Season 2 Episode 5

Day 2: 12:00 P.M. - 1:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2002 on FOX
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George refuses to allow Jack to assist in Nina's interrogation. Jack resorts to blackmail to change George's mind. Palmer and Stanton meet with a Middle Eastern ambassador who may be in league with Second Wave. Tony visits the Warner home and questions Reza about his possible connection with Syed Ali.moreless

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  • Over George's objections, Jack interrogates Nina. Tony goes out to investigate a lead. Kim desparately tries to save Megan.

    Nina Meyers is the best villain Jack had to deal with during the entire nine season run of "24". There was no other villain that could match wits with Jack as well as she could. Seeing Jack and Nina face off against one another was probably the best thing about the entire series. Kiefer Sutherland and Sarah Clarke were both excellent in their respective roles. Their scenes together are the best thing about this episode. That does not mean everything else in this episode was bad. The story line focusing on Kim was done well here. The main reason being Kim took initiative to try to save Megan and the scenes at the hospital were very well written. This particular episode is not one of the standout episodes of season two, but there is quite a bit to like about it.moreless
  • Jack and

    Jack confronts Nina again, and uses all the tricks in the Bauer Dictionary, to get what he wants. Great episode.
  • Never thought I would see Nina this season.

    I thought this was an average episode with the best part being the return of Nina but we never got to see Jack interrogate her because it looks like that will happen in the next episode I think the Reza story line has hit it's best point so far now that Tony has come question him Jack also finds out that George has been exposed to radiation and that he hasn't got long left to live and used that as a way to get to Nina.moreless
  • Nina is back, uh oh!

    Nina Myers is back but why did Jack have to stare at her so much as she entered CTU? I know hes angry at her for everything shes done but in my opinion he shouldn't have given her the satisfaction! And I'm unsure whether it was such a good idea to bring Nina back so soon, I guess I'll have to be proved wrong. =]

    I'm also going to have a moan at Jack for not being sensitive about George's condition. He has become such a hard ass since Teri died.

    The Palmer storyline was great in this episode. The ending when the chopper had crashed was mega good. The Kim storyline sucked though. Its annoying how shes gone and told her boyfriend about the nuclear bomb. All her plot is about for the next six hour is 'Lets run away from L.A!!' =/

    And it is good that Tony has become involved in the Warner storyline. Its become a lot more interesting now. Thank god that the thing with Reza hasn't dragged on as much as I thought it would.

    Quote of the hour! Marie Warner: "This is our house! I want you out of our house! Now!"moreless
  • Maneged to be good!!!

    Kate family plot go somewhere now that Tony is there to make a interrogation. This of course, take much minutes as possible.

    Kim continues in trouble, because she wants to save megan. Now tha call her boufriend, so she is not alone in this anymore.

    Jack did nothing in this episode, the writers bought time for him, until he uses Mason condition against him, to allow him to make the interrogation on Nina.

    Speaking of that, Nina is Back.

    Palmer Adminstration plot got more serious since we now Know that something is going there, like a conspiracy.

    Besides that, a good episode, with some filler to buy time.moreless
Jacque Parson

Jacque Parson

Female CTU Worker

Guest Star

Tony Wayne

Tony Wayne

Agent Powers

Guest Star

David Ursin

David Ursin

Military Official

Guest Star

Harris Yulin

Harris Yulin

Roger Stanton [uncredited]

Recurring Role

John Eddins

John Eddins

Agent Richards

Recurring Role

Sarah Clarke

Sarah Clarke

Nina Myers

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The CTU server room 8450-93 where one of the bombs were planted, is the same server room where Nina killed Teri.

    • When Roger Stanton was showing Palmer the Fox feed of the helicopter crash, the time stamp on the bottom right of the screen showed 1:18pm whereas the show is supposed to take place between 12pm and 1pm.

    • When Tony Almeida was interrogating Reza Naiyeer, he referred to a document containing Sayed Ali's name in his PC, and turned the laptop to show Reza and you can see the screen. When the camera shows the laptop screen a second time, it's showing a different document.

    • Why does Kim have to run from the police? Wouldn't Megan's x-rays reveal that some of her injuries (I think broken wrists were mentioned in ep.4) are rather old, so it can't have been Kim who caused them as she has only been Megan's babysitter/nanny for a short time?

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Mason: I'm dying, Jack, I'm not crazy. You and Nina together is a recipe for disaster.

    • Mason: What are you doing in my office?
      Jack: How long did they give you? (George huffs, walks past Jack) George, I know you were exposed to high levels of radioactive materials in Panorama City this morning.
      Mason: How'd you figure that out?
      Jack: Your anti-nausea medication. It's for radiation sickness. I checked the logs, I made a few calls...you inhaled plutonium, George!
      Mason: So?
      Jack: Well, I'm not the only person that shouldn't be here today.

    • Michelle: I am supposed to get you out of here. That's not going to happen, is it?

    • Tony: Why don't you tell me about Syed Ali?
      Reza: I told you before, I don't know a Syed Ali.
      Tony: (sarcastic tone) Oh, you don't? Then how do you explain that his name is in your personal computer file?
      Reza: I don't know.
      Tony: You "don't know?" Alright...let's start again.

    • Mason: You're not buying a used car here. You've got to deal within the confines of reality. You're not going to get anything unless you produce results.
      Nina: It's in my best interest to produce results.

  • NOTES (5)