Season 1 Episode 22

Day 1: 9:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 07, 2002 on FOX
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The Drazens contact Mason and offer to trade Jack for Alexis. Mason is reluctant, but Palmer pressures him to go ahead with the deal. Nina and Tony try to distract Teri when they learn of Kim's most recent abduction. Palmer is tempted by a member of his staff.moreless

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  • The Drazens demand Alexis in exchange for Jack. Mason struggles to deal with Teri at CTU. One of Senator Palmer's staff members makes a move on him.

    Here's something you don't say much regarding episodes of "24" this episode was rather dull. I assume the writers set up this episode to set the stage for the finale. I guess you could say they did a respectable job at least. However the episode as a whole felt rather hollow. I also think that Jack did not have any strong dialogue here. Listening to him try to persuade the Drazens while in the van just did not seem genuine to me. The many flaws of this episode undermine it and make it almost unwatchable.moreless
  • Transitional!!!!!!!

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    This episode was slower, because the writers save all for the next two episodes. This episode is only the setup. The exchange between Jack and Alexis was made. Kim, Teri, Tony and George mason situation continue the same.

    Palmer new plot continues to be boring. Mason Makes a cool act in this Episode. This episode could not deserve more than 7.moreless
  • Least of the Final Five

    The writers are clearly stretching the story out, and it's wearing slightly thin. As in the previous hour, there is a self-contained conflict here: the Jack-Alexis trade. However, this isn't that exciting an episode for Jack himself. Notwithstanding a fun scene in the basement of a Slavic restaurant, all he does is get hauled around town by the Drazens.

    The interesting parts are what other characters do to arrange the trade: Nina goes into a darkened corner to make a secret call to Palmer, who then offers Mason an enticing deal to authorize the trade.

    Of course, that's not all Palmer has to deal with. We see that Patty's flirtatious actions have been brought on by Sherry herself, in some risible scheme to control her husband's future presidency from afar. That scheme now enters Phase Two as she gives Patty the go-ahead to sleep with Palmer. Bleh.

    Teri's fretting about Jack and Kim, and it's everything that Mason, Tony, and Nina can do to keep from smacking her. And you know what? Someone SHOULD smack her. That would definitely get this episode some higher points.

    As for Kim…OH, WHO CARES?!!

    Despite its slight lack of luster (huh?), this episode nicely continues the buildup to the finale, which is something that later seasons haven't really accomplished much.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Victor shoots Mila! Heehee! About the only thing I remember in detail from this episode.moreless
  • Somehow slow..

    I do not know. I had my hopes high after all what is going on and this episode was little disappointing. Maybe it was all too predictable and it all really get started in the bad guys hideout when that old enemy of Jack just started to shoot his own man. Bad temper, I think.

    CTU storyline was somehow cold and they have already done it - telling Teri that everything is all right when it is not. Ok, Nina and Tony talking about Nina and her work was somehow little better.

    Palmer is still in the webs her wife is making and I am not sure I am even getting where she tries to get but anyway - Jack is free now, they have Kim and we have two more hours..moreless
  • good episode

    9:02 PM - 9:11 PM

    Kim is thrown into the back of a car by her captors. They tie and gag her, then speed away.

    Palmer and Sherry take the stage at his political rally. Palmer begins to speak to his supporters, thanking them for sticking by him during the rough campaign. Sherry looks happy to be at his side, as Patty smiles in the audience.

    The Drazens are riding in a van with Jack. They force him to call Nina at CTU and patch them through to the hospital where Alexis is being treated. Victor talks to Alexis, and Alexis tells him that he got in trouble with a woman. Victor promises him that they will be together again soon. He then talks to Mason and tells him that he's willing to trade Jack's life for that of his son. Mason dodges by saying he doesn't have the authority to make the trade. Victor tells Mason that he's useless and that he should contact his superiors. He says he'll call back in 15 minutes and hangs up. Andre puts a hood over Jack's face.

    Back at Palmer headquarters, Palmer continues to crow about the fact that he has the party nomination in hand. Sherry goes to talk to Patty and casually drops the hint that she and David need a few days apart, so she's not going to Dallas with him.

    Mason tells Nina that Chappelle has refused to allow them to go through with the trade for Jack, since that would be a embarrassing admission that the government lost Drazen. Their plan is to let him return quietly to his country and pick him up later. Nina is angry that they are willing to sacrifice Jack's life, but Mason reminds her that they are all expendable. Nina goes into the conference room and talks to Teri, telling her that Jack has been taken hostage. Teri breaks down at the news.

    9:15 PM - 9:21 PM

    The Drazens take Jack into an underground hideout, full of high-tech machinery. They are greeted by an elderly man and his daughter, who promise to take good care of them. The Drazens eat while Jack is held in an alcove.

    At CTU, Teri barges into Mason's office and demands that he not let Jack die. Mason tells her that Jack can survive because he has special training. Teri snaps at Mason to stop patronizing her, so Mason bluntly informs her that Division won't allow him to go through with the trade. Teri angrily leaves his office and buttonholes Nina. Teri tells her that they have to figure out a way to save Jack. Nina tells her that she knows of someone who can help them.

    At the Palmer camp, the victory celebration is under way. Palmer is schmoozing with his guests when he is told that he has a phone call. Its Nina, who brings Palmer up to speed on Jack's capture by the Drazens, and the refusal of the DOD to trade Jack for Alexis. Palmer asks who is in charge and Nina tells him about Mason. Nina knows Mason is politically ambitious, and Palmer may be able to exploit that fact. He promises Nina that he'll make a few calls.

    At CTU, Tony learns that Kim has been kidnapped. Just as his secretary tells him, Teri walks up and asks about her daughter. Nina sends Teri back to the conference room and Tony tells her about Kim. He asks Nina if she's going to tell Teri about the kidnapping, but Nina doesn't answer.

    9:26 PM - 9:28 PM

    Mason takes a call from Palmer, who orders him to go through with the trade for Jack. Mason protests that he doesn't have the authority. Palmer tells him to disobey orders. That will result in Mason being reprimanded and demoted. Once Palmer is elected, he promises Mason that he'll get a high-level position in D.C., bypassing five years of middle management. Mason worries that Palmer may not be elected, but Palmer tells him that it's a done deal now that he's won the primary.

    At the Drazen lair, the Drazens continue to eat while Jack watches. Andre tells Victor that he's worried about transportation out of the country. The girl starts to clear away their plates, when Jack grabs a dinner knife, stabs one of Andre's henchmen and holds the knife to the girl's throat. The men pull their guns on Jack and he orders them to drop their weapons or he'll slit her throat. Everyone drops their guns, except Victor. Jack orders him to drop his weapon. He hesitates, then shoots the girl. "How could you do it," Jack yells as he is restrained and slugged a few times. Victor angrily tells Andre to call CTU again. Andre tells his men to keep the girl's father out of their way.

    9:29 PM - 9:34 PM

    Tony enters Mason's office, just as Andre calls. Mason tells Andre that they will make the switch on their terms. "That's an interesting dream," Andre says. He orders Mason to bring Alexis to a certain location in 30 minutes, where the trade will happen. Tony traces the location and Mason tells him to have the place surrounded when the trade goes down. Mason leaves to go get Alexis from the hospital.

    At the Palmer party, David continues to Celebrate Good Times, all right! Actually, he's having a private cell phone conversation, when Sherry corners him and tells him to get back to work. She tells him that he should get over his weakness when this is all over. Palmer tells her to stop talking down to him. They break up their loving chat and Palmer runs into Patty. They start discussing PR control for the Keith crisis and Patty tells him that she has prepared some statements for the press. Palmer says he'd like to see them, and they agree to meet upstairs in a suite in five minutes. Woo hoo!

    Back at the evil Drazen lair, the girl's father finds her body and begins to cry over her. Victor tries to convince him that Jack murdered her, but the father doesn't buy it. "You killed my daughter," he screams at Victor. Victor draws his gun and kills the father. Just then, two henchmen bring Kim into the room, still tied and gagged. Jack sees her and cries out, but Andre knocks him unconscious and orders his men to drag him outside. He then orders the rest of his crew to get the place cleaned up, as he and his father leave.

    9:38 PM - 9:47 PM

    Teri finds Nina and asks her about Jack. Nina tells her that the deal will go through. When Teri asks about Kim, Nina ducks her question. Teri asks for the cop's phone number so she can talk to Kim, but Nina says she doesn't know it. Teri thanks Nina for being so helpful to her through the crisis. Ha ha. Nina goes to talk with Tony and says she couldn't bring herself to tell Teri about Kim.

    In the Drazen van, Jack begs Victor to spare his daughter. He warns them that if they start killing innocents, they'll never make it out of the country. Andre pulls his gun and tells Jack that his best tactic is to be quiet and let his father rest.

    Palmer and Patty are going over the press statements, when Palmer decides to pop some champagne. He asks Patty if she has a boyfriend, but Patty says that the campaign is her life. She starts massaging Palmer's shoulders and being flirtatious. Palmer starts to kiss her, but then stops and says they should go back downstairs for some more face time.

    The Drazens pull up to an abandoned oil field and drag Jack out of the van. They handcuff him to a metal pole, and Andre tells him that a sniper will be aiming at his head while they leave. If the trade goes through, they'll let him go. Jack asks about his daughter and Andre says that he'll hear from them when the deal is over. Andre leaves Jack a scrambled cell phone and leaves.

    9:51 PM - 9:53 PM

    Palmer and Patty are back at the party. They're so excited, and they just can't hide it! Sherry introduces David to some AIDS researchers. David talks to them and delivers the best line of the hour; "so…what is it that the government can do for you that its not doing already?" Meanwhile, Sherry pulls Patty aside and asks her how things went upstairs. Patty says they went just fine. Sherry tells Patty that she needs her to be with David for the good of his campaign. Patty tells Sherry that she's not comfortable deceiving David, but Sherry convinces her that its all right. Sherry then rips off Patty's maraschino cherry from her drink, and walks away, proving that Sherry is a true politician at heart.moreless
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Juliette Dudnik


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Christina Moore


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George Mason

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    • (Teri storms into Mason's office)
      Mason: Teri, I'm busy, can Nina help you now?
      Teri: No, I'm talking to you right now!

    • Nina: So they're just going to sacrifice Jack?
      Mason: He's like all the rest of us: expendable.
      Nina: Is that what you think?
      Mason: It doesn't matter what I think. I don't think he walks on water like you do.

    • Mason: Maybe you should have taken a few more English lessons. "Trade" means we get something, too.

    • Mason: We're going to do this swap on our terms.
      Andre: Yeah. That's an interesting dream.

    • Teri: Stop patronizing me, Mr. Mason. You've been doing it all night. Just tell me what you are prepared to do to help my husband.
      Mason: Fine. I'll stop patronizing you. I'll tell you exactly what I'm going to do to to help Jack. I'm going to call up Division, I'm going to ask them one more time to reconsider, and they're gonna say no. And that will be the end of it. Anything else?

    • Mason: Mr. Drazen, this is George Mason again. I'm the acting head of the CTU, but I don't have the authority to make that trade.
      Victor: If you do not have the authority, you are not the head of anything.

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