Season 2 Episode 8

Day 2: 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 2002 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Kim and Miguel are arrested and the police plan to take them back to LA.
Tony questions Bob Warner at CTU and learns more about his government connections.
Palmer discovers a traitor in his ranks when the journalist whom he had detained is set free.
Nina pulls a deadly countermove, setting herself up as the main player in the search to locate the bomb.moreless

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  • The season is picking up.

    This episode shows how dangerous the threat really is with Kate getting close to the truth but ends up getting kidnapped and then Jack's plane getting hit However Jack might have just go somewhere with the location of the bomb when Nina claims she knows where it will go off Kim continues to get in trouble with the police even though she hasn't really done anything wrong It will also be interesting to see the effects of the truth about the bomb slowly coming out.moreless
  • Ashes, ashes…

    S2 antes it up a little, starting with the Warners of all people. One big discovery this hour is that Bob Warner is a consultant for the CIA, exposition courtesy of both the CTU storyline and the Kate Warner storyline. A little contrived? Sure. But for a few hours, it'll serve to create further confusion on who exactly is working with Syed Ali: Bob or Reza?So Nina manages to get Faheen to reveal the location of "the bomb," which we'll later see is just the location of Syed Ali. Way to lie, Nina/writers. Anyway, she kills Faheen afterwards, and blood is always welcome on this show (though Jack seems kinda pissed about it).And at the OC, the situation with Ron Wieland comes back to bite Palmer in the ass. That's correct: the guy somehow escapes from his cell and babbles everything he can to the press. Hey, at least the writers didn't forget about him.It's all well and good, but one ridiculous aspect of this episode is the misadventures of Omar, Basheer, and Marko, the three terrorists transporting the nuke to wherever. After alleged months of planning, Marko has a sudden change of heart about the American people, yada yada yada, Omar's the only survivor.Totally detracting to the story, but in spite of that, this is a decent episode, and it only gets more exciting from here.Hourly Highlight:"That was Teri. My wife. That's what you took from this world, Nina. That's what you took from me and my daughter. I just wanted you to know that." ……………BOOM!!!moreless
  • How to buy more time!!!!

    This episode mark the end of the first Phase of this Season 2.

    This of course, make the final scenes in this episode more interesting. Palmer Administration continue where he stopped, with sherry continuous work to supposedly help Palmer. But this time, was only about details.

    Tony's interrogation doesn't make any advance. However kate made some, and this explain her final scene in this spisode.

    Kim continues to be annoying, with her scenes leading nowhere.

    The cliffhanger at the end was not bad.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -moreless
  • Crashing a plane..

    Mm.. It was really not much saying episode. Ok, we had the action on the beginning. Nina trying to get something out of the man they found and then when agent stop Jack to get in the same car as Nina. And so, most of the episode, Nina just tries to save herself and get something that makes her worth keep alive.

    Some interesting turns in Kate storyline as the computer was interesting and then adoption of her, also.

    So, what we have.. Kim.. little weird and nothing happening storyline. Maybe it is just so off the major things and only connection to the main thing is that Kim is Jack daughter but... Good episode but nothing special. I do like the ending.. and I am eager to see what happens with the plain.moreless
  • excellent episode

    3:02 P.M.-3:03 P.M.: Kimberly is arrested, and Bob and Reza are brought in to CTU with Marie in tow. Michelle informs Tony that Paula has died.

    3:03 P.M.-3:07 P.M.: In the underground bunker, Roger asks Lynne about Sherry's security clearance. Sherry gets off the phone with the network Ron Wieland

    works for, then goes to Palmer to ask him about the missing reporter. She offers to talk to Ron about breaking the story. Palmer refuses at first, but

    later agrees to let her do so. Kimberly, Miguel, and Megan are brought back to LA.

    3:07 P.M.-3:09 P.M.: In Visalia, the interrogation of Faheen is failing, as Faheen is uncooperative. Nina speaks to Faheen in his native Arabic, with a

    translator at CTU translating their conversation into English. Jack tries to take Nina and Faheen back to LA by himself. When the other CTU agents refuse,

    Jack fights back, prompting his colleagues' guns to be drawn.

    3:13 P.M.-3:18 P.M.: Paul Koplin, Ralph's boss, arrives at the Warner house to help Kate hack her father's computer in order to find out what dealings,

    if any, Bob's company has had with Ali. Sherry is escorted to the conference room where Ron Wieland is being kept. Sherry begins talking to him. She offers

    him the exclusive right to report from the Operation Center in exchange for his promising not to reveal anything about the bomb rumors he had threatened

    to discuss.

    3:18 P.M.-3:22 P.M.: The delivery truck carrying the bomb experiences a blow out, causing it to lose a tire. The trio of terrorists inside, Omar, Marko

    and Basheer, must act quickly to change it. A passing motorist pulls over to offer them assistance. On the plane, Nina attempts to convince Faheen to talk.

    He simply replies with, "I'm not afraid to die," and calls her a traitor. Nina examines the half a gift card she took from Crescent Collectibles and hid

    in her coat. She reveals that she was approached by Faheen six months prior to her arrest.

    3:27 P.M.-3:29 P.M.: The friendly motorist finishes changing the tire. He refuses the money offered by the terrorists. Marko, the driver, sees a group of

    kids playing basketball, and begins to have second thoughts. The cop asks Kimberly if a bomb is going off in LA in an effort to find out about the danger

    she refuses to elaborate on. When he tries to confirm it with the FBI, the dispatcher informs him that she has been unable to reach anyone at the FBI all

    day, due to increased traffic on their lines.

    3:29 P.M.-3:31 P.M.: Sherry reveals that Ron refused her deal. She then asks her ex-husband if she can stay in the loop. Palmer agrees, but promises her

    nothing in return for her help.

    3:31 P.M.-3:33 P.M.: Marko begins to cry, as he has become very uncomfortable with the arrangement. He announces that he doesn't want to kill anyone. Basheer,

    the man in the passenger seat, pulls a gun, and shoots him multiple times. Basheer then goes around to get in the drivers seat, but Marko, who is still

    barely alive, shoots him dead before dying himself. There is now just Omar left.

    3:37 P.M.-3:40 P.M.: Paul learns that Reza has taken $450,000 from the corporate accounts. Around the same time, a check for the same amount was written

    to Ali by Reza. Paul finds a file in Bob's personal directory that appears to be a government file that is accessed daily. When he tries to access it,

    an auto delete program starts to delete the files. He is able to stop the deletion, and discovers the files are government encoded.

    3:40 P.M.-3:43 P.M.: Tony walks into the holding room where Bob Warner has been housed. Bob proceeds to tell him that he is a consultant for the CIA. He

    gives Tony a business card with a confirmation code and a contact name at the CIA, and says that he was recruited five years ago, but knows nothing of

    Ali. Tony leaves to investigate Bob's claims. The police call CTU to inform them that they are holding Kimberly Bauer for murder. Mason takes the call.

    3:43 P.M.-3:47 P.M.: Michelle calls Jack to tell him that Kimberly has been arrested for murder. Kimberly gets on the line, and tearfully tells her father

    how she got in that situation. Jack puts her crisis on the backburner, as he's too caught up in what's going on between Nina and Faheen. Nina tells Faheen

    that US Forces have stormed his village and arrested his family. Jack asks Nina what Faheen told her. She says, "Everything," before lunging forward and

    slitting Faheen's throat with the cut gift card she had stashed in her sleeve. Jack lunges to stop her, but is too late. Faheen dies. Nina announces that

    she knows where the bomb is, and demands that a transport take her to San Diego. Mason gives in to her terms.

    3:51 P.M.- 3:54 P.M.: Checking the tapes of their chat, Michelle finds a new name mentioned, a name tied to Ali -- Marko. The police officer that arrested

    Kimberly and Miguel demands to know what is going on. Kimberly finally tells him about the bomb, worried that he will send Megan back to LA if she doesn't.

    3:54 P.M.-3:56 P.M.: Michelle is unable to find anything else in the recording. Tony sends her to take a few minutes to relax and regroup. The President

    gets up and goes to the OC just in time to see Wieland on the news, reporting on an imminent threat to the US that he claims the President knew about.

    An infuriated Palmer demands to know from Mike how Wieland got out. All fingers point to Richard Armus, who was supposed to be watching him.moreless
Michael McGrady

Michael McGrady

CHP Officer Brown

Guest Star

Michael Cudlitz

Michael Cudlitz

Agent Rick Phillips

Guest Star

Anthony Azizi

Anthony Azizi

Mamud Faheen

Guest Star

Reiko Aylesworth

Reiko Aylesworth

Michelle Dessler

Recurring Role

Skye McCole Bartusiak

Skye McCole Bartusiak

Megan Matheson

Recurring Role

Jude Ciccolella

Jude Ciccolella

Mike Novick

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Jack enters the door of the Faheen store, you can briefly see the shadow of a boom mic in his shoulders.
      It isn't the shadow of a light pole from the road because it is not there when the soldiers break the door apart.

    • The previous episode ended with the cop calling for back-up. At the start of this episode, there's suddenly 4-5 extra cars there.

    • When Paul Koplin inserts the memory stick to the computer, it can be seen that it is a Creative Nomad MuVo mp3 player.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Wieland: Sherry Palmer.
      Sherry: Hello, Ron.
      Wieland: Just when I thought this day couldn't get any stranger.

    • Jack: The Sunday before you killed my wife, Teri and I went down to the boardwalk in Venice. Just watching all the rollerbladers and musicians, laughing at the crazy people...and spending time together. And Teri sees this snow cone stand, she giggles like a kid; she takes off running. She wants to get in line. She wants one. I remember I was watching her, I just...I couldn't help myself. And when I looked up at her, she was talking with this old lady in line behind her and the two of them were laughing. And I remember thinking to myself, how the hell does she do that? How does she strike up a conversation with an absolute stranger and they just start laughing...like they've been friends forever? That's a gift. I remember thinking, God, I wish I could do that, but I can't. That was Teri...my wife. That's what you took from this world, Nina. That's what you took from me and my daughter. I just wanted you to know that.

    • Jack: What did he tell you?
      Nina: Everything! (kills Faheen)

    • Lynne: (referring to Sherry) If I feel it's a problem, I'll talk to the President.
      Stanton: She's his ex-wife. That's a problem by itself.

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