Season 1 Episode 5

Day 1: 4:00 A.M. - 5:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

4:02 A.M.-4:02 A.M.: The St. Mark's Hospital staff prep Janet for surgery.

4:02 A.M.-4:06 A.M.: While in custody in a police car, the bad guy turns around to see Jack is following them. Teri and Alan arrive at the hospital all shaken up, to inquire about the girl that was recently brought in. They are told it's a Jane Doe. Although they are not permitted inside the operation room corridor, they do so anyway to find out for themselves if it's Kimberly or Janet. From outside the operating room, they see that it's Janet on the operating table. Jack calls Teri from his car to ask if they have found Kimberly. In tears, Teri reveals where she and Alan are and everything they had went through the past hour. She begs Jack to please get there as she's losing her mind without him. Jack needs to know more about the address Jamey gave her, but she doesn't know any more. And he finds he can't talk to Janet either as she's in surgery. He promises to be at the hospital as soon as he takes care of business. Rick puts a tied-up Kimberly into the backseat of Gaines' car as she carries on. Gaines is on the phone with someone telling them Kimberly is there and Rick and Dan lie that Janet is dead. After he hangs up, Gaines tells the guys there's another change of plans and they have to drive to the compound to get their money, and to make sure to take a different route than he does, so they won't look like a caravan. Realizing Gaines is psycho, Rick wants to split, but there's no way Dan is going to forfeit the $20,000 they were promised for this job. Not to mention that Rick owes Dan for something. Gaines drives off with Kimberly, as Rick decides to get into Dan's van. 4:06 A.M.-4:09 A.M.: At Palmer's Headquarters, the senator orders Patty to go to bed as she's exhausted from working on his speech. Sherry pleads with him not to say anything to Keith or Nicole as they don't even know whether Maureen Kingsley is telling the truth. Palmer disagrees, as he wants the kids to be prepared. Nicole talks to her father about how she believes the election is in the bag. She's gone as far as to invite people to a victory party.

4:09 A.M.-4:12 A.M.: At CTU, Nina tells Jack over the phone that Mason ended lockdown after finding out where he was. Jack says he's at the police precinct and needs Nina to contact Ryan Sealey, a man who can help Jack get a police override so he can go interrogate the bad guy. Nina goes to ask Tony for Sealey's number. He in turn asks her if she's still mad at him for precipitating the lockdown. She is, but Tony's not apologetic since Jack has been lying to both of them. In the precinct, override or not, the desk sergeant won't let Jack see the bad guy. Jack asks to talk to the lieutenant instead, but he won't. So Jack lies and tells the sergeant that Jessie Hampton was helping him investigate a federal case. That works. But just as the sergeant's about to open the cell for Jack, in walks Mason and company to put a halt to it.

4:16 A.M.-4:19 A.M.: While in transit, Rick blasts Dan for letting Gaines take Kimberly. Dan says if Rick has the hots for her, then he should have done something by himself. When Rick says he doesn't want Kimberly to get hurt, Dan laughs -- she's seen all their faces, so there isn't a chance in hell she's getting out of there alive. Perhaps Gaines killed her already. But all Dan cares about is the $10,000 cash they were each promised to kidnap her. Mason escorts Jack -- whom he considers a prime suspect in the murder of Walsh -- into a private room, refusing to let him go until he confesses what he was doing at Dunlop Plaza. Jack explains that Walsh and Scott Baylor were killed because they obtained information about the Palmer hit, and if he doesn't want to see Palmer get killed then he better stop impeding his progress. Mason lets Jack go. Gaines pulls over to the side of the road take a call. A bus pulls up next to his car, and Kimberly starts kicking the window, hoping the driver will see her there. Gaines puts a gun to her head to make her stop, drives into an alley, and reassigns her to the trunk.

4:19 A.M.-4:23 A.M.: Palmer calls Maureen Kingsley, hoping to talk about things. Since she's staying in the same hotel, they agree to meet in a conference room in 10 minutes. Teri and Alan talk with an officer about Kimberly's disappearance. Jack calls Teri to say that the police brought in a suspect who may know where Kimberly is, and she and Alan have to talk to Janet as soon as she's out of surgery. Mason returns to give Jack some good news -- the bad guy won't talk to anyone but him. Jack goes in and starts badgering him, as Mason and the others secretly watch from outside. Jack says something the bad guy doesn't like, causing him to freak out and scream for the officers to get Jack out of there. So Jack throws him into a wall and continues roughing him up until Mason's boys barge in and break it up, while the bad guy yells that he wants a phone call. Outside, Mason beats down Jack for messing up.

4:23 A.M.-4:25 A.M.: Jack ducks into a private corridor to wait for an important call -- the bad guy's. The two set the whole thing up. The bad guy says he won't tell Jack where Kimberly is unless Jack can get him out, because the people he answers to will call him in 20 minutes, and will know something's up when he's not at a certain pay phone to take it. Jack needs to get Penticoff to that phone, or else the one chance he has to find Kimberly will be blown. They hang up, and Jack calls Nina to give her the bad guy's name -- Penticoff -- and request that she trace all available lines within the area of the street address Penticoff gave him where he's supposed to be waiting. After explaining why he needs it, Nina wonders how he expects his voice to pass for Penticoff's. Jack says he won't have to, since they'll be hearing Penticoff's voice. Nina learns something she doesn't want to hear: Jack is planning a jailbreak.

4:29 A.M.-4:32 A.M.: Jack pulls aside Officer Phillips, who transferred Penticoff to the holding cell, explaining that he needs to see him. Jessie Hampton was Phillips' partner, and since he wants to see Penticoff go down for it without getting off on a technicality because of Jack, he'll only let Jack in with him there. Jack is fine with that. As the second half of their set-up, Jack badgers Penticoff until he goes off again and Phillips tries to break it up. Jack then provokes Phillips by asking where he is when his partner needed him. Phillips responds in rage by wrestling Jack to the ground, as another officer comes in, pulls them apart and escorts Jack in. In the middle of the scuffle, Penticoff was able to steal Phillips' keycard, and escorts himself out of jail.

4:32 A.M.-4:36 A.M.: Alan explains Janet's status to Teri. When she says she wishes Jack were there, he says he does too. The secret service scan Maureen Kingsley for weapons before letting her into the conference room with Palmer. Kingsley, Palmer and his family were old friends whose careers took off together. And now they're on opposite sides of the fence. Kingsley tells him she wishes she didn't get the info, but it's murder and she has to come forward with it. Palmer claims it's rumor, and wants to know her source. At first unwilling, Kingsley comes out with her two sources. George Ferragamo is one; he's the one who told Kingsley. The other is a hospital record for a teenage boy named Edward Johnson who admitted himself shortly after Gibson's death for cuts and bruises similar to the ones listed on Gibson's autopsy record. Kingsley had Edward Johnson's signature analyzed. It's Keith's handwriting. Palmer still refuses to believe it, and threatens Kingsley to do what she has to do, but be prepared to accept the consequences.

4:40 A.M.-4:43 A.M.: Palmer wakes up Keith and confronts him about Gibson. When Keith refuses to answer his father's questions, the senator grabs him and shakes him demanding he answer. After restraining himself, Palmer leaves.

4:43 A.M.-4:47 A.M.: Mason apologizes to the desk sergeant for Jack's actions and requests he keep this under wraps. Phillips comes in to say he'll start processing Penticoff when they're done with him. The desk sergeant asks what Phillips is doing there since he thought he left. Then he checks the computer, which shows he did leave. Uh oh. Teri tells Alan she feels guilty over the things she said to Kimberly when she found she was failing algebra, and that she wished Kimberly would get out. She feels they made a mistake by going to the hospital instead of waiting. Alan comforts her by promising to stay together until Kimberly is found. Mason helps the officers pinpoint Jack's and Penticoff's location via police security footage. 4:47 A.M.-4:48 A.M.: Jack and Penticoff get out of his car to wait by the pay phone where Penticoff's expecting his call. Jack gets on the phone with Nina to make sure she's getting the trace. He also asks Penticoff who the guys are that will call him, but he doesn't know their names. The pay phone rings, but Nina can't pick up the frequency. Jack realizes they're screwed -- the people are calling Penticoff from a cell phone. Penticoff takes the call anyway. It's Gaines, and he tells him to take a set of keys and a remote that were taped behind the phone. The remote will help find a parked car and the keys will open the trunk, which has a body in it which Gaines wants disposed of. Gaines hangs up, and Jack asks Penticoff whose body is in the trunk. But Penticoff knows as much as Jack does.

4:53 A.M.-4:57 A.M.: Jack and Penticoff locate the car and the body, but before they can do anything, Mason and crew show up. Jack sells Penticoff short and lets them take him back to jail. Mason wants to take Jack there too, so Jack shows him the body in the trunk. Mason lets Jack off the hook, but asks why he's doing all this. Jack reveals everything Walsh told him and apologizes for misjudging Mason. After agreeing to trust each other from now on, Jack prepares to take the body to CTU while Mason prepares to return to the station to grill Penticoff. On his way to CTU, Jack calls Nina to get their best forensic ready.

4:57 A.M.-5:00 A.M.: While Janet's in surgery, Jack calls Teri to say he'll be there in 20 minutes to explain in person what's going on. Rick and Dan wait until Gaines returns with Kimberly. Dan requests his money now. Gaines demands what really happened to Janet. Dan reiterates that they killed her. But Gaines knows that someone fitting her description was taken to a hospital in the area. Dan chokes and admits that maybe she wasn't quite dead. Gaines explains that you're either dead or you're not. To make his point, he pulls out his gun and kills Dan to demonstrate, promoting Rick and warns him not to lie to him like his friend, or his fate would be the same. Back at the hospital, complications from surgery push Janet to death's door as Teri and Alan look on helplessly. Tick, tick, tick...
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