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Season 2 Episode 16

Day 2: 11:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2003 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Jack and Michelle question Syed Ali, who claims that the audio recordings are fabricated.
Palmer prepares to wage war against the three countries who were involved in the nuclear strike, while Kim gets caught in a hostage situation.
Jack is contacted by a man who wants to exchange information for Kate Warner's safety.moreless

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  • Close to World War 3.

    After the last episode Palmer is left with no choice but to retaliate against the three countries that supplied Syed Ali the bomb However when Syed Ali is killed it makes Jack believe that he was killed to cover up the fact that the recordings of Syed Ali were fake When Jack finds out it was fake he has to do anything he can to prove it meaning kidnapping Kate from CTU and punching Tony Once again Kim manages to find trouble like in season 1 and earlier in this season She is one unlucky girl but she will be relieved when she finds Jack is still alive.moreless
  • Setups!!!!!

    Now we have a new plot, or the Main Plot Part 2.

    Syed Ali, the Man Behind the Bombs had direct support from 3 other contries.

    This Cyprus recording storyline begins slow and can be boring for now, but nothing that you hasn´t feel before in 24.

    So, This episode is all about details, and only in the middle and near the end, we had some substance.

    CArrie continues to be a annoying character, so the writers will use her to create problems for Jack for sure.

    The most interesting (and the only one) part is when Jack is acting against CTU orders, like happened in Season 1.

    Kim is again in another problem, as usual.

    USA is ready to go to WAr against these contries and of course, JAck is the only one that believe in Syed ALi. Now things are more difficult for Jack, since Palmer and Michelle support is not sufficient.

    Tony acts strangly, and now he is against Jack.

    Auda is introduced and the last Man of the Cobra Unit too.

    In the End, things get interesting, so this is a setup episode, if you don´t like, you simple cannot undertand that the writers needed to create a solid base for the next episodes.moreless
  • Nothing special

    After last episode what was very epic and heroic, this one is really boring. The whole recording thing.. I do not know. The storyline is not amazing.

    Kim again walks into trouble and again police is involved. She is a trouble magnet.

    Michelle and Jack are working together against Tony. This is something new but also weird. I do not say it makes all the logic and then Jack using Kate.. that is maybe even more out of character as I think he tries to keep her safe. But I think at the moment it is more proving I am right than thinking of others.moreless
  • I didn't hear no fat lady!

    As with S1, the first phase of the main crisis is taken care of at the midway point of S2. Well…at fifteen episodes. That's kinda midway. So there's still 3/8 of the season to go, which means that the characters must now start focusing on the second phase of the crisis. It all starts with Palmer's declaration of war on the Middle East. So soon? Whatever.

    Everybody's quick to recover from the emotional climax of the last hour and tackle the Cyprus recording that may or may not be fake. Syed Ali makes a quick return before getting capped by a sniper. Here's something: you spend the first eight hours of S2 discussing a villain who's hidden in the shadows the entire time, have him show up in a belated manner, turn him into a sniveling ninny in his fourth appearance, and kill him off like a nobody after an absence of three straight hours (that's an eighth of the season right there). What kind of Bigbad is that?

    Palmer decides to declare war since he's gotta have something interesting to do on Air Force One. And with some big "new CTU Director" pressure bestowed upon him, Tony kinda transforms back to his douchebaggy self of early S1. Just to create some inner-CTU conflict.

    But it all leads into the seventh Coral Snake commando, who demands a meeting with Jack and Kate. And that little arrangement results in Jack going rogue once again. Yippee!

    And Kim's story returns to crap. Let's not discuss it.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Jack breaking Tony's ankle.moreless
  • Now it's the Cyprus recording storyline... boring.

    The previous episode was breathtaking and I know it will always have a place in my heart, but this episode is pretty much the opposite and takes a few steps down.

    I must say that the first few minutes of this episode was beautiful, very memorable. I just LOVED the silent moment when everyone watched the mushroom cloud. It was something that George Mason really deserved for his sacrifice (even though David Palmer and Kim still believe it was Jack)

    But now the nuclear bomb storyline has come to an end, another storyline involving the Cyprus recording begins, which in my opinion was slightly weak. I liked Michelle a lot in this episode. Even though her interrogating Syed Ali was a bit weird, it was a great move for her in character development to be the one to figure out the Cyprus recording was a fake. Carrie is a ***** I don't like her at all. Tony was annoying too, and I'm a big fan of Tony.

    I said that Tony being the CTU director was going to be great but now I have to take that back after watching this episode. Seeing him play by the rules is causing him to not be as likeable, where as George Mason could get away with it. I didn't like his attitude towards to the police officer and it was also strange how he was welcoming Jack with open arms when he returned to CTU but ended up shouting at him ten minutes later. I was glad when Jack broke his ankle at the end of the episode.

    This episode is also the start of the worst sub-plot in 24 history. Kim Bauer and the shopkeeper!! My god what a disaster it was.

    Quote of the hour! Prime Minister: "That you found the bomb in time is truly a miracle." David Palmer: "I'm not sure I believe in miracles, sir. My people are very good at what they do."moreless
Nicole Gomez Fisher

Nicole Gomez Fisher

Mrs. Garcia

Guest Star

Derrick McMillon

Derrick McMillon

Agent Parker

Guest Star

Daphne Bloomer

Daphne Bloomer

News Reporter

Guest Star

Daniel Dae Kim

Daniel Dae Kim

Agent Tom Baker

Recurring Role

Donnie Keshawarz

Donnie Keshawarz

Yusuf Auda

Recurring Role

Francesco Quinn

Francesco Quinn

Syed Ali

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Jack: George told me he put you in charge.
      Tony: Yeah, how about that, huh? Trial by fire, right?
      Jack: You're gonna do great.

    • Palmer: I'm worried that we may be moving too fast.
      Novick: Mr. President, your ability to analyze a situation is your strongest asset, but it's also your greatest liability.

    • Palmer: Contact the Hill. Let them know I'll be calling for an emergency session of Congress, during which I'll be asking them for a formal declaration of war.

    • Jack: If there's the slightest chance that thing is not genuine, you have a responsibility...
      Tony: My God! You're gonna lecture me on responsibility, Jack? I mean, come on! We both know how you work! you consider going against the grain as some kind of virtue!
      Jack: Why are you talking to me like this?
      Tony: 'Cause I have a job to do, and I don't appreciate being told how to do it.
      Jack: I'm just trying to help.
      Tony: I don't need your help, Jack.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Xander Berkeley (Mason) is taken out of the main cast. He is the first person to be taken out mid-season.

    • The writers put in Tony's ankle injury during the fight with Jack because in real life Carlos Bernard injured his ankle. If you look carefully you can see Bernard limping slightly in earlier scenes before the on-screen fight gets his character's injury matched with the actor's injury. Bernard stated in an interview that the writers planned for the fight between Jack and Tony to be more elaborate and longer, but they had to cut it down when he was injured.