Season 1 Episode 18

Day 1: 5:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 2002 on FOX
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Palmer and Sherry clash over the handling of the evidence against Carl. Kim finds herself in a sticky situation with Dan's brother. Jack poses as Alexis and meets with a stranger who has vital information, but an agent with a grudge from Jack's past picks a bad time to get even. Teri and Dr. Parslow return to the Bauer home, unaware of the danger that it presents.moreless

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  • The Palmers feud over how to handle Kieth's situation. Jack struggles to learn what Alexis Drazen was trying to do.

    This is the slowest moving episode of the season up to this point. It just seemed that there was a little too much talk that did not go anywhere. The whole thing about the agent who has a grudge against Jack so much that he is willing to disobey orders seemed too contrived to be believed. I also had a problem with how easily that glass partition broke when the utility worker fell against it. Also I did not care much for the scenes at Dan's brother's house Kim's dialogue was pure cornball. It was not all bad however. The saving grace of this episode was how Senator Palmer decided to take care of the situation regarding his son and daughter. The scenes the Senator had with Sherry seemed very genuine. There have been many episodes from season one that I loved. This one, I just liked.moreless
  • Filler Time!!!!!

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    A complete filler episode, with not much to add. Even the snipper was there only to make things difficult.

    Right now is not difficult to understand that the writers are saving the best part of this storyline to place it in the end.

    Palmer Storyline was great this time, with the sherry contribute for that. TEri = Boring. Kim = unkown.moreless
  • Yawn this, yawn that

    My least favorite episode of S1, if only because it's got pretty much the exact same formula as the last hour: Jack and Nina spend most of their time setting up an undercover sting operation against someone involved in the Drazens' assassination plot, only to have it all go to hell in the end. The presence of Teddy Hanlin doesn't help much either. Oh, did I just mention Teddy Hanlin's name? Won't happen again. Starting…now.

    Teri goes through a little trouble with the amnesia, while Jovan has his own little misadventures trying to find her. In the end, Teri and her doctor friend arrive at the Bauer house, giving Jovan the perfect kill shot. Does he take it? Watch and see…

    Palmer trudges through more conflict with Sherry regarding the tape. Namely, Sherry wants to destroy it, and even goes behind her husband's back to do so. But Palmer was one step ahead, and planted a fake tape to test her. Testing your own wife? Sweet!

    Tony and Mason do some stuff at CTU, but I don't really remember what.

    As for Kim…no, let's not mention that.

    Seriously, this thing is a suckfest. You could use your time way more efficiently by popping "Reservoir Dogs" into the DVD player.

    Hourly Highlight:

    The closest thing this episode has to an action scene: Jack chasing Alan Morgan through the plaza. Of course, Hanlin had to go and ruin THAT as well.

    Okay, starting……now.moreless
  • Less happening..

    Mmm.. one episode has some kind of 40 minutes of show and they have been able to pack it up with all the action and motion before but this episode is really slow and in the end, only few things seems to be happen and again, everyone is in the end in great danger and all the susbects wounded.

    Kim is just a problem magnet and Teri is walking into trap. For surprisingly the best part of this episode was that sniper whose partner Jack put down as his talk and all that tension added quite much for this episode. So, few things going on and little slow but still exciting.moreless
  • good episode

    5:02 P.M.-5:05 P.M.: Jack announces to his team that Alexis had planned to go straight from his date to a business meeting, where he'd be making a payoff.

    Meaning somewhere in the hotel room is money, which Jack needs them to find. Palmer demands that Elizabeth be let off the hook, and stomps his feet when

    Jack responds that he doesn't recall asking her to give Alexis an emergency appendectomy with a letter opener. After his temper subsides, Palmer realizes

    Jack is just trying to protect him, and agrees to back off and let him do his job. Nina and a few other agents quickly find the money -- in bearer bonds.

    She hands them to Jack, then wonders how he plans to magically transform himself into Alexis. After all, it's not like he's Jonathan. Since he doesn't

    really know either, she tells him she's going with him to coordinate backup. Mason asks Tony if he's found any leads on Teri and Kimberly. He hasn't. He

    has, though, managed to conclude that Paulson and Breeher were probably killed trying to protect them. It certainly is a shame Robert died before he and

    Tony could set up Ellis & Almeida, America's foremost detective agency. Tony isn't thrilled when Mason tells him not to breathe a word of this to Jack

    should he call and ask. Kimberly and Rick are busy tearing apart Dan's books, much to the consternation of Melanie, who questions what they're looking

    for (yet doesn't question when Dan learned how to read). They both tell her that they hope Dan has Gaines' number, which could help Kimberly track down

    her mother. When Melanie laughs about what they're going to do if and when they find Gaines' number, Kimberly replies that she'll take it to the police.

    Which is _so_ not cool with Melanie. Not cool with Rick either, since Kimberly previously told him she didn't trust the police. Melanie shakes her head,

    offers some parting words of wisdom about how Dan will be on the warpath when he finds out they went through his stuff, and then departs. Kimberly asks

    Rick why he didn't tell her about Dan. He says she'd freak. As would Dan's brother, Frank, who is on his way over. He begs Kimberly to keep her mouth shut

    when Frank gets here, clearly unaware of the girl's limitations.

    5:05 P.M.-5:12 P.M.: Dr. Parslow refreshes what passes for Teri's memory about her husband, Jack, and her daughter, Kimberly. He tells her that she and

    Jack separated about six months ago. That's when the two of them met. When Teri asks him who he is, Parslow replies that he's a "friend" -- which has a

    much nicer ring to it than "rebound guy." He claims he wanted to be more, but the whole time Jack and Nina were boinking, Teri couldn't bear to be without

    her husband. Parslow doesn't know why she decided to go back -- Kimberly perhaps -- but he does know that she asked him never to call her at home. Teri

    says she can't remember any of this. (Perhaps when Parslow gets done filling her in about her family, he can take a minute to explain what amnesia is.)

    Since he told her he was a doctor, she gets confused when he says he needs to take her to a hospital to get looked at. He's actually a surgeon, though,

    not a neurologist, which he feels she needs. She snaps at him that she doesn't want to go to a hospital. Why she doesn't know, but it can be concluded

    that her subconscious memory is functioning better than her conscious one. Ignoring what he said a few seconds ago, he then asks if he can examine her

    here then. That she agrees to. Nothing like being examined by a person who not ten seconds ago told you flat out they weren't qualified to examine you.

    Palmer plays back Keith's mix tape for the benefit of Sherry and Mike, the latter of whom asks him what he thinks he's got. After Palmer states the obvious,

    Mike tells him that the tape isn't evidence. Palmer couldn't care less about Mike's bad legal advice, and reveals his intention to put the tape in the

    hands of the media. Sherry butts in to say that today can either be about winning the election or about starting a political scandal, but it can't be about

    both. Much like the Palmers' marriage can either be about rising to the top of the ladder or about sharing a intimate relationship, but not about both.

    Sherry orders him to destroy the tape, else she bring his entire Democratic party down with him. Palmer has no intention of destroying the tape, figuring

    that it will be much worse for the Democrats if someone else brings it to light first. And even if no one does and they do destroy the tape -- hell, they're

    Democrats. Sherry turns to Mike, who advises that the tape would not only be very easy to shelve without anyone bringing it to light, but would be the

    sweetest piece of blackmail a United States president could ever hope to have against the most powerful people in the country. While Jack is on his way

    out the door with Nina, he calls Tony, because he needs to speak to Mason. Jack asks if he's spoken to Teri and Kimberly, but Tony says he hasn't. Jack

    wants the phone number of the safe house so he can call there himself. Tony goes to get Mason to handle this dilemma. Believing what Mason's doing is wrong,

    Tony begs him to tell Jack the truth. Mason refuses. When Jack's job is done; that's when he'll tell him. After he gets on the line, Jack explains what

    he and Nina are about to do, which is no easier for Mason to take than it was for Nina. Jack requests additional backup to be there within 15 minutes.

    He manages to convince Mason that waiting for Alexis to pull through -- if he pulls through -- is futile, and this is their best chance of bringing the

    bad guys down. Before he hangs up, Jack asks Mason to put Tony back on the phone so he can give him the safe house number. Tony's earnest chat didn't sink

    in; Mason tells Jack that Paulson recently told him Teri and Kimberly were sleeping. So Jack instead asks that he have them call him back when they wake

    up. Off the phone, Jack tells Nina that Mason is in their camp.

    5:16 P.M.-5:19 P.M.: While the two of them are on the road, Jack asks Nina what Teri said in the safe house. Nina tells him she didn't say much -- at least

    not after Teri figured it out that the two of them were bunkbuddies. So she bailed on the debriefing and handed it over to Paulson. Jack doesn't hold Nina

    to blame, because he feels he should have told Teri. Believing Teri really wants to patch things up with him, Nina recommends he call her right now. Since

    he already explored that venue, he asks her to call Paulson instead. But her call won't go through. Jack assumes it's the area and asks her to call back

    when they get to the California Plaza, where the meeting is to take place. Tony goes to Mason's office to request some additional men to help find Teri

    and Kimberly. Mason changes the subject, and offends Tony by asking him if he thinks Jack and Nina still have feelings for each other. Tony's in the middle

    of walking away when Mason calls him back to remind him that he's busting his hump without any resources because Nina decided to take a joyride with her

    former fling. Their discussion erupts into a shouting match when Tony tells Mason to stay out of his personal business. Mason replies that he's finding

    too much personal business, and Nina -- who's with Jack, who's with Tony, who covers for whomever breaks protocol -- is the cause of all of it. Though

    he surely agrees on some level, Tony doesn't admit it.

    5:19 P.M.-5:22 P.M.: Keith goes to see his father, who had him called in. Before he gives the tape to the District Attorney, Palmer wants him to understand

    that the people he's up against will turn the tables around to Lyle Gibson. And from then on, in the media, on television, and wherever he goes, Keith

    will be known as a murderer. So Palmer asks that he think about it before making his decision. But Keith has already thought about it. He tells his father

    that when said he wasn't there for him, it wasn't true. Palmer responds that it is somewhat true. But he's here for him now. While he's being chauffeured,

    Andre Drazen calls Myovic to see if he's heard from Alexis, whom he says is meeting Morgan in 20 minutes. Myovic is in a bit of a snit over not being able

    to find the women, and doesn't have time to help Andre find his brother. When asked where he plans to look for them, Myovic says he's going to the Bauer's


    5:22 P.M.-5:25 P.M.: Melanie has enough of Kimberly's whining, and demands that Rick get her out of the house before Frank arrives, because they have things

    to do. What these things are Rick has no idea and Melanie won't say. Kimberly doesn't want to hang around where she isn't welcome, so she's about to leave

    when Rick stops her. He then tells Melanie that he and Kimberly just need to talk for a minute. The mere presence of Kimberly has obviously rubbed off

    -- Melanie slams him right on his gunshot wound, then storms out of the room. Kimberly tells Rick she plans to go to a "safe park" that her parents christened

    in the event of an earthquake. Maybe her mother's waiting for her there. Rick thinks she should go home instead, but Kimberly has sprouted a brain sometime

    in the past hour and correctly figures the terrorists know where she lives. They may get lost and turn around should she happen to be walking aimlessly

    along the main road that leads to her house. But they know where she lives all the same. Kimberly needs to hitch a ride to the park, but since the car

    she saw out front is Melanie's, and Melanie'd probably do a lot more than hit and storm out of rooms if she were to find out it was taken, Rick gives her

    some money to catch another cab. When he says he can't come because he has to continue laying low, she reiterates how she thinks he should turn himself

    in. He adds that he's on probation, and doesn't have any strikes left. She tells him she wishes they had met at some other time and place. He feels likewise.

    They decide to pick the most inappropriate of times and places to share an intimate liplock. Luckily, Frank barges in, thereby breaking it up. The hoodlum

    asks Rick how things went last night. Noticing his black eye, Frank doesn't exactly buy Rick's reply that it went fine. He then heads off to look for Dan.

    Sensing it's about to get ugly, Rick tells Kimberly to get going, but Frank impedes her progress. He wants his cut of his money, and refuses to let the

    strange blonde girl go until Dan comes back with it. Rick and Kimberly are frightened, though probably not as frightened as he who realizes Melanie is

    the voice of reason in that house.

    5:30 P.M.-5:32 P.M.: On the plaza escalator, Nina explains the gameplan to Jack in regards to where their teams are stationed. Mason calls Jack with a bit

    of bad news: Teddy Hanlin is in charge of his backup. As Teddy Hanlin is someone Jack doesn't want to work with, he flies off the handle. Mason apologizes,

    claiming that Division assigned him, and asks that he avoid a confrontation. Once they get off the phone, Jack tells Nina who they're working with. She

    remembers Teddy Hanlin as the former partner of one Seth Campbell, and is just as fazed about Teddy's assignment as Jack is. Jack attempts to call the

    safe house again, but still fails to get through. Teddy Hanlin in the flesh is waiting at the top of the escalator for them, giving Jack no chance to redial

    the number. After trying his best to antagonize Jack with a sarcastic greeting, Teddy quips what good connections he must have to screw up as many times

    as he did today and not get spanked afterwards. Jack ignores the needling, as he goes over the gameplan that Nina just went over with him. Looking quite

    the loose cannon, Teddy says he hopes he doesn't have bad aim and "accidentally" shoot one of his own. Jack gives Teddy a stern warning, but stops short

    of spanking him. Tony enters Mason's office, in a better mood than before, to say that Rampart just called. They relayed that a woman matching Teri's description

    was spotted walking around Griffith Park, near the safe house. Tony already sent an Agent Williams over to check on that.

    5:32 P.M.-5:36 P.M.: Dr. Parslow gives Teri a once-over and arrives at the keen diagnosis that somebody may have roughed her up. Teri wonders if she hit

    her head and that's why she has amnesia. When Parslow asks if she has any other pain, she indicates her abdomen. He tells her he believes her amnesia is

    disassociative, which can happen when a person suffers severe emotional trauma and/or severely awful writing. He tries to get her to change her mind about

    the hospital. She acts like she's Raymond Babbitt and he just asked her to fly Delta. Sherry is on the phone in jubilant spirits; Palmer won New York.

    After giving her other party the brush-off and finding out from Patty that David is attending to business elsewhere for a few minutes, Sherry sneaks into

    a room with a wall safe. She enters the combination, retrieves an envelope addressed to the District Attorney, and quickly hides it behind her back when

    she's interrupted by Patty. Patty came in to tell her that the person she just cut off has called back. Sherry rudely gives her the brush-off too. Once

    Patty has left, Sherry opens the envelope, pulls out Keith's tape, and closes the safe without it.

    5:41 P.M.-5:45 P.M.: Sherry is still sitting in the safe room when Palmer returns. He goes straight to the safe, and she tells him she knows that he and

    Keith had a talk. He thinks she should talk to Keith as well, since he needs both their support. Considering Keith an adult -- and why not, he'll probably

    be tried as one -- she doesn't plan on it. Palmer opens the safe, and sees his envelope is missing. He turns to Sherry, giving her the look of death. She

    doesn't have any problems getting it off her chest that she destroyed the tape. After she serves up a self-righteous lecture, Palmer tells her that it

    breaks his heart that he was right about her. He then pulls the real tape out of his pocket. Sherry wipes the egg off her face long enough to say she'll

    do whatever it takes to protect her family. Or just her son anyway -- she doesn't really seem to care much about what happens to her husband. She asks

    him if that makes her a bad person. Rather than answer, he walks away from her like she's got the plague, and orders Mike to schedule a press conference

    now. One would think Mike would by now know what to expect from the flighty senator, but his shock and surprise in light of the fact that Palmer has one

    coming up in a few hours would attest otherwise.

    5:45 P.M.-5:48 P.M.: Jack puts his ear mike in, packs his prop briefcase, and confirms that Nina can hear him. He asks her and Teddy where they're positioned.

    Teddy tells Jack to change his position, because he's blocking his view. When Jack takes a few steps back as requested, Teddy tells him he's got a perfect

    shot now. Little does Jack know that Teddy just asked him to step into his view. Hardly the proponent of bygones being bygones, Teddy passes an astute

    observation on Jack, the great humanitarian, pulling out a chair for an old woman. Nina attempts to stifle him while they're working, but Teddy would much

    rather let Jack know about Seth Campbell's wife, Judy, who hung herself. She didn't even leave a note, he continues, because she probably figured it was

    obvious, what, with her husband in prison, his pension gone, and their four kids to feed. Much better to kill herself and let them starve to death on their

    own. And all because Jack ratted him out for stealing dirty money. Jack follows Nina's lead in trying to get Teddy to stop talking without the aid of Quaker

    granola bars, but they'd likely have an easier time shutting Kimberly up. Jack offers to sit down with him and tell him his side of the story sometime

    when it's convenient. But Teddy's calling the shots here. Literally -- he is the one with the rifle. Nina rings Mason and asks him to stop Teddy's chatter.

    Mason has Tony put him through to Teddy's line. He then blasts the chronic complainer for picking the wrong time to throw down the gauntlet. Mason asks

    Jack if he's okay, which he claims to be. The question is: is Teddy okay?

    5:53 P.M.-5:54 P.M.: Myovic is sneaking around outside the Bauer's house. He's about to break in when he spots their alarm system. Before he thinks up a

    plan to get around it (if he can, since finding women wandering aimlessly down main roads is apparently too daunting a task for him), Agent Williams shows

    up. Myovic ducks behind a tree out of Williams' line of sight and, with trusty binoculars in hand, peeps at the agent's U.S. government license plate.

    Williams checks something outside the house, then cluelessly walks straight towards the tree that the armed Myovic has hid behind. They'll soon have some

    company, considering that Dr. Parslow is driving Teri home.moreless
Edoardo Ballerini

Edoardo Ballerini


Guest Star

Vincent Angell

Vincent Angell

Dr. Phil Parslow

Guest Star

Henri Lubatti

Henri Lubatti

Jovan Myovic

Guest Star

Zeljko Ivanek

Zeljko Ivanek

Andre Drazen

Recurring Role

Vicellous Shannon

Vicellous Shannon

Keith Palmer

Recurring Role

Xander Berkeley

Xander Berkeley

George Mason

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • The house represented in the Bauer residence in the establishing shot of Episode 1 and the house in this episode are completely different. The house in Episode 1 was a 60's ranch, while the house in this episode is a contemporary 50's house.

    • When the Palmer leaves the room after talking with Sherry, the frame on the wall is opened as well as the safe. When he leaves though, outside, from the mirror reflection you see the frame is closed.

    • When Jack tried to call the safe-house, he said that no one was picking up. Previously, when Tony tried to call the house, he said the phone wasn't even ringing, presumably because the phone-line was cut.

    • Rick tells Kimberly that she can catch a taxi at Fourth. The closed captioning reads Forest. Additionally, the person that Jack meets with mentions something that's going to happen at 7:20. The closed captioning reads 7:30, as does the synopsis at FOX's official website.

    • Continuity error when Jack and Nina are on the escalator at the California Plaza: in the medium shots, a man and a woman are seen a few steps in front of them. In the long shot, Jack and Nina are the only ones on the escalator.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Mason: Jack, you're all set up?
      Jack: Yeah, the team's in place?
      Mason: Yeah, that's what I wanted to call you about. Teddy Hanlin's handling backup.
      Jack: What?!
      Mason: Hang on, don't freak out...I'm sure everything's going to be fine. Just avoid a confrontation.
      Jack: Dammit, George, how could you let this happen?
      Mason: Look Jack, I'm sorry, I just found out about it. Division made the assignment.
      Jack: Fine, I understand, I'll deal with it. (hangs up phone) I don't believe this!
      Nina: What?
      Jack: Teddy Hanlin's in charge of backup.
      Nina: Is that Campbell's old partner?
      Jack: Yeah.
      Nina: (flatly) Great.

    • Mason: What's up?
      Tony: Jack's on the phone, he wants to talk to you.
      Mason: Okay.
      Tony: Also, he also wants the number to the safe house.
      Mason: Of course he does!

  • NOTES (2)