Season 2 Episode 18

Day 2: 1:00 A.M. - 2:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2003 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Jack, Kate and Wallace fight to escape from a deadly band of commandos.
Palmer decides to take a stronger stance against the civil unrest resulting from the bomb explosion.
Tony's trust in Michelle is broken when he suspects her of betraying him.
Kim's worries seem to be over when she learns the charges against her have been dropped.moreless

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  • First Pay Off!!!!

    There is the firt Payoff that the writers delivered.

    Now you have time to see some actions scenes, and some consequences from that.

    Palmer adminstration Plot is total filler, just details that the writers did to fill the episodes.

    Kim finally get some fine scenes. She knows that her father is not dead, you will see what happened with her boyfriend and finally the writers ended this Kim fugitive plot, since she is free of charges.

    Michelle is under extreme pressure, both tony and carrie, this create some some tense moments.

    The action itself was good, and there are tense moments in the hospital too, with a interesting endind.

    Now you wait for the second pay off.moreless
  • Much better than some previous episodes

    I really liked this. Some episode before this have been slow and nothing have happened but this was none of them. We had action and shooting and excitement from the first minutes. The whole thing on that house where they were surrounded - it was well done. All the tension there. And Kate with gun. Her reaction was well. Shows that she is not like those other guys but when needed, she will handle.

    Tony and Michelle were also great. I did like the independence Michelle came out and denied everything. The scene when she comes from bathroom and Tony is behind the door. It was unexpected.

    And the ending.. the clinic. Even Kim and her calls. She was not annoying in this episode. So good episode. A really good one.moreless
  • Lights…camera…

    This episode does a good job of providing a big action sequence while at the same time progressing the story at a nice pace.

    Jack finds himself in a shootout where the evidence of the Cyprus recording's fabrication is at stake. He comes up with a plan to escape the shooters and get Wallace out of the country. Blood and bullets make for high excitement.

    Meanwhile, Palmer's in a self-contained plotline that involves racist riots in Georgia. He orders the National Guard to stop these attacks, and there's something later on about a little boy accidentally killed thanks to that order; nothing I particularly care about. Though mentioning the racist riots alone lends some credibility to the realism of the "24" universe.

    Michelle's spent the last couple hours helping Jack in his quest, but now Tony finally comes around and decides to join her in assisting Jack, which ripens their relationship some more. Tony and Michelle's, that is.

    Jack's misadventures take him from the warehouse to a clinic, what with Wallace being shot in the neck. By hour's end, Jack finds the evidence he needs, but he has to get his hands a little messy, if you know what I mean. Just another example of how the writers are the masters.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Jack finding the evidence. What's so cool about that, you ask? …Shut up and watch it.moreless
  • A blah blah episode with a kick ass ending.

    Is it me or did this episode seem to go on forever? Even though the action scenes with Jack were quite good to watch, they were really long drawn out. But the ending of the episode was extremely well thought-out and unpredictable, and now the chip is found the rest of the season really takes off.

    I didn't like what Tony said to Michelle in this episode. But thankfully, things starts to get much better between them towards the end of the hour. We realised that those two had the hots for each other earlier on in the day, so instead of bickering, I say its about time they do something about their feelings! I reckon Tony resents that Michelle is on Jack's side and not his. After the love triangle between him, Jack and Nina in season 1, it wouldn't be surprising. And damn that Carrie, I'm convinced she is the most hated character in 24 history. The b!tch fight with her and Michelle is quite annoying, and out of the two women it is definitely Carrie who comes out as the immature one.

    I can't believe Kim confessed everything to the Police officer, but lucky for her the charges against her were dropped. I was pleased that her scenes in this episode were normal for once. The phone conversation with Tony when she found out Jack is alive was great, I really felt her relief.

    The Palmer storyline in this episode involves ordering the National Guard to stop racist riots resulting from the bomb. A young boy ends up getting killed by accident and I thought Palmer's reaction to this was really well acted.

    Quote of the hour! Nurse: "Sir, I will call the police!" *Jack pulls a gun on her* Jack Bauer: "Lady, I am the police! Now open the door!" Nurse: "Let him in. Let him in!"moreless
  • Review

    Jack, Kate and Wallace fight to escape from a deadly band of commandos - Certainly some of the best scenes of the episode, with Jack being put into panic mode once Wallace was shot in the neck, possibly losing the evidance he has against the recording. The hospital scene was great, where Jack found the evidance that he needed after an intense seen with Wallace as he died. Palmer decides to take a stronger stance against the civil unrest resulting from the bomb explosion - I actually didnt mind the White House scenes this time. The actions taken against the Civil unrest were cool, most importantly the curfew that was established by Novick. Tony's trust in Michelle is broken when he suspects her of betraying him- Filler part of the episode, though the last scene that they had together was pretty good. Kim's worries seem to be over when she learns the charges against her have been dropped- The phone conversation with Migeul was the only good part of the episode from Kims perspective...moreless
Misty Carlisle

Misty Carlisle

Nurse Clara

Guest Star

Rick Lozano

Rick Lozano

Male Reporter

Guest Star

Claudia Difolco

Claudia Difolco

Female Reporter

Guest Star

Innis Casey

Innis Casey


Recurring Role

Donnie Keshawarz

Donnie Keshawarz

Yusuf Auda

Recurring Role

Jude Ciccolella

Jude Ciccolella

Mike Novick

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When President Palmer first enters the confrence room, they show TV coverage of the race riots in Marietta, Georgia. Later on, his assistant leads him back to the conference room to show him the same coverage. Did they show these scenes out of order or something?

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Plamer: This is going to be what the people are watching, let's show then how were going to respond. I want them to see how we protect our citizens. We will not put up with racism or xenophobia! If this is where it's going to start, this is where it's going to stop!

    • Michelle: I know the rules. I know that I work for you, and if you fire me, I wouldn't blame you.
      Tony: This isn't about me firing you, Michelle. This agency supposed to be supporting the President of the United States and the rest of this country. Now, if I can't account for our agents' actions, then all we've got is chaos!

    • Tony: Where's Jack?
      Michelle: I don't know, but you have to call President Palmer; you have to tell him not to act on the recording until Jack finishes the investigation.
      Tony: So you have talked to Jack.
      Michelle: I didn't say that.
      Tony: Listen carefully, Michelle, you don't work for Jack, you work for me!
      Michelle: Would you get past your ego for one...
      Tony: Ego?! I got a job to do here! You don't like the way I am doing it, that's your problem. but if you know anything about Jack Bauer, you better tell me about it right now!
      Michelle: I have no information; I'm not helping Jack.

    • Wallace: You know, Jack, you were a real badass back at the warehouse.

    • Nurse: Sir, I will call the police.
      Jack: Lady, I am the police!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Palmer: Reference to Posse Comitatus and Army and Air Force
      This is in reference to a US law prohibiting the military from engaging in police like activities except by act of Congress. There is specific reference to the Army and Air Force, but not to the Marines and Navy.