Season 1 Episode 9

Day 1: 8:00 A.M. - 9:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2002 on FOX
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Jack tries to explain his situation to Secret Service, but they are unwilling to release him. He manages to escape and hides out with a hostage while contacting CTU. Nina and Tony turn up the pressure on Jamey and finally learn about Gaines, but tragedy strikes before they can act. Teri sacrifices herself to save Kim from a brutal experience.moreless

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  • Jack is in trouble.

    After the last episode Jack's search for his family hit a dead end and in this episode he is in custody of the Secret Service but not for long when he is left no choice but to escape The whole thing with Jack hiding out with a hostage wasn't going to work because she was always going to tell the Secret Service Despite Nina's best attempts to get information out of the mole it wasn't enough as she committed suicide so she never had to talk The Palmer storyline takes a new direction now that he thinks the government are secretly trying to kill him but we will soon see where that storyline goes.moreless
  • The usual Level!!!!!

    After the last intense episode, it was not possible do create another one. This episode show exactly that.

    Everyone gets their share on screen.

    First, Teri and Kim continue to be captive, however, this time, teri was raped, in order to save Kim and get a Phone.

    Jack situation is worse than ever. He also managed to escape, but he is human and he have to rest a little, good detail in that sense.

    Palmer Plot continue to be a little interesting, when sherry make her move, to save who?

    What happened with Jamey was unexpected, also this provided a good ending for the next episode.moreless
  • Sixty winks

    Since the Palmer assassination threat ended in the last episode, I guess people needed a break from the tension. This episode gives us just that; the characters take a few breathers as they get ready to tackle what's to come in the next few hours.

    Jack manages to escape his predicament and hide out with a hostage. His time spent with Lauren Proctor, slow though it may be, gives some nice insight into his character and lets us reflect on the happenings of the last eight episodes, while anticipating what's to come in the next fifteen. Then there's the little plot development where Teri is raped by one of her captors. Yeah, the bad taste in my mouth is probably deliberate, but this also confused me when Teri later found out she was preg…um, pregnable?

    Sherry manages to convince Maureen Kingsley to put the Gibson story on hold for the time being. Translation: she buys time for the writers to cram in another twist later on.

    What largely keeps this episode afloat is the action at CTU. There's some good drama with Nina, Tony, and Jamey, and the twist at the end (which I did see coming) is another in the line of major turning points that twist the plot around and keep the show cool.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Jack's escape from the power plant. Awesome music.moreless
  • After 8am...

    The really have the tempo on, full motion. This episode was somehow very intense.. so many things happening on the same time. first Bauer and his struggle with secret service and then running and that somehow quiet moment with that woman he kidnapped. It was somehow like reality check - Bauer is still human and he is also tired.. I think the best part of this episode for me was Nina and Tony in CTU trying to work things out with Jamey and she somehow, even if she betrayed them, is char I say I do like. The way she and Tony talked while Nina was out - very good dialog. And the end - the choice she made. And what kind of trouble now Nina and Tony will be.

    And of course some quite interesting turns in side of Bauer family and Teri/Kim side.. now they have a phone and I hope they will put it into good use.moreless
  • good show

    8:02 A.M.-8:09 A.M.: Pierce and his crew get the Palmers safely out of the plant and into a limo, while Eli and the other thug lock weeping Teri and Kimberly back up in the shed, and Hayes and the other agents turn a handcuffed Jack over to their boss, Frank Simes. With one hand chained to a pole, Jack attempts to plead his case to Simes so he'll uncuff him. Because Tony turned him in, Simes doesn't buy it. Jack tells Simes that Tony doesn't know what he knows, and Palmer's life is still in danger with Jonathan lurking around. Rather than let Jack go, Simes calls Palmer's security to get a list of the photographers who were at the breakfast. After beating her down, Tony gets Jamey to divulge Gaines' name and Nina gets her to divulge that Gaines is the one watching them. Tony and Nina need to get the cameras shut off, but can't cut the feed as that will look too suspicious. Jamey says she knows what to say (as well she better, since she was the one who tapped into the cameras in the first place). Gaines, in a rage, is on the phone with someone trying to find out if Jonathan got a shot off. He hangs up to see all his feeds are down. Before he can find out why, Jamey calls to say she had to shut off his tap, because Milo was on to them. This does nothing to lower Gaines' blood pressure, nor does it buy Nina and Tony much time, as Gaines wants Jack back under his command ASAP. Nina gives Milo Jamey's projects, explaining she's no longer on the team. Greedy Milo wants a pay hike, which Nina says he'll get. From the backseat of his limo, Palmer calls up Mike, who tells him someone has been taken into custody, but they don't know who. Sherry thinks he should have listened to the warnings, but Palmer has a good laugh about his near-death experience. Jack starts yelling at Simes at the top of the lungs. Angry black man Hayes gets annoyed at having to listen to Jack, and forcefully tries to make sit. Simes calls Hayes off, and tells Jack he's turning him in and not letting him back on the case. Jack wants a moment alone with Simes to tell him something in private, so Simes gives Hayes the signal to jet. One on one, Jack explains the truth about Teri and Kimberly, how the terrorists used the threat of killing his family to get him to smuggle the weapon through security to give to the assassin, and how he got Palmer out of the room, thus saving his life. This Simes seems to believe, but he still doesn't have to authority to free Jack, only District does. But Jack knows District won't. Hayes and two other men uncuff Jack from the pole, cuff his hands together, and lead him into the plant's boiler room. As Jack is making his grand exit, Simes says he's sorry. Jack says he will be when Palmer dies. 8:09 A.M.-8:12 A.M.: After observing men working in the boiler room, Jack gets a bright idea, and turns on several valves with his arms -- which in turn blow enough steam in the agents' faces for him to get away from them with one of their guns. A chase ensues, during which Jack jumps a chain-link fence, slides down an embankment leading to the highway, runs out into the street, and with stolen pistol in hand, hijacks the oncoming car of an unsuspecting waitress. 8:16 A.M.-8:18 A.M.: At gunpoint, Jack forces the terrified waitress to drive him where he needs to go, and shouts at her when she botches the directions. He has her pull over in the deserted parking lot of a construction site, and orders her to come with him while he makes a phone call. The half-finished building on the site is locked, so Jack smashes in the window with his elbow. 8:18 A.M.-8:24 A.M.: Tony expresses his disgust with Jamey for betraying her country and being responsible for the deaths of innocent people. He asks her how much they're paying her, figuring it must have been a million or more, and is further disgusted to learn it's just $300,000. Jamey rationalizes her behavior by saying she has to support her son by herself since her husband left her, and that it's not fair that she works twice as hard as the rest of the staff, but makes half as much. Tony dishes up the ultimate insult by calling the little complainer an embarrassment to all of CTU. And you know he means business, too, because he says it in Spanish. Nina returns to say she's got Milo researching Gaines. She asks Jamey to call Gaines and tell him Jack's on his way back to CTU, but Jamey refuses to do anything more until she gets immunity in writing. The phone rings -- it's Jack, calling from the office he broke into. He's relieved that Nina answers, and explains that he put the flak jacket on her because they wanted him to kill her. When she asks why her, he says it's because she started piecing things together. Jack gets Nina up to snuff about what's doing with Teri and Kimberly, and she gets him up to snuff by outing Jamey as the mole. Jack doesn't believe that, as Walsh cleared her. But when Nina tells him that Walsh was mistaken since Jamey already confessed, he realizes she had access to everything -- including details about his family. Even though Nina says Jamey's not cooperating, Jack wants to talk to her anyway. He sucks up to Jamey, professing that he doesn't care about protocol and he'll get her off the hook if she helps him bring down Gaines and save Teri and Kimberly. Jamey sees through his B.S., and continues to demand immunity first. Nina gets back on the phone, and asks Jack what he wants her to do. Since he's about as thrilled with Jamey's work ethic as Tony is, he mentions Jamey's son to Nina, and tells her to bring him in so the kid can see his mommy in handcuffs. Nina tries to make him understand he's acting in the heat of the moment, but Jack carries on, requesting a loaded car (9mm ammo, locksmith kit, the works) be dropped off near the building he's staked out. After they hang up, the waitress asks Jack who he is and what does he want from her. He explains about the kidnapping -- the other one -- but she doesn't understand why he's running from the police then. He reads her nametag, Lauren, and introduces himself as important agent Jack Bauer, whom various people are attempting to detain from his job. Lauren still doesn't understand why he needs her when he's got a car and a hideout. He says that if they find him and try to take him back into custody, he has to make them believe that he's willing to do something crazy for his freedom. She equates that to him shooting her. He attempts to allay her fears by saying he won't shoot her. She believes that, and gets up to leave. When he frantically asks what she's doing, she responds that he isn't the only one with problems -- she works the night shift and was on her way to court for a DUI charge. He decides to bring her fears back by cocking his gun at her before she gets to the door. After letting a good scream out of her system, she has no choice but to listen as he rants about the two people he's killed recently, then decides remaining his hostage is better than making it three.moreless
Michael Bryan French

Michael Bryan French

Frank Simes

Guest Star

Kathleen Wilhoite

Kathleen Wilhoite

Lauren Proctor

Guest Star

Jesse D. Goins

Jesse D. Goins

Alan Hayes

Guest Star

Michael Massee

Michael Massee

Ira Gaines

Recurring Role

Vicellous Shannon

Vicellous Shannon

Keith Palmer

Recurring Role

Karina Arroyave

Karina Arroyave

Jamey Farrell

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Elisha Cuthbert couldn't run in the sandals so the costume department painted sneakers to match.

    • In the previous episode, Jack called Frank "Miller" to get clearance for the breakfast, but now his last name is "Simes".

    • Continuity Error: When Kim sits and waits while Teri is being raped, her shoes change from the ones she's been wearing the past 8 episodes. When Teri returns after the rape and commercial break, there's a clear shot showing that she's back in the sandals she's been wearing for the whole series up until now.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Jack: I used to be in the military. Used to do field work for the CIA. I've been to some horrible places; I've seen some pretty terrible things. I don't think I've ever been this scared in my whole life.

    • Novick: What are you doing?
      Palmer: I'm pouring myself a drink, Mike.
      Novick: It's not even nine in the morning.

    • Palmer: It's not clear what happened, and I'm afraid I'm intact and as grouchy as ever.

    • Nina: From this moment on, you are taking over all of Jamey's projects.
      Milo: Why?
      Nina: Doesn't matter, she's no longer on the team.
      Milo: Okay, fine, but if I am going to take over an entire department, I want a bump in pay.

    • Jack: I have killed two people since midnight. I haven't slept in over 24 hours. So maybe you should be a little more afraid of me than you are now.

  • NOTES (3)


  • 8:00 pm
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    500 Questions
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    The Island Man Up