Season 2 Episode 17

Day 2: 12:00 A.M. - 1:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2003 on FOX
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Jack meets with the surviving Coral Snake commando, who demands Kate Warner in exchange for evidence about the recordings.
Tony and Carrie spy on Michelle when he suspects that she is working with Jack.
Mike and the Vice-President turn up the pressure on Palmer, when he expresses his doubts about the impending war.moreless

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  • This is going to be a rant on the two most annoying characters of the season and who make some of their early impressions in this episode. Carrie and Ramone.

    This is going to be a rant on the two most annoying characters of the season and who make some of their early impressions in this episode.

    Carrie is simply plain annoying; the nosy, headstrong and unperceptive newcomer to the scene. The kind we associate with every entrant to the show who distrusts and opposes Jack Bauer who time and again proves right in his perception of the situation, and sometimes unnaturally so. She is like grit under the eyeballs, poking her nose in and delaying people with desperately crucial goals. Like when she rats on Michelle and Jack as they were trying to get Kate out of CTU. Other examples include shouting down Michelle during the authenticity report of the Cyprus recording in the last episode on what is a fair and unprovocative assessment on the legitimacy of the recording.

    In another way but just as thoroughly irritating is Ramone, the whining out-of-control dolt involved in the scene at the grocery store. Goodness man, he makes me shake with frustrating. Screams like a pig to get in the store for supplies before they head to the mountain. A bomb went off so he's in a mad rush to hide away in some cave fine. His wife is 7 months pregnant, not about to give birth which just watching him would make you think he's trying to get her in so that she can deliver a baby. Then he breaks the glass door, throws the store owner into a shelf, almost choke him to death and then offers to pay for some bread and drinks saying that 'See, I wasn't going to rob you'. Then with the gun he grabbed from Kim, shoots the poor owner in a fight for the gun. And when the police comes dwadles and moans about how pitiful he is and how he was just trying to protect his wife (by breaking into a store, shooting the owner and holding the dying man and Kim hostage). The scenes with his babble should be used to torture terrorists and the other deplorables on this show. I would have broke that way faster than being electrocuted.moreless
  • Just About build Details.

    This episode continue to fill us with details, but more than that, only Jack knows what this is all about. Palmer Scenes continues to be about details and filler, because now the Vice PResident is introduced and his role will be important.

    Jack metting with The Cobra Unit Guy was well strutured, but again, it was only about details that will make tha difference into the next episodes.

    Kim Shop Plot is terrible and super repetitive, nothing more is needed to say.

    In the End, you can star to see that there ara a payoff in the next episodes, so this will be worthwhile.moreless
  • Slow...

    Oh.. after the bomb off the attention, it is all just so slow and weird. Their major problem is the war against those three countries accused of knowing and buying the bomb but the story just does not catch. I found myself doing all the other things while watching this episode than keeping my eyes on screen. The episode just did not get me at all. The whole Tony and new woman against Michelle is annoying, Kim is more than annoying. I could take one episode of that kind of slow motion but with this episode it did not get better. And Jack is acting out of himself again in the Kate's story.. weird episode and nothing major going on.moreless
  • Hmmmm....

    Another episode that was quite boring. Not much to say about it really because not a lot happened.

    The Palmer storyline doesn't advance a lot. Palmer is still contemplating whether to go to war or not and you can tell that Mike Novick is getting fed up. I wasn't too pleased with Mike going behind his back though. Poor David, we haven't seen the indecisive side of him yet, I wonder if this will harm his presidency? You know what, I miss Sherry! There was always something going on when Sherry was around.

    Tony continues to act out of character, I wish George Mason was there to throw in a few witty comments to bring him back down to earth. It actually makes me wonder how Mason would have handled this situation with the Cyprus recording. So Tony has asked Carrie to spy on Michelle and Carrie obviously dislikes Michelle anyway so thats not a good move, Tony. I was impressed by Michelle's calm and collective attitude in this episode and the next episode though.

    And that mr Garcia makes me cringe everytime he comes on the screen. That whinging voice is giving me a headache. And my god, his wife is a really bad actress!! The writers must have some obsession with keeping Kim Bauer in every single episode. What a shame!! *sigh*

    Not much happens with Jack in this episode. I thought he was going to be reluctant to hand Kate over to Wallace so I was a little surprised with the outcome. Overall, this thing with Wallace wanting Kate Warner is just silly, the writers must have an obsession with keeping her in every episode too. I liked the ending though. And Yusuf is a really cool character.

    Quote of the hour! Mike Novick: Mr. President? I know you trust Jack Bauer implicitly, but to equivocate our response in a matter of this importance because of one man's reservations makes me very uncomfortable.moreless
  • Enter the graveyard shift

    Important things learned this hour: the fake Cyprus recording was planted to get Palmer to declare war on the Middle East, thus quadrupling the value of oil in the Caspian Sea. Yeah, oil executives are the real Bigbads behind this whole thing. As in, white guys. Who called that? Not me.

    All this info comes from Coral Snake's Jonathan Wallace, the seventh commando, the sniper of Syed Ali, and a grossly underdeveloped villain, as nearly all the bad guys in S2 are. Anyway, after telling all of this to Jack, he gets down to the reason Kate's been brought along: he needs her to clear his departure from the country so he can safely escape from the oil executives coming to kill him.

    Palmer finally arrives in LA, and he'll spend the rest of the season at the oft-mentioned District Headquarters. Stationed in Washington, DC, Vice President Jim Prescott makes his first appearance, and he's kinda upset when Palmer considers that the Cyprus recording may be fake. Will this conflict lead into a story arc later on? Just watch…

    Yusuf Auda makes himself useful this hour, and is inducted under that esteemed category: "24" characters whom you initially hate, but who later prove that they're not all that bad.

    This episode is like an expository stepping stone, which is probably needed since we need to go somewhere after the nuclear bomb.

    Hourly Highlight:

    The completely cheap and magnificent cliffhanger ending.moreless
Doc Duhame

Doc Duhame

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Shontina Vernon

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Nicole Gomez Fisher

Mrs. Garcia

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Alan Dale

Vice President Jim Prescott

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Donnie Keshawarz

Yusuf Auda

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Lourdes Benedicto

Lourdes Benedicto

Carrie Turner

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