Season 2 Episode 3

Day 2: 10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2002 on FOX
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Jack warns Lynne about the impending bombing of CTU, but her efforts to alert Palmer are sabotaged by Eric, who has his own agenda. George locates the warehouse where the nuclear bomb was built, but his discovery results in an unexpected tragedy. Kim takes Megan to CTU, believing that it is the safest place for both of them.moreless

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  • It doesnt get

    It doesnt get much better than this, great acting and action.
  • CTU gets hit.

    The last episode left me looking forward to this episode and it didn't disappoint Jack finds himself in a tricky situation undercover with a group that is targeting CTU Although Jack did his best to try and prevent the bomb going off it just wasn't enough and it seems that everywhere Kim goes she gets herself in trouble as she managed to get stuck in the middle of the explosion This was a very good early episode into what will be another long day.moreless
  • WoW is the Right Word!!!!

    You know what this episode is about, Bomb up CTU and of course, the usual prediction is to doubt that this will eventually happen, however this was not the Case.

    All the attention is centered in this, even Kim is tied to CTU event, since she is looking for protection. Jack did is work trying a phone call to the president to prevent this, however lynne thought that would blow Jack cover, and he decided without Palmer orders to sacrifice CTU, in order to find the Bomb.

    Mason escape plot didn´t end well for him, since we learn that he will.....

    KAte Family plot continues to be boring.

    Overral a very tense episode, well tied and with a great Finale.moreless
  • Wow episode

    Oh.. This episode really nailed it all. First the bomb threat what becomes more and more serious with every minute and second. The way Jack just has to look how noone does nothing as Palmer's administration is plotting on their own and when he learns, it is already too late. That telephone guy and he attacking Jack, it was also great, showing that it is just not "do as Jack says". And the minutes before explosion in CTU...Paula in the last minutes getting the encryption trough and Tony up there.. hoping best for him..

    And ofcourse George.. he was not a char I liked first season but the way he has been acting now.. I think he really redempts himself. And Kim and Megan.. oh...moreless
  • exactly episode of 24

    10:02 A.M.-10:08 A.M.: Kimberly frantically searches for, and finds, Megan. The police come to Gary's aid, and he tells them that Kimberly kidnapped his

    daughter. As Mason drives north out of Los Angeles, Tony phones him with news that the LAPD located a suspect in Panorama City. District wants Mason to

    check it out on his way to Bakersfield. At the Northwest O.C., Lynne gives the President bad news; the predicted casualties are actually higher than they

    had anticipated, ruling out any possibility of a dirty bomb. The NSA now believe they are looking for a nuclear weapon. Now a member of Eddie's crew, Jack

    questions why CTU is being targeted, but Eddie won't reveal any information. Suddenly, Jack's cell phone rings. It is Kimberly, but she has not heard any

    of the messages from her father because she lost her phone. Although Kimberly begs her father for his help, Jack tries not to give anything away within

    earshot of Eddie's crew. Instead, he tells her to go to her Aunt Carol's house. Kimberly doesn't understand why he is telling her to go all the way to

    San Jose. She then calls Tony, who informs her that Jack is working undercover. Tony asks her to get to CTU, and she says she will take a bus.

    10:08 A.M.-10:09 A.M.: All of the phones in CTU get corrupted, thanks to Eddie's crew taking out the phone lines at a relay station. Eddie sends Jack to

    watch the road. He discretely attempts to call CTU to warn them, but he cannot get through. Jack instead calls the O.C., and asks to speak to the President.

    10:09 A.M.-10:11 A.M.: Since Palmer is in the midst of a press conference, Lynne takes the call. Jack warns her of the attack on CTU. He asks her to have

    the building evacuated, and then hangs up when Eddie approaches. In the O.C., Lynne and Eric Rayburn presume that this hit on CTU is a diversion from the

    main nuclear attack. When Lynne tries to notify CTU, Rayburn stops her. He believes that doing so will blow Jack's cover and ruin his chances of getting

    close to Wald. Lynne is adamant about telling Palmer, so she asks Jenny Dodge to interrupt the press conference.

    10:11 A.M.-10:12 A.M.: Two telephone repair workers arrive at the relay station, and find that the locks have been cut. Eddie's van ambushes them, and Eddie

    shoots one of the workers. He then orders the other one to call his boss and say that he must go on-site at CTU to check the phone system.

    10:16 A.M.-10:21 A.M.: Rayburn calls Tony with an order to copy and transfer all CTU database information about the nuclear threat onto NSA's server. Since

    he wants it done in under an hour, Tony has Paula work on sending the data over. She goes into Mason's office to use his computer. Michelle points out

    to Tony that if this order had only been precautionary, then other agencies would have received the same request. CTU was the only one asked to forward

    their databases. Mason arrives at an industrial complex in Panorama City, where a vehicle was linked to someone on the terrorist watch list. This complex

    is the same place where the nuclear bomb was being built by Marko's team. The police at the scene break into the building, and see the remains of the area

    where the nuclear weapon was constructed. Suddenly, a gunman fires at the officers, and a shootout occurs. Mason realizes that a powder has been dispersed

    in the air, and notices a radiation warning sign. He coughs as he calls out to a policeman to summon Hazmat, because this may be a possible hot zone.

    10:21 A.M.-10:23 A.M.: Kimberly rides with Megan on a city bus toward CTU. Megan asks Kimberly whether she makes her own father mad. Kimberly reassures

    her that she is not the cause of Gary's anger, and promises that she will never let him hurt Megan again.

    10:23 A.M.-10:25 A.M.: The telephone repairman pulls up to CTU, and the worker lies to the security guard that he is there to fix the phones. Although Eddie

    and his crew are in the back, they are cleared into the complex. The worker asks what the crew could possibly want from CTU. Eddie explains that they are

    taking back their country. ^We're patriots,^ Jack says.

    10:30 A.M.-10:34 A.M.: Kate gets a call from Ralph. He confirms that Reza didn't have contacts with the terrorist. He tells her he is obligated to notify

    the authorities at Homeland Security, and warns her not to tell anyone. When she hangs up, Marie and Reza playfully try to coax her into meet his cousin,

    but Kate pulls away forcefully. When Marie confronts her, Kate tearfully says that she only wants her to be happy.

    10:34 A.M.-10:36 A.M.: Lynne is surprised to see Jenny hurrying through the O.C., as she had asked her to interrupt the President's press conference. Jenny

    tells her she slipped him a note regarding his urgent request, but Palmer did not respond. As Eddie and his crew make their way into CTU, Jack waits in

    the van with the tied-up worker. He urgently writes a note warning that there are bombs being placed in the building.

    10:41 A.M.-10:43 A.M.: Mason calls Tony from Panorama City to tell him about the lab where the terrorists have assembled the nuclear bomb. Everyone at the

    scene is being put through decontamination, but they still don't know if they were exposed to radiation. Mason will send Tony the fingerprints from the

    dead bodies to see if they match anyone on the watch list. Tony informs him that NSA ordered CTU's database to be transferred, but did not make the same

    request from other agencies. Mason agrees that this is not usual protocol.

    10:43 A.M.-10:44 A.M.: Michelle approaches Paula in the restroom. Although she is worried about her friends and family living in Los Angeles, the frightened

    Paula knows that it is her duty to keep working.

    10:44 A.M.-10:49 A.M.: Jack releases the phone worker with the note intended for Tony, explaining that he is a government agent working undercover. After

    the worker gets out, Jack cuts himself with his switchblade to create the impression that he has been struck in the head. Eddie and the crew return to

    the van, and find Jack knocked out. Eddie is mad that the telephone guy got away, but lets everyone in the van out before the building explodes. As the

    van pulls away, Kimberly and Megan arrive at CTU. She tells the security guard that Tony is expecting her.moreless
Addie Daddio

Addie Daddio

O.C. Operator

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Benjamin Koldyke


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Maurice G. Smith

Maurice G. Smith

CTU Security Guard

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Reiko Aylesworth

Reiko Aylesworth

Michelle Dessler

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Skye McCole Bartusiak

Megan Matheson

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Billy Burke

Billy Burke

Gary Matheson

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