Season 1 Episode 8

Day 1: 7:00 A.M. - 8:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 2002 on FOX
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Nina and Tony discover the identity of the mole inside CTU who is working for Gaines. Teri and Kim are finally reunited. Still under Gaines' control, Jack goes to the Palmer breakfast, where he learns what Gaines has planned for him. Jack manages to foil the assassination attempt, but is captured by Secret Service in the process.moreless

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  • The time has come.

    In this episode the time has come for Palmer to give his speech and with the shooter at the breakfast I was wondering why Gaines was taking Jack there Things started to become more clear towards the end but Jack's attempts to get Palmer out of there wasn't enough as it seemed Gaines had everything under control The attempt to frame Jack would've worked if the secret service never apprehended him but Jack feared that his family would be killed for failing but it was close to happening.moreless
  • About this episode

    It had great single camera picture editing.
  • Another amazing Episode!!!!!!!!!

    Another amazing episode, following the previous one.

    Jack situation seemed impossible to overcome, and you don´t really know what Gaines wanted with Jack, until near the End.

    All of the scenes involving the Palmer assassination, was very well done, with Jack always seeking a solution to stop this attack.

    Tony and Nina made a great Team. Like I was predicting, Tony is a good character and now he was essenctial for Nina to discover who is the mole in CTU. How they caught Jamey was very well done.

    Teri and Kim now are together, and their situation created a suspenseful scene at the end.

    Overral, another amazing episode, that mantain the level of excitement.moreless
  • All the action...

    This episode was amazing.. first the whole action what was going on.. then the excitement. Nina and Tony together make great team and they getting Jamey out and learning what she knows and using her - I think the best part of this episode goes for them.

    I cannot say that Jack now alone trying to save his family was less exciting. His strugle to get message out, save his family and still play their game.. that was very well done.

    And I think this was one of the first episodes I really did not think that it would have been better without Kim and Teri's storylines as they are quite annoying chars.. But this time they worked fine.moreless
  • good show

    7:02 A.M.-7:08 A.M.: As Nina is leaving the scene of the crime, the California primary opens. Jonathan's on his way to the breakfast when Gaines rings him to make sure he's in. Sherry asks Palmer if he's decided what he's going to do. He says he's rewritten his speech, which now includes the truth. Keith and his father have an argument, as Keith expects he'll be going to prison for killing a white man. Before Jonathan gets past security, Palmer's press assistant, Jessica Abrams, introduces herself, as she's a big fan. Pierce runs a check on Jonathan, and gives him clearance. Gaines' thugs bring Teri into his compound. Gaines orders Jack to pull over at a bus stop. A man waiting there has been expecting Jack, and gives him a briefcase. Jack won't carry on until he can speak to his family, so Gaines lets his new arrival have a word on the phone before making him drive to the power plant where the breakfast is being held. Gaines tells Teri she'll be released within an hour if Jack does as told. She asks to see Kimberly, so the thugs take her there. 7:08 A.M.-7:11 A.M.: Back at CTU, Jamey sees she's gotten a message, retrieves a handheld device from her desk, and leaves her station. Milo, who's in a bad mood, stops her to ask what happened to Nina and what he should do with the keycard. Jamey doesn't care, brushes him off, goes into the ladies' room, locks herself in a stall, turns on her handheld, and takes the message. It's from Gaines, who -- surprise, surprise -- is watching her. He asks if Milo knows he's working on the wrong keycard. She types "yes." Next, he asks if this is going to be a problem. She types "no." Gaines finishes the Q&A session by relaying that Nina is dead, so make up a story for why she's not there. Jamey doesn't seem to be a very good spy, as the news personally affects her. Two of Gaines' thugs reunite Teri and Kimberly, and lock them both up in the back room of the shed. They cry and weep and hug and do assorted girly things. 7:15 A.M.-7:17 A.M.: Kimberly asks her mother where Jack is. She only knows that he knows where they are. Kimberly apologizes for being a bad seed, and explains the situation about Rick, Dan and Janet when questioned. 7:17 A.M.-7:25 A.M.: Nina comes upon a deserted building, and busts her way in. Conveniently, there's a working phone there for her, so she tries to call Jamey for help. Lucky for Nina that Jamey is not at her desk and doesn't answer. Tony sees her phone ringing, but leaves it be. Nina hangs up, and this time calls Tony, who answers his own phone. Nina won't explain the entire situation, except to say that no one else at CTU can know she's alive. She asks him to get Jamey. He doesn't want to until he tells her what's wrong, but caves in after being yelled at. While he's about to hand her the phone, he overhears Milo arguing with Jamey about when Nina will return. Jamey replies dishonestly to Tony that she just talked to Nina a few minutes ago. So Tony doesn't let Nina speak to Jamey, and instead says she just lied to him about her whereabouts. In a panic, Nina warns Tony that they can't trust her, and Jack told her earlier that CTU has been infiltrated. Realizing Jamey probably thinks she's dead, Nina asks Tony to secretely bring her back in, as the surveillance system is probably bugged. Tony gets her address, and sends a car to pick her up. Palmer and Sherry get out of their limo, greet some men at the door and enter the power plant. Jack is now inside, too, but still needs to get through security. Pierce asks him to open the case the man at the bus stop gave him. There's a laptop inside, and Pierce wants to know why he needs one. After Jack makes up an explanation, Pierce asks him to turn it on. Seeing it work satisfies Pierce, who lets Jack in and tells him the senator is on his way. No sooner than he's clear than Jessica calls Jack over. They knew each other from high school, and she wants to make up for old times, but Gaines won't let him. Once Jack has excused himself from his old friend, Gaines says he has to give the briefcase to one of the terrorists, and now must wait until it's time. Jack sees Palmer arrived. Jessica welcomes him in, and introduces him to the photographer, Martin Belkin. 7:29 A.M.-7:37 A.M.: While Kimberly is dozing off, Teri looks for a way out of the shed. She fools around with a locked window, but is interrupted by Rick, who has brought some food. He introduces himself to her politely. She doesn't know that Rick is a buffoon, and attacks him for what he did to Kimberly. Gaines' thug enters the shed and sees the two in a struggle. Teri lets go, and the thug warns Rick not to make friends, as the ladies won't be around much longer. That's not what Rick wants to hear. Gaines tells Jack it's time, and gives him his new position on the chessboard. Jessica gets in his way again, and starts digging up more old memories that Gaines doesn't have time for. Gaines sees Jack is trying to write a message to her ("Get Palmer Out"), and has another one of his men, Jared, save the day by bumping into Jessica before Jack can hand her the piece of paper (which he told her contained his phone number). That plan foiled, Gaines orders Jack to wait in a medical station until he's needed. The car Tony called for Nina has brought her back to CTU. After she makes sure that the cameras can't see them, Tony lets her in through a side entrance. She explains that Jack is not himself, because the terrorists have his wife and daughter. Tony asks what does she want to do about Jamey. Nina doesn't want to do anything yet, and doesn't want Tony to call Secret Service or else Teri and Kimberly may get killed. Tony couldn't give a crap about them, and goes to make the call anyway. Nina stops him at first, but then lets him call. Jonathan enters the room where Gaines has had Jack wait, and makes Jack assemble the rifle he's going to shoot Palmer with, courtesy various parts that were stashed under Jack's laptop. With Jack's prints all over the weapon, Jonathan packs up the rifle in his camera bag and goes to leave when Jack pulls a gun on him out of anger. Jonathan doesn't flinch, and tells Jack to put it away or someone will get hurt. Jack doesn't put it away -- at least not until after Jonathan has left the room. 7:41 A.M.-7:44 A.M.: Tony goes to see Milo. While Jamey is present, Tony tells him that the keycard was a forgery and he found the original in Jack's office. Milo wants to know why Jack swapped it. Tony says it doesn't matter, since he's sent it to the archive lab, and Milo is getting it back after they're done with it. Tony leaves and calls up Pierce, while Nina monitors Jamey's panic attack from one of the computers. Tony tells Pierce that Jack may have been compromised, is a threat, and the appropriate action should be taken. Nina tells Tony via an ear microphone that Jamey has gotten up and gone to the bathroom. Through Nina's orders, Tony follows Jamey, warned that he has to time his entrance and exit right as the cameras are on a 20-second loop. As they both wait for the 20 seconds to end, Jamey takes her place in the stall and starts to dial Gaines. Nina gives Tony the signal to go. He pulls his gun, storms the bathroom, enters the stall next to Jamey's, points the gun at her, and orders her out. She drops her handheld, picks it up, and Tony rushes her out of the restroom at gunpoint, all in just under 20 seconds. And how nice of Tony -- he let Jamey hang on to her means of communication the whole time, too. 7:44 A.M.-7:48 A.M.: Pierce interrupts Palmer while he's making small talk with some people. Pierce says he's been informed there's a problem with one of the CTU agents, and Palmer needs to leave now. But Palmer doesn't want to leave, as he's really itching to be assassinated. So he recommends Pierce find the problem agent and take care of him. Through his top-secret security handphone, Pierce tells the good agents there that Palmer is going through with his speech, so the only other option for them is to find and detain Jack. After hearing Pierce's description of Jack, Agent Hayes responds, asking Pierce how to proceed. Tony brings Jamey back to the room where Nina was spying on her. And, look, she's still got her handheld. Nina is somewhat smarter than Tony, and swipes the handheld away from her, while both inquire as to whom she was calling in the bathroom. Jamey plays dumb, so Nina gets violent with the little pinko, and threatens to send her to jail. Out of fear, Jamey explains that they only asked her to tap into the security cameras at first, but later started sending her messages -- messages about Jack and the keycard. Jamey swears she never thought it would come to what it has and didn't think anyone would get hurt. But no matter how many times Nina and Tony ask, she won't say who she was doing it for unless they give her Agency Counsel. Fed up with her, Tony breaks out his handcuffs and chains bawling Jamey to a desk. Jack is ransacking the medical room looking for something or other, but stops when he hears Palmer being welcomed to the podium.moreless
Jackie Debatin

Jackie Debatin

Jessica Abrams

Guest Star

Jesse D. Goins

Jesse D. Goins

Alan Hayes

Guest Star

Mark Clayman

Mark Clayman

Man At Bus Stop

Guest Star

Michael Massee

Michael Massee

Ira Gaines

Recurring Role

Daniel Bess

Daniel Bess


Recurring Role

Vicellous Shannon

Vicellous Shannon

Keith Palmer

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Nina says that Tony has 20 seconds to get Jamey out of the washroom. But from the time the camera switches off to back on again is more than 20 seconds.

    • When Teri and Kim are held in the shed, Kim is wearing black socks and red shoes. In all other episodes she is wearing sandals.

    • Jamey's supposed to be receiving messages using her PDA. However, you can clearly see "Memo X of 3" above each of the messages, showing that they were pre-written onto the PDA.

    • Cameraman Alert! When Nina calls Tony at CTU after stumbling into the empty building, a technician holding a handheld camera can be seen in the right side of the screen. (This only appears in the widescreen version).

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Milo: So what am I supposed to be doing?
      Jamey: Why don't you help me format some files?
      Milo: They didn't bring me in here at five in the morning to format files!

  • NOTES (4)

    • When Gaines pulls up Jamey's name on his computer among a list of other agents with other IP addresses, the names of the other agents are all names of 24 crew members.

    • Jack's opening monologue is introduced in this episode --"Right now, terrorists are plotting to assassinate a presidential candidate, my teenage daughter is missing, and people that I work with may be involved in both. I'm Federal Agent Jack Bauer. Today is going to be the longest day of my life." It will change over the course of the season as Jack's life changes.

    • The IP addresses used in the show were made to be over 255 since those addresses don't work, much like 555 is the default prefix for phone numbers.

    • This episode won an Emmy for editing (Chris Willingham) and received an additional nomination for dramatic underscore (Sean Callery).