Season 1 Episode 5

Day 1: 4:00 A.M. - 5:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2001 on FOX

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  • Realizing his daughter is in danger, Jack takes drastic measures to locate her.

    Like the previous episode there is not much action here. However this particular episode is a significant one because it shows us what kind of CTU agent Jack is and why he is looked upon with such suspicion by his colleagues. For the first time in the series Jack is willing to break the rules to find his daughter with no worry or fear of the consequence. While we did see him do some rule breaking when Nina helped him get out of the lock down at CTU, here we see that it's not just CTU protocol that he is willing to bend but just about any law and/or rule period. This episode is also where we see the different story lines come together which is terrific. However there is one small criticism I have with this episode. With all of the focus on Janet and Jack repeatedly saying how extremely important it is that he talk to her, even saying she is the only link to finding Kim, it could not have been more obvious what was going to happen to her in the not too far distant future. Still, the episode works very well regardless.
  • great development

    We finally get to see one of the main bad guys who is behind Kim's kidnapping. One bad guy dies, when he learn there is niothing such as kind off dead. lol.
  • Jack tries to find out about his daughter's kidnapping.

    The story is starting to come together now that Jack knows his daughter is in danger and he has to get the truth out of one man to find her The episode shows Jack will do anything to find his daughter even breaking a man out of prison but it maybe was worth it when it leads him to a body that was never intended to be found The episode ends with some possible bad news for Jack when Kim could possibly die.
  • Jack starts to break some rules

    Jack takes drastic action to gain the cooperation of the only man who knows how to save Kim, but Mason's interference threatens to ruin Jack's advantage.
    Kim is delivered to Gaines and she learns just how ruthless he can be when he's crossed. Meanwhile, Teri and Alan watch over Janet in surgery.
    Palmer talks to the reporter who plans to break the story about Keith and she shows him proof to back up her claims.
    Jack was great in this episode, breaking the rules to find some answers. The endind was good when Dan was shot dead. Also I thought this episode was a bit slower than the last few it was more about characters than the story.
  • Another Good One!!!!!!!!

    When the issue is his Daughter, Jack Bauer will do anything. This began to be Explored in this episode, not bad done. Jack has a difficult Task this time that his to free the guy from jail, only this seems difficult, if not impossible, but this turn to be good in the end.

    One more time, Jack take risks to do what is necessary and escapes in the end.

    CTU drama is not anything special, since Tony seems to be a pain in the ass.

    Kim in this episode did nothing. Teri and Janet Father just appear because they have their share of participation too.

    Palmer plot continue to grow and it seems that is more complex drama we have here. Its begin to seems interesting.
  • Chase for Kim...

    Now the story has turned into the point where it really shows what the first couple of episode were building - the result is here. It looks all about trying to find Kim who somehow is vital for those bad guys. Ok, I like that this storyline worked out to be connected but I am little sick and tried of it. There are more interesting things like the other girl storyline and Jack running around and acting impulsively. That is much more of my liking.

    Anyway, this episode really had something stunning.. nerve wracking that nailed me to screen. Very good tension building and the end...
  • exactly episode

    4:02 A.M.-4:02 A.M.: The St. Mark's Hospital staff prep Janet for surgery.

    4:02 A.M.-4:06 A.M.: While in custody in a police car, the bad guy turns around to see Jack is following them. Teri and Alan arrive at the hospital, all shaken up, to inquire about the girl that was recently brought in. They are told it's a Jane Doe, so the two disobey orders to find out for themselves if it's Kimberly or Janet. From outside the operating room, they see that it's Janet. Jack calls Nina from his car to ask if they found Kimberly. In tears, Teri reveals where she and Alan are and everything they went through the past hour. She begs Jack to please get there as she's losing her mind without him. Jack needs to know more about the address Kimberly gave her, but she doesn't know any more. And he finds he can't talk to Janet either as she's in surgery. He promises to be at the hospital as soon as he takes care of business. Rick puts a tied-up Kimberly into the backseat of Gaines' car as she carries on. Gaines is on the phone with someone telling them Kimberly is there and Rick and Dan said Janet was dead. After he hangs up, Gaines tells the guys there's another change of plans and they have to drive to the compound to get there money. And to make sure to take a different route from him so they won't look like a caravan. Realizing Gaines is psycho, Rick wants to split, but there's no way Dan is going to forfeit the $20,000 they were promised for this job. Not to mention that Rick owes Dan for something or other. Gaines drives off with Kimberly, as Rick decides to get into Dan's van. 4:06 A.M.-4:09 A.M.: At Palmer Headquarters, the senator orders Patty to go to bed as she's exhausted from working on his speech. Sherry pleads with him not to say anything to Keith or Nicole as they don't even know whether Maureen Kingsley is telling the truth. Palmer disagrees, as he wants the kids to be prepared. Nicole talks to her father about how she believes the election is in the bag. She's gone so far as to invite people to a victory party.

    4:09 A.M.-4:12 A.M.: At CTU, Nina tells Jack over the phone that Mason ended lockdown after finding out where he was. Jack says he's at the precinct and needs Nina to contact Ryan Sealey, a man who can help Jack get an police override so he can go interrogate the bad guy. Nina goes to ask Tony for Sealey's number. He in turn asks her if she's still mad at him for precipitating the lockdown. She is, but Tony's not apologetic since Jack has been lying to both of them. In the precinct, forthcoming override or not, the desk sergeant won't let Jack see the bad guy. Jack asks to talk to the lieutenant instead, but he won't. So Jack lies and tells sarge that Jessie Hampton was helping him investigate a federal case. That works. But just as the sergeant's about to open the cell for Jack, in walks Mason and company to put a halt to it.

    4:16 A.M.-4:19 A.M.: While in transit, Rick blasts Dan for letting Gaines take Kimberly. Dan says if Rick has the hots for her, then he should have done something by himself. When Rick says he doesn't want Kimberly to get hurt, Dan laughs -- she's seen all their faces, so there isn't a chance in hell she's getting out of there unhurt. Perhaps Gaines killed her already. But all Dan cares about is the $10,000 cash they were each promised to kidnap her. Mason escorts Jack -- whom he considers a prime suspect in the murder of Walsh -- into a private room, refusing to let him go until he confesses what he was doing at Dunlop Plaza. Jack explains that Walsh and Scott Baylor were killed because they obtained information about the Palmer hit, and if he doesn't want to see Palmer get killed then he better stop impeding his progress. Mason lets Jack go. Gaines pulls over to the side of the road take a call. A bus pulls up next to his car, and Kimberly starts kicking the window, hoping the driver will see her there. Gaines puts a gun to her head to make her stop, drives into an alley, and reassigns her to the trunk.

    4:19 A.M.-4:23 A.M.: Palmer calls Maureen Kingsley, hoping to talk about things. Since she's staying in the same hotel, they agree to meet in a conference room in 10 minutes. Teri and Alan talk with an officer about Kimberly's disappearance. Jack calls Teri to say that the police brought in a suspect who may know where Kimberly is, and she and Alan have to talk to Janet as soon as she's out of surgery. Mason returns to give Jack some good news -- the bad guy won't talk to anyone but him. Jack goes in and starts badgering him, as Mason and the others secretely watch from outside. Jack says something the bad guy doesn't like, causing him to call the officers to get Jack out of there. So Jack throws him into a wall and continues roughing him up until Mason's boys barge in and break it up, while the bad guy yells that he wants a phone call. Outside, Mason beats down Jack for messing up.

    4:23 A.M.-4:25 A.M.: Jack ducks into a private corridor to wait for an important call -- the bad guy's. The two set the whole thing up. The bad guy says he won't tell Jack where Kimberly is unless Jack can get him out, because the people he answers to will call him in 20 minutes, and will know something's up when he's not at a certain pay phone to take it. Jack needs to get Penticoff to that phone, or else the one chance he has to find Kimberly will be blown. They hang up, and Jack calls Nina to give her the bad guy's name -- Penticoff -- and request that she trace all available lines within the area of the street address Penticoff gave him where he's supposed to be waiting. After explaining why he needs it, Nina wonders how he expects his voice to pass for Penticoff's. Jack says he won't have to, since they'll be hearing Penticoff's voice. Nina learns something she doesn't want to hear: Jack is planning a jailbreak.
  • Now Jack goes to the extreme.

    This episode is really good, especially the scenes where Jack breaks Penticoff out of the police station. At first, I wondered what the hell Jack was doing when he starting attacking Penticoff during the interrogration, but then it all made sense in the end. xD

    I was a bit disappointed with how Penticoff wasn't put to much use after the break out though, all he did was find the body in the boot of the car with Jack. But I guess that body comes in very useful in the next episode. =]

    And I must say that Gaines was hilarious in this episode too.

    Quote of the hour! Ira Gaines: "You're either dead or you're not dead. There's no such thing as sorta dead. Here let me show you. *He shoots Dan*"
  • There is just no such thing as sorta dead( also is my 150th review)

    Getting confusing (in a good way) "If you ever want to see your daughter again, get me out of this!" Greg Penticoff (an unrecognizable John Hawkes) told Jack Bauer at the end of the previous episode. Now, fearing for Kim's life and with George Mason still suspecting him of treason, Jack has to come up with a plan to get Penticoff out of jail. Pity the LAPD won't agree on that one...

    In the meantime, Teri and Alan York learn of a Jane Doe that has been taken to the hospital and Alan identifies the half-dead girl as his daughter Janet. This means she didn't die two hours earlier, as Kimberly's kidnappers told Ira Gaines, and lying to Gaines has damaging consequences. In addition, Senator Palmer's personal problems worsen during a meeting with Maureen Kingsley, the woman who wrote the troubling article about Keith and has a virtually foolproof source for the story: George Ferragamo, the boy's therapist.

    Bauer's awareness of his daughter's condition adds poignancy to the narrative, as does Palmer's realization that he might not be able to trust his own family, while a sudden jolt of violence serves as an effective reminder of the fact that 24 can be unexpectedly brutal at times. The real value of this fifth hour, though, comes from seeing Sutherland's performance acquire new layers of complexity: as he tries to get Penticoff out of custody, Jack shows the first of his many fake bouts of anger, fooling the cops and also the audience. No wonder the actor won a Golden Globe for his work in Season 1.
  • great episode

    this is an awesome episode. we get to see a few great confrontations (Palmer-Kingsley, Bauer-Penticoff, Palmer-Kieth). yeah it was just a great confrontation episode. thi is actually the first episode that i watched and the good thing is that i could tell what happened easily. this of course lives up to being 24 material with non stop action. this episode was very cool and loved the different confronations. i hope that Janet gets through surgery so we can find out about Kim. and Damn. ask for some money and you get shot for brining only haf of what was bargained. (Oh well tough love). and we conclude this episode with a surgery problem!
  • Once again, not a lot of plot

    Like the previous hour, Jack’s story here has little to do with the overall plot, this time his objective being to break Penticoff out of police custody. The good news is that it’s all interesting and fun to watch. Thrown into the mix are George Mason, who has tracked Jack to the precinct and Officer Hampton’s partner, who wants Penticoff behind bars for shooting Jessie. As I said before, it’s fun to watch the situation unfold, but all it leads up to in the end is one discovery in the trunk of a car, which (at least not until next episode) doesn’t really mean much to the audience at this point.

    Kim, Dan, and Rick spend the entire hour driving to Gaines’ hideout, with Kim, as usual struggling to get free and Dan and Rick, as usual, are arguing, just as they have in every episode up to this point. However, in by far the best scene of the hour, Gaines, shall we say: “permanently puts an end” to their arguing. Teri and Alan reach the hospital and find Janet .

    Finally, Palmer’s storyline takes it up a notch, when he finds out Maureen’s accusations about Keith may actually have some truth to them. First he meets with Maureen, where he learns of the two sources being used to prove Keith was with Gibson when he died. Then, David confronts his son, and some interesting drama unfolds which basically confirms that the accusations are true. So by the end of the hour, with the exception of the accusations against Keith, we really don’t know too much more than when it began. But that doesn’t really matter as long as the episode manages to hold people’s interest the whole way through. Which it does.

    The Best: Is there really any other choice than Rick getting promoted?

    The Worst: Alan comforting Teri at the hospital.
  • Precinct Break

    Although this episode is pretty much filler, it's also pretty subtle in that respect.
    Jack does a lot in this episode, but really only advances one step in his investigation into the Palmer hit. The writer seems to possess the Hitchcockian ability to create a lot of suspense from what is actually an inconvenient tangent for Jack to go off on before getting back on trail. As I said, subtle. Way more so than the tangents Jack faces in seasons to come.
    Anyway, Jack's efforts to break Penticoff out of the police precinct lead him to an unidentified corpse that's connected to everything. How? Well, we're not finding out in this episode, so "patience" is the key word.
    As for Palmer himself, he meets with reporter Maureen Kingsley, who gives him some evidence lending credibility to the "rumor" started by Ferragamo. Then he confronts Keith, who refuses to say anything (and if someone refuses to confirm a rumor, then that rumor's gotta be false, right?). Final note: Nicole Palmer is an annoying b****.
    The stuff going on in the other storylines is adequate; Teri and Alan run around the hospital and find Janet, Kim is brought to Gaines' compound, and Nina continues following Jack's orders back at CTU. As with the last one, Jack's shenanigans are this episode's biggest asset.

    Hourly Highlight:
    "There's no such thing as 'sorta dead'." We all know where this leads.
  • Jack helps break Penticoff out, and Gaines gives Dan a lesson in the difference between a person who is "dead" and "sorta dead."

    This episode marked the beginning of one of the most exciting stretches of episodes ever on 24. Jack follows up on the Penticoff lead in order to find his kidnapped daughter, but Mason shows up at the police station to impede his progress. But with some quick thinking and some classic Jack Bauer-ing, Jack finds a way to break Penticoff out of the police station, and Penticoff leads him to a car with a rotting corpse.

    But the most memorable scene of this episode, and by far the most memorable line, has to come when Rick and Dan deliver Kim to Gaines. Gaines tells Dan that Janet was sent to a nearby hospital, and Dan admits that Janet was only “sort of dead” when she got run over by the car. Then, Professor Gaines teaches Dan a lesson in distinguishing between what’s “dead” and “sorta dead” by blasting him away in front of a stunned Rick. Then, Gaines turns to Rick and says: “you’ve just been promoted.” This entire 2-minute sequence automatically made Gaines into one of the coolest terrorists in the history of 24. As for the episode, it helped set up the brilliant subsequent episodes that rank among the best of the season, though the episode itself was an exceptionally solid effort as well.

    Overall score: 92/100 (A-)
  • 24 Season 1 episode 5

    This is one of the best episodes of the frist season of 24
    Jack finlly finds someone who can help him get Kim back but Mason gets in his way of doing it. Palmer learns of the reporter who is behind a story that involes his family this is a great episode of 24 I think that the Jacks stoyline of this episode is the best story arches of the season i like the arch and the episode of 24. In the kim storyline she gets handed over to the matermind of the days events that is all i have to say END.
  • This...this is...How can i put the right words on...?

    This...this is...How can i put the right words on...?

    This show has well written story, amazing twists and great acting...After every episode i watched i find myself frozen :) It happened again this episode; after Jack started to choking Graham. It's definitely clear that Graham and Jack have a bad history in the past. And i'm sure Jack did feel a false Graham's attitude. No matter; Jack is in the game again.

    I can not wait any minute to watch next episode

    -please leakers give us the next episodes-


    I don't wanna know any spoiler or a leak please guys meercy :) I just wanna develop my passion..
    THANKS 24...You made my day again...

    ***Sorry this must be 6th Seasons 5th episode's review***
  • I can't tell if the new President Palmer is the worst character ever, or played by the worst actor ever.

    The greatness of 24: The Show aside, the new President Palmer is by far the worst president to date. Not only has he given in to all of the terrorists threats, given up God only knows what to get Jack Bauer out of Chinese prison, and done everything wrong that a president should do in that situation, he's also portrayed by the worst actor ever. This guy was horrible (acting wise) on Buffy in the last season and he is horrible now.

    I don't know if the character itself is meant to be pussified, unsure idiot, or if the actor himself is just horrible at delivering what should have been a serious and defining speech to America. If you watched the show, you'd see his attitude and almost non-schalant way of reading and presenting the speech he gives to the nation concerning the nuclear bomb is laughable in terms of acting, and downright insulting as a serious and calming speech to America. I don't think anyone could have been more off on the delivery and more inappropriate with their attitude while delivering it. Please, have a terrorist kill him in the show. It would make the show a million times more interesting and I wouldn't have to suffer through horribly acted, nation-changing speeches and horribly made decisions.
  • Review

    I liked this episode, there was a lot here that I really didnt see coming. Gaines killing the skater punk looking bad guy was kind of a surprise. I like what he said to him right before he shot him. "Your either dead, or your not. Your not practiacally dead. Here...let me show you" That was a great line.

    Jack breaking the man out of prison to find the body of a man was exciting to. Thinking it was Kim muts have been rough for Jack, but now they have to ID a body without any fingerprints...i wonder who it could be
  • getting better and better

    another week, another action packed and fun filled tv experience. it's hard not watching one episode, you have to see them all. not one episode is wasted, each hour have something to show, there's so much happening in this drama. it's fast paced, it never bores you. i'm always at the edge of my seat. this show is really cool, i already give it a 5 out of 5 starts, a two thumbs up. this is what tv shows should be, it's fun to watch, it's entertaining, it's the kind of show you want to watch with your friends. it's really cool.
  • We learn a little bit more as things move towards the first payoff. Episode summary in review.

    We're starting to see more. The next few episodes make up probably one of the best arcs 24's had and it's clear by this one that we're in for good stuff. Things are tense between Teri and Jack, Palmer confronts his parental skills and we learn the difference between being dead and not dead. Also we see how clever Jack can be when he needs to get information out of a suspect.

    As the doctor's prep Janet for surgery, Alan and Teri burst in asking about her. None of the help is helpful. When they learn that a Jane Doe was brought in, they run down to the OR to find Janet. Jack calls for an update, but he can't come to the hospital because he's pursuing Penticoff, who was arrested minutes earlier. The lack of sleep is getting to Teri, who crankily calls Jack out, unaware of the circumstances. Their situation has gotten to the point where they'll need to address it soon.

    Gaines prepares to return to the compound with Kim in his car. Dan and Rick will meet him and receive payment there. When Gaines drives away, Rick suggests they split. With $20,000 on the line, Dan refuses and reminds Rick that he owes him. Still, Gaines' presence spooked the hell out of Rick and we can see why. Dan knows Gaines, since he's clearly the one who made the deal to kidnap Kim. Gaines isn't a person you'd want to threaten.

    Palmer contemplates telling Nicole about the allegations. Sherry doesn't want to bring it up because Nicole has been doing so well. However, if she hears this before it breaks, Palmer may be able to help her face the demons again. Palmer changes his mind when he sees how happy Nicole is about her father's chances in the primary. She'll still need to find out, but now isn't the time. No time is right in this situation though.

    Jack arrives at the police station demanding that he see the suspect, but the officer in charge refuses because Penticoff killed one of their own. There's no denying Jack has undying respect for people who serve, but he should've pulled rank. This is a federal investigation, and it's not like he would let a cop killer go. Although, had they done it clean, Penticoff may have demanded immunity for help, so Jack would have to give the illusion that he was complying completely. He manages to get a few minutes with Penticoff. Since things are going so smoothly, a wrench has to be thrown in. This wrench of course is Mason, following the lead he found last episode.

    Mason grills Jack about his behavior since Walsh's death. Jack asks him why he would want to take down his best and highest ranking ally. Since the mole information must remain confidential, Jack can't divulge everything. This only raises Mason's suspicions. Jack does reveal that Penticoff is somehow connected with the hit on Palmer. Mason still insists on interrogating him first.

    En route to the compound, Rick beats himself up for not doing anything for Kim. Dan knows that Kim will likely be killed if she hasn't already because she saw Gaines and the guys. Throughout this season, Rick deals with his own cowardice and reluctance to admit responsibility for his actions. Unfortunately, he hasn't yet done what he thought was right and by the end of the hour, he'll pay a grave price.

    For now, Kim is still alive in Gaines' backseat. He must've thought there wouldn't be much traffic at four in the morning, but he was wrong. They pull up next to a truck driver and Kim kicks the window to get the driver's attention. Gaines quickly stops that. To ensure no further problems, he throws her in his trunk. Probably would've been easier to throw her in there at first, but then again, his nonchalant "stop, please" was cool.

    At the police station, Jack calls Teri. He updates her about the possible lead he has. Why didn't Teri theorize that perhaps whoever has their daughter is connected to what Jack was investigating? Perhaps we should cut her slack since we know something is wrong. Despite her crankiness that he isn't there, she must know that Jack's work must be more important than a routine meeting. He promises to be there soon, but until then, she should wait to speak to Janet.

    Jack is an incredibly skillful planner. In a matter of twenty minutes, he has already devised a plan to get what he wants from Penticoff. To do this, Jack will need to gain his trust and make him believe that he will break him out of jail to help the investigation. Luckily, he won't speak to anyone but Jack. When he does, Jack tells him that everyone else is still listening in. Then he leans over and whispers something. Obviously, he wants to earn Penticoff's trust so he'll go with his plan. Penticoff and Jack start fighting and are separated, just like they wanted. The suspect demands his phone call. His call is to Jack, whose number he got during the fight. Jack needs to break him out because the people behind this are going to call him within the hour.

    Jack gets another opportunity to talk to Penticoff when he sees Hampton's partner, Phillips. He appeals to Phillips' desire for his partner's death to mean something. Phillips grants Jack's request under the condition that he goes in with him. Jack accepts this offer, but when they return to the holding room, things become hostile again. He provokes Phillips and all three men wind up in a fight, just like they wanted. In the chaos, Jack steals Phillips' ID card and gives it to Penticoff, who escapes.

    Palmer contacts Maureen, and they meet privately in a hotel conference room. She's still patted down as if they weren't friends before. He tries to make Maureen feel guilty about her involvement. We usually don't see this manipulative side of Palmer, but this works because he is convinced that Maureen is lying and trying to profit from it. However, this changes when he finds out her evidence. In addition to Dr. Ferragamo's testimony, she has a hospital record of a boy who came to a hospital hours after Gibson's death. He had similar injuries to Gibson and the boy's handwriting on the hospital forms matches Keith's. To save face, Palmer dismisses it, although he's sure that she's right.

    This must be dealt with immediately, so Palmer wakes up his son and asks about the accident. Defensive, Keith calls his father on being too focused on his work to deal with the situation. Starting in this episode, we see more about the bad side to David Palmer the father. It becomes a vital piece of his character throughout the season and his tenure on the show. He is an honorable man, but his work has kept him away from his family and that has created distance between them. Some of their motives and secrets remain unknown to him and as he discovers them throughout this season, he has to come to terms with them.

    Palmer deals with his family parallel to the Bauers. Teri tells Alan about how guilty she has been feeling since they fought over Kim's falling grades. Of course, she never wanted something like this to happen, but the fact that she said it still hurts. This isn't any different than any other parent and Alan tries to reassure her of that. At this point it seems like Alan may be more compatible for her.

    This police squad must be clueless considering that the culprit of a cop killing was able to sneak out of the building unnoticed for fifteen minutes. However, it still is fun to see Jack outsmart everyone. CTU still has the upper hand as Mason uses satellite photos to identify Jack and the van he took Penticoff in. Meanwhile they're back at the phone Gaines said he would be call. Unfortunately for Nina's trace, the call is from a hidden cell phone. Jack listens in as Gaines instructs him to dispose of a body in a car's trunk. Jack assumes as we do that the body is Kim's. The last place we saw her was in the trunk because she was giving Gaines a hard time. This is a great example of the misdirection they do well.

    They manage to find the car and Jack is horrified to see a dead body in the trunk. Although it is horribly mutilated, it is a man's body so Jack is relieved. Mason and the LAPD return and Jack freely gives Penticoff up (as if he would let him go). Since he has the information Penticoff had, Jack decides that he has to tell Mason the truth if he wants to continue investigating. It works and Jack is allowed to deliver the body to CTU to identify.

    Here comes the scene this episode is noteworthy for. At the compound, Rick and Dan await Gaines, who arrives with Kim still in the trunk. He was considerate enough to pop it once they got there, since it must be stuffy. Dan asks for the money and Gaines demands that they be clear about what really happened to Janet. Reluctantly, Dan confesses that they didn't quite kill her. In a lesson Rick won't forget, Gaines shows them that "there's no such thing as 'sorta dead'" by shooting Dan dead. Rick was right, but his failure to act on it cost his friend's life.

    Although I know, it is clear that this is just the beginning of the first payoff of season one. It's follow up, one of 24's best, overshadows this, but 4-5 AM is still an impressive piece of work. Rogue Jack is also good to see early so we can use this as a reference. This episode is most comparable to the top of a roller coaster, and you know what that means.
  • "...you're either dead or you're not dead. There's no such thing as sort of dead. Here let me show you."

    This episode was great at achieving two things. First, it really proved just how much of a badass Jack Bauer is. His plot to break out Penticoff was nothing short of genius. Second, it showed us all just how cool and ruthless Ira Gaines was. Other than 24's notorious villainesses, Gaines was the pinnacle of what an awesome bad guy could be.

    -Mason stirring up trouble
    -Jack slipping both the piece of paper and keycard to Penticoff in subsequent scenes
    -Jack suspecting the body in the trunk may be Kim's
    -Gaines's great scene with Dan, Rick, and Kim at the end

    I had actually missed this episode when it aired on Fox, but caught up with watching it by purchasing the Season 1 DVD pack. Out of the ones I had to get caught up on, this was probably my favorite.