Season 2 Episode 6

Day 2: 1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2002 on FOX
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Jack begins his interrogation of Nina and pushes all boundaries in order to force her to divulge the name of her contact. Palmer is surprised and suspicious when his ex wife Sherry returns and claims to have information about a conspiracy against him from within his own administration. Kim and Miguel plan to kidnap Megan from the hospital in order to take her out of LA and away from the nuclear threat.moreless

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  • Some Good Some Bad

    The Jack and Nina plot, progressed well this episode. The Palmer plot added more layers, and is starting to get good. The Kim plot has been unbelievable, almost from the start. If she had just gone to the police in the beginning, the child's father would be in jail right now. They would of questioned the little girl alone, and she would of said she couldn't say, because her father would get mad. That would did it right there.

    The only other issue i have, is of course the "evil white guy terrorist", and the unfairly persecuted middle eastern "good guy". Evil comes in all shapes, sizes, and in any ethnicity. But the only evil people allowed on tv are white Americans. This season broadcasted, a little over a year after 9/11. It doesn't stretch the imagination, to believe other radical islamic terrorists, may want to attack America.moreless
  • Guess Who is Back???

    This is the first time that Kate family plot managed to be better, because not only the interrogation take place, a turning point begins too.

    A old Character is back and it is tied to the conspiration or at least knows to much. Palmer administration plot is becoming more interesting and complex.

    This time with help, Kim escape from trouble, for now.

    The Higher point in this episode his of course Jack and Nina Scenes. Will Jack put his vengeance above the national security?

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -moreless
  • Dangerous games..

    Mm.. This episode.. it was better than last but still slow, I think. The best turn was in Kate storyline as her sister's future husband said that Kate's father has something to do with this all. That makes sense as if he did background check, he should have found the same thing. And I most say it was the first episode where Kate's storyline had something exciting and worth watching. So good..

    Jack and Nina together.. the interrogation over Nina and the way everyone think he wants to kill her in the end and the way Jack behaves. When I did not understand it in last episode, then now it all makes much sense. And Palmer's storyline and Sherry back.. intriguing.moreless
  • Pardon THIS!

    Something doesn't sit right with me regarding the return of Sherry Palmer. Her final conversation with her ex-husband in the S1 finale was so damn climactic. And it just feels wrong when she shows up at Palmer's retreat claiming to know about a conspiracy within the administration working against him. Right, Palmer shifts locations between his cabin retreat and the OC for a while here. It also takes ages for this Sherry thing to become interesting.

    The other major thing happening in this hour is Jack's interrogation of Nina. This actually is fun to watch. We get insight into Jack's interrogation strategies, questionable though they may be. After he goes all psychotic on her, she drops the smugness act and agrees to help CTU find the nuke out of pure fear. Plus, she's still got that shadow asylum coming her way.

    Besides that, the story over at the Warner house progresses a bit when Reza gives up Bob's name. Way to keep the mystery in play. No, really; is it Reza or is it Bob? The question will drive us crazy.

    "1pm - 2pm" develops the story pretty well, but for me, it only has a few things going for it. Don't be fooled by my words; those few things do make the episode worth watching.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Jack chokes the **** out of Nina.moreless
  • good episode

    1:02 P.M.-1:06 P.M.: The pardon for Nina has been signed, and Jack waits impatiently to begin the interrogation. President Palmer arrives at the bunker

    with Lynne. Once there, he's surprised by his ex-wife, Sherry, who has come to see him on an urgent matter regarding his administration. She tells him

    she knows that someone has ordered a military evacuation of LA.

    1:06 P.M.-1:08 P.M.: Tony continues to interrogate Reza about his ties to Ali. Reza demands a lawyer, but Tony refuses. Palmer returns to the bunker, unconvinced

    that the Ambassador's chopper was downed by terrorists. He speculates that someone within the government was involved.

    1:08 P.M.-1:14 P.M.: The pardon for Nina arrives, and Jack hand delivers it. As Mason views them through a monitor, Nina tells Jack that the contact who

    knows the location of the bomb is in Visalia. Jack lunges across the room, grabs her by the throat, and throws her into the wall. Mason rushes in and stops

    him before he can squeeze the life from her. Jack tells Mason in private that he needs Nina to believe he has the power to do anything he wants to her

    in order to get the truth out of her. At Jack's request, Mason raises the temperature 10 degrees to make Nina sweat. Jack then goes back in.

    1:14 P.M.-1:17 P.M.: Marie still doesn't want to talk to Kate, but Kate tries to talk to her anyway. Kate tells her that they may need to postpone the wedding.

    Marie will hear nothing of the sort.

    1:19 P.M.-1:21 P.M.: Miguel and Kimberly sneak their way up the stairs of the hospital to get to Megan, but find Gary standing guard outside her room. The

    doctor refuses to release Megan until answers regarding her injuries are explained. Gary calls his secretary, and asks her to book two seats to Mexico


    1:21 P.M.-1:23 P.M.: Nina finally reveals the name of her contact to Jack.

    1:23 P.M.-1:28 P.M.: Palmer learns that the evacuation of military personnel was ordered by Roger. Roger tells Palmer that he was only following Eric Rayburn's

    previous order. Palmer asks his secretary to call Sherry and let her know that he will speak with her in twenty minutes. Gary finishes dressing Megan,

    and tells her they're leaving. Before they can go anywhere, Gary is called to the nurse's station to answer a phone call. Miguel is the person on the other

    end, pretending to be someone in accounting. He distracts Gary long enough to help Kimberly get into Megan's room. After giving his credit card information

    to Miguel, Gary hangs up and returns to Megan's room. However, he is too late, as Kimberly and Megan are already gone.

    1:32 P.M.-1:34 P.M.: Megan begins to panic, because she doesn't want to leave. Kimberly tries desperately to calm her down and convince her that she needs

    to ditch her father. Gary calls security. Kimberly, Miguel and Megan hide in a supply room.

    1:34 P.M.-1:35 P.M.: Mason orders another agent to accompany Jack and Nina to Visalia. Jack tells Mason he should spend his last day with his family.

    1:35 P.M.-1:39 P.M.: Palmer agrees to hear Sherry out. She tells him that she heard a rumor regarding the evacuation, and wants to know what is going on.

    He fills her in about the bomb. She fills him in about how people within his staff are trying to control his presidency. She offers to find out who. Reluctantly,

    he agrees to set up a secure line and a private place for her to call him.

    1:43 P.M.-1:47 P.M.: Reza's parents arrive for the wedding, only to find out that their son is in custody. Miguel finally decides to make a run for the

    parking lot, and tells Kimberly to wait a few minutes before following. He grabs a computer monitor, and runs out of the hospital in order to create a

    diversion for Kimberly and Megan. The diversion works, and they make it outside. He then ducks into an alley, and ditches the monitor. As Kimberly and

    Megan walk through the parking lot, Gary looks out from his daughter's room and sees them.

    1:47 P.M.-1:49 P.M.: Nina tries to aggravate Jack by talking to Agent Miller, the other agent sent to accompany her. She tries to pit the two against each

    other, while rubbing it in to Jack that Kimberly's already lost one parent and will lose both if he decides to avenge Teri's death.

    1:54 P.M.-1:57 P.M.: Tony demands to know who Reza transferred the money to. When Reza refuses, Tony cuffs him. Reza then confesses that he sent it to Bob

    Warner. Gary stops Kimberly, and tries to beat her. Miguel jumps in, and saves her using some super cool kung fu moves. With Gary out cold, Kimberly tells

    Miguel to grab Gary's car keys.moreless
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    • Palmer: (to Sherry) This had better not be one of your manipulations, the stakes are too high.

    • Reza: (to Tony) I grew up in London; I'm marrying an American girl--a Protestant...so if you're going to racially profile me, you should at least get it right.
      Tony: Have you ever heard of the Finsbury Park Mosque? It's considered to be one of the main recruitment centers for Islamic terrorists in the West. Their main targets are European Muslims, with Western educations and passports, and the potential to blend into Western society. And do you know where that mosque is located? Your hometown, London! So tell me, Reza, how's my racial profiling going now?

    • Nina: I'll only get the pardon if I stop the bomb. Why wouldn't I do everything I can?
      Jack: Because you're worse than a traitor, Nina. You don't even have a cause. You don't believe in anything. You would sell anyone and everything out to the highest bidder.

    • Mason: (referring to Jack) What can I say? The guy's a little crazy...that's why I didn't want him here in the first place. But he gets results and we need some pretty big results here.

    • Nina: So Ed, how are ya?
      Agent Ed Miller: Don't talk to me, Nina. I'm here because I have to be, not because I'm your friend.
      Nina: Well, you're here because they think after I help stop the bomb, Jack will try to kill me. Which, of course, he will. What if you can't stop him? I mean, no offense, but Ed, let's face it: you're no match for Jack. You're just not that ruthless. So he manages to get around you and pull the trigger. What happens then? Because of the pardon, he knows if he kills me, he'll spend the rest of his life in jail.
      Agent Ed Miller: Jack, if you know of another way to shut her up that I'm not thinking of...
      Nina: Of course, Jack's mind is thinking, "That's not such a bad deal." Small price to pay to avenge his wife's death. But what about his daughter? Is he thinking about her? She's already lost one parent. If he kills me, she'll have no one. Jack knows I'm right. He should just use me to stop the bomb, and then go home to Kim. She needs you, Jack.

    • Nina: He is going to put a bullet in my head before I can say hello and then he's going to turn the gun on himself.
      Jack: We'll make sure he doesn't turn the gun on himself.

    • Jack: You should go be with your family, George.
      Mason: You should go get on the plane.

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