode Jack runs around a lot, most of his scenes are of him chaseing some dude now this was good but I would have liked to see more development here. The episode was probable the worst one yet but its still a 9 the season is awesome.moreless
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Jose L. Vasquez


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The police officer got confirmation that the call about Kim was made "approximately half an hour ago", but the call was made in the previous episode and the time of this scene was shown as 3:44AM, which would make that information false. It was closer to an hour ago.

    • When Palmer told Carl over the phone to leave future messages on his "802" phone, 802 is the area code for Vermont. Why would a Maryland senator have a number in a state he does not represent?

    • Goof: When Allan York got out of the car when pulled over, he closed the door. When he was talking to the officer, the door was open in the background, and when he walked back to the car to get in again, it was closed.

    • Goof: When Alan York and Teri Bauer drive away after being pulled over, their license plate is 4IEH746. Minutes later, when they see the ambulance, it's 4TWO520.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Jessie Hampton: CTU. What the hell is that?
      Jack: Counter Terrorist Unit. Officer, this guy is not waiting around for me so you better shoot me or help me but decide now.

    • Aaron: I don't think you appreciate the seriousness of this threat.
      Palmer: I get serious threats every morning with my orange juice.

    • Sherry: There's been an assassination threat?
      Palmer: That's what all the fuss is about? And I thought it was something serious.

    • Jack: Keep him down at the exit. I'll try and go around on the other side. Don't hit him.
      Jessie Hampton: I won't.
      Jack: Don't hit me, either.

    • Palmer: What do we know Aaron?
      Agent Pierce: That these are serious people and they want you dead today.

    • Gaines: (to Kim) You're with me now. Be good you'll be back at the mall in a day or two. Be bad and you won't. Understand?

    • Nina: You trust Jamey?
      Jack: Walsh did. I trust you which means the three of us have to work together. From this point forward we have to assume that we can trust no one else.
      Nina: I understand.

  • NOTES (3)