Season 1 Episode 19

Day 1: 6:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2002 on FOX

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    6:02 PM - 6:10 PM
    Teri and Phil arrive at the Bauer home. As Teri looks for the spare key, Jovan takes aim, but he can't get a clear shot. They go inside, setting off the security alarm. Teri can't remember the password when the security company calls, so they tell her they will be sending someone out right away.

    At the mall, the man Jack met with is carried away in a body bag. Nina reports to Jack that she has learned his name and that he worked for Pacific Electric in Saugus. Jack tells Nina to go back to CTU and figure out where the power was supposed to be turned off.

    The security people arrive at the Bauer home and turn off the alarm. Teri is at a loss to explain why she can't remember her password, but the officers see photos of her with Jack and Kim and conclude that she does, in deed, live there. One officer tells Teri that he's going to check all of the contacts around the house, which will take about 15 minutes. The others leave, as Jovan watches from the bushes.

    Mason arrives at the mall and blasts Jack for a mounting body count wherever he goes. He then goes to speak to Teddy, as Jack's cell phone rings. Its Palmer, who has gotten a hold of the Drazen file. It only contains an address, which just happens to be located in Saugus. Jack thanks Palmer and then calls Tony, telling him to check on the specifics of the address. He then heads for his car as Mason catches up with him. Jack tells George that he's heading for Saugus to check out the address, and George decides to tag along.

    Back at Rick's, Frank frets that he can't find Dan and the money. He tries to call him, but fails to reach him, so he tosses his cell phone across the room and storms into another room. Kim starts to leave, but Melanie stops her, claiming that Kim will go to the cops. Kim says she doesn't care about their drug deal, but only wants to find her mom. Melanie doesn't buy it, thinking that Kim came for Rick. Melanie says no one leaves until Dan gets back. "He's not coming back," Kim blurts out, just as Frank walks back into the room. Frank pulls a gun on her and sits her on the couch, while Rick tries to explain about Gaines killing Dan. Frank smashes a lamp in anger, and asks Rick where their money is now. Rick says they never got paid. Frank doesn't take this well, since the dealers are on their way over now with the stuff.

    6:14 PM - 6:23 PM
    The Palmers are trying to share some quality time over dinner, but Sherry sees to it that the tranquility is short-lived. She starts in on David about what he plans to say to the press. She then blasts Keith for getting them all into this mess in the first place. David defends the family, saying no one did anything wrong, so they have nothing to hide. Sherry disagrees, saying David isn't paying attention to the larger picture…the one that has the White House in it. Eventually, Nicole starts to flip out and has a panic attack. Sherry yells for a doctor as David carries Nicole to a couch. Nicole bursts into sobs, telling her dad how sorry she is.

    Nina arrives back at CTU and calls Jack. She tells him that the address shows up as a wildlife preserve in Saugus. Jack asks her to pull some satellite maps on the area and send them to him. Jack hangs up and George asks him about his connection with the Drazens. George figures out that this whole day boils down to revenge by the Drazens on Jack and Palmer for Operation Nightfall. Jack apologizes to George for shooting him last night. Jack says he feels a lot better now that he knows his family is safe. George doesn't answer.

    At the Bauer home, Teri sits in Kim's room and examines her things, while Phil watches. Teri asks why she and Jack split up, and Phil says that they grew apart when Jack returned from some unknown assignment. Phil says that she and Jack got back together because they didn't want to lose the family. Teri tells Phil that she feels safe with him.

    At Rick's, Kim tries to persuade Rick that they should get out of there. Rick won't go, because he knows Frank is a psycho and its too dangerous to cross him. Kim tries to sneak out, but runs into some of Frank's buddies who are just showing up with more guns. Frank says that since they don't have the money, they're going to rip off the dealers.

    6:27 PM - 6:34 PM
    In the Palmer suite, a doctor checks out Nicole and says she's okay. David tells her that its important that they all act as a family right now. He tells Sherry that he needs her more than ever, but she merely compliments him on his tie. Maybe she's fantasizing about hanging him with it.

    At the Bauer home, Teri looks through her appointment book and sees Phil's name. She says she can't remember him, but she remembers air hockey. Phil tells her that she is an interior designer, just as the doorbell rings. Chris, a friend of Phil's, enters, and Phil explains that he's there to help protect her. Teri sees that Chris is wearing a gun and it upsets her, so Phil tells him to wait outside.

    Outside, Jovan speaks to Andre on his cell phone. He tells Andre that he's at the Bauer home and will kill Teri as soon as he takes care of some interference. Jovan asks about Alexis, but Andre says he still hasn't heard from him and that they should assume he is dead. Andre tells him to call when he's finished the job and hangs up. Jovan watches Chris from behind a bush.

    Palmer greets the press and begins his conference. He comes clean about Carl and the group of his backers, and how he had no knowledge of their cover-up of Keith's actions. He tells the press core that he's coming clean for the sake of his family. Keith and Nicole watch him on TV and smile. Carl and his buddies are also watching, but they aren't as impressed with Palmer's candor. "I'll take care of it," Carl says menacingly. Another man tells him that its too late for that.

    6:38 PM - 6:42 PM
    Palmer continues his speech, telling the press that he will stick by his son, and that his daughter is a rape victim and not a source. He reiterates that he had no knowledge of what his backers were doing.

    At CTU, Nina confronts Tony when she learns that the safehouse was hit. Tony tells her that he was under orders from Mason not to say anything to her or Jack. Tony assures Nina that they are looking for Kim and Teri, but she's not satisfied. Nina says Jack has the right to know about his family and storms off to call him.

    6:43 PM - 6:47 PM
    George's phone rings and Nina blasts him for not telling Jack about his family. George smoothes over the conversation by pretending to talk about something else, then he hangs up on Nina. Nina tries to call Jack's cell, but George pretends that his battery is dying and borrows Jack's phone, tying up the line so Nina can't reach him. They finally reach their destination and pull up to a fence. They get out and head toward some trees. They come upon a power transformer and Jack reasons that it can't be a wildlife preserve, since there is no water around.

    At Rick's place, Frank and his buddies get set up as the dealers arrive. They enter and ask about Rick and Kim, but Frank brushes them off and gets down to the deal. The dealer asks about the money and Frank tosses a bag on the couch. The Dealer goes to look it over, when Frank's buddies pop out of hiding with drawn guns. The two dealers draw their guns, resulting in a standoff. Finally, the two dealers drop their weapons and sit on the couch. Frank slams Rick on his wounded shoulder with his gun. "That's for not keeping my brother alive," he says.

    6:51 PM - 7:00 PM
    At CTU, Tony finds Nina checking the hospitals in case they've picked up Teri and Kim. Tony assures Nina that he's doing all he can. "Are you," Nina says and walks away.

    At Rick's, Frank takes the drugs and points a gun at the dealer. At first he acts as if he's going to shoot him, but then he only breaks the guy's nose and tells him to get out. The dealer hesitates and then tells Frank that he has the right to remain silent. BUSTED! Cops bust in and gunfire erupts, killing one of Frank's pals, as the rest are taken into custody, including Kim.

    Palmer wraps up his press conference by asking the public to forgive him, as he's not the first elected official to make a mistake. He walks off and he and Keith share a father-son moment together.

    At the Bauer home, Teri looks at pictures of Phil's family. The kettle starts to whistle in the kitchen and Phil goes to get the tea. Chris comes in and asks to use the bathroom. Jovan comes in right behind him and shoots Chris in the head. Phil walks back in with the tea tray and Jovan shoots him in the arm, sending both tea and doctor crashing to the floor. Jovan stands over Teri, who is now terrified. "Tell me where your daughter is and I'll make it as painless as possible, I promise," he says. "I…don't…know," Teri gasps. Jovan goes to shoot her, but Tony appears behind him and shoots him twice in the head. He tells Teri to step away, but Teri can't move. She suddenly gets her memory back and remembers about Kim and the car accident.