Season 1 Episode 17

Day 1: 4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2002 on FOX
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Teri is struck with amnesia and must turn to an old friend for help. Kim goes to Rick's house in hopes of finding a lead on the location of her mother. Jack sets Elizabeth up for a sting against Alexis, but she she has her own personal agenda in mind.moreless

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  • Jack sets up a sting operation against Alexis Drazen using one of Senator Palmer's staff members. Teri and Kim struggle to elude Drazen's hitman.

    While I do like this episode, it is a bit of a letdown for me. Palmer saying over and over again that Elizabeth is the daughter of a very good friend of his and there will be hell to pay if anything happens to her made it very obvious that something unforeseen was going to happen. You can highlight what is going to be a key element to the story without overdoing it as was the case here. Though I can understand Teri traumatic amnesia, it felt contrived. A convenient way to fill up some time. I can also understand Kim's reluctance to go to CTU in a way, but I just don't see how she could think contacting Rick, the man who helped kidnap her(!), would be better. By the way, when exactly did Rick give Kim his phone number? Maybe he did so before the season started. One side note, watching these episodes again after a number of years, it's kind of amusing to see television actors before their breakout roles. In this episode we see a pre "NCIS" Pauley Perrette and a pre "Numb3rs" Navi Rawat. To get back to the episode, I do not think it's a bad episode by any means, but it has its share of problems that do have a negative effect on it. Nobody's perfect.moreless
  • Great Tension

    This Elizabeth operation made this episode interesting. The details of this operation was good to see.

    The events during the operation were also well planed and executed. Her attitude in the end is comprehensible.

    As Palmer would consider Jack responsible for what would happened to her, the situation becomes quite tense, since the Jack career is on the line too.

    Teri storyline is more boring than ever. Kim gets herself into some trouble again, because in case she has not noticed, rick doesn't come from pacify place.

    With alexis injury, things get more complicated, and this is what make people interested, and now I will wait to see what happens next.moreless
  • Somewhere, a misogynist is shrinking back even further

    Jack's very long day continues as he must set up a sting operation against Alexis Drazen by getting Elizabeth to go undercover and plant a tracker on him. Of course, Elizabeth has to go all insane and stab Alexis just when she has the green light to get out of there. Strike one.

    A paranoid Kim decides against going to CTU, and being the extraordinary genius that she is, she seeks help from Rick. This was never a good idea, neither on Kim's part nor on the writers'. Strike two.

    Teri and her amnesia. Strike three. YER OUT!

    But at CTU, Mason finds out that the safe house has been hit, and returns to his earlier sketchiness when he decides to avoid telling Jack. That's a pretty good plot development. A lot of this episode centers on Jack setting things up at the hotel, so his and Palmer's plots are kind of tangled together here. Not a whole lot, but it's a little confusing to have Palmer concentrate on the undercover operation while focusing on the incriminating tape of Carl. However, that's a minor gripe; the fourth act of the hour (Elizabeth planting the tracker), Mason's deception, and the last scene are what give this episode as good a grade as it has.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Jack in his most accurate Alexis impersonation: "Yeah?"moreless
  • Something to think about...

    When first half of a season was mostly action and motion then this part of season has added quite many storylines what really make viewers think and this one maybe is one of the most thoughtful episodes (if can be said like that). Most of this runs around the woman from Palmer's staff who is going to be used to get tracking device to the assassin. But things does not work out quite well. First there is a doubt in that woman's mind and she is not sure if she can do it but when she is in, she just somehow finds her strength and in the end, the assassin crosses a lines and it all ends in ruins for Bauer.

    Also Teri is on the run as she remembers nothing and to be honest, that storyline looks quite weird.moreless
  • exciting episode

    4:02 P.M.-4:05 P.M.: Teri, now suffering from amnesia, is in the car with a woman she doesn't know. They're on their way to the hospital. The woman notices

    her wedding band, but Teri says she has no memory of her husband. Jack and company arrive at the hotel to set up for the sting operation to catch Alexis


    4:05 P.M.-4:08 P.M.: Teri recognizes a restaurant as she and the woman drive past it. Upon entering, she decides to wait for the manager in an effort to

    remember who she is. The kind stranger leaves her a phone number and ten dollars for cab fare, and asks her to pay her back when she's able.

    4:08 P.M.-4:10 P.M.: Palmer is concerned for Elizabeth's safety in the sting. He tells Jack that he has known her father since before she was born. Jack

    does everything he can to reassure Palmer that he will be able to protect her. Palmer tells him that if anything goes wrong, he's going to hold him personally


    4:14 P.M.-4:16 P.M.: Kimberly makes her way to a pay phone and calls CTU to tell them about the dead agents at the safe house. Tony takes the call, but

    can't transfer her to Nina or Jack because they're preparing for the Drazen sting. Not knowing who to trust, Kimberly hangs up.

    4:16 P.M.-4:19 P.M.: Tony reports the loss of their agents. Mason orders him not to tell Jack what's going on, because the emotional response will cloud

    his judgement. Jack asks Nina why she left the debriefing, but before she answers, she gets called away.

    4:19 P.M.-4:23 P.M.: Kimberly calls Rick in a panic, begging for his help. When he refuses, she tells him that she will tell the police everything unless

    he helps her. Rick's girlfriend asks him who was on the phone. He doesn't answer. Keith gives his father the tape he made of Carl that explains the plot

    to kill Ferragamo and frame him. However, it's not clear what Palmer plans to do with the newly acquired evidence.

    4:27 P.M.-4:32 P.M.: Alexis calls his brother to inform him that Palmer is staying in LA after all. Andre is suspicious, and orders him to kill Elizabeth

    after he gets the schedule. Jack briefs Elizabeth on how to plant the tracker on Alexis. Back at the restaurant, Teri meets the manager. He identifies

    her right away, and tells her that she used to come into the restaurant all the time with a Dr. Parslow. The manager happens to know the hospital he works

    at, and goes to give him a call.

    4:32 P.M.-4:35 P.M.: Nina tells Jack that Teri knows that she was the woman that Jack had the affair with.

    4:39 P.M.-4:50 P.M.: Alexis arrives at the hotel, and enters the room. Jack instantly notices on the monitor that the wallet where he wants the tracker

    placed is either in Alexis' jacket or in his pants. They relay the message to a very nervous Elizabeth. Elizabeth tries to place the bug in the wallet,

    but she drops it on the floor. She quickly finds it and puts it back in her pocket. She has another chance to plant the bug, and this time, everything

    goes smoothly. After Alexis returns, he announces he loves her. Jack calls her to give her the exit message, but she doesn't take it. Instead, she begins

    telling Alexis that she loves him as well. Then she picks up a knife. Jack realizes what is going on and storms the room, but not before she turns around

    and stabs Alexis.

    4:54 P.M.-4:57 P.M.: Kimberly arrives at Rick's door, and is met by the girl we have seen thus far at Rick's house.

    4:57 P.M.-4:58 P.M.: Dr. Parslow comes to the restaurant. Teri doesn't seem to recognize him.

    4:58 P.M.-5:00 P.M.: Senator Palmer is furious with Jack, and blames him for the stabbing. Alexis' phone rings, and Jack answers it. The man on the other

    end tells Jack to meet him. Tick, tick, tick...moreless
Vincent Angell

Vincent Angell

Dr. Phil Parslow

Guest Star

Kara Zediker

Kara Zediker

Elizabeth Nash

Guest Star

Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette


Guest Star

Zeljko Ivanek

Zeljko Ivanek

Andre Drazen

Recurring Role

Vicellous Shannon

Vicellous Shannon

Keith Palmer

Recurring Role

Xander Berkeley

Xander Berkeley

George Mason

Recurring Role

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    • Jack: You want to tell me what's going on?
      Nina: What do you mean?
      Jack: You've been holding something back from me ever since you got back from the safe house early.
      Nina: This isn't the time, Jack. Let's not get distracted.
      Jack: If you don't start telling me what's going on, I'm going to be distracted, so spit it out.

    • Alexis: I must say, I do find it a little strange that the Senator wouldn't include someone as smart and capable as you in his inner circle.
      Elizabeth Nash: How would you know how smart I am? We've spent, what, maybe 15 hours together, and most of it has been in bed?
      Nina: (listening on the monitor) That wasn't smart.
      Alexis: Was that a complaint or a compliment?

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