Season 2 Episode 21

Day 2: 4:00 A.M. - 5:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2003 on FOX
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Palmer's cabinet invokes the 25th Amendment in an attempt to remove him from power. They place him on trial for his extreme actions during the nuclear bomb threat.
Jack and Michelle work against the clock to prove that the evidence against the Middle East is false.

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  • 12 Moderately Riled Men

    That's right: the trial of David Palmer. This hour somewhat breaks the mold by largely switching the main focus from Jack to Palmer; after a short opening scene with Jack, we are treated to a very long Palmer sequence that takes us all the way to the first commercial break. And the rest of the Palmer scenes are nothing to change the channel on either. A couple of characters from earlier in the season return to testify against Palmer as the Cabinet decides whether Palmer should stay in office. And it's not boring.

    In fact, Palmer's got the only cool, or at least productive, parts of the hour. Jack's activities here, in a "normal" episode, would probably take him twenty minutes tops, but with the writers devoting themselves to Palmer, all the other plotlines slow down.

    Tony and Chappelle argue about something or other at CTU, and their storyline kinda connects to the Palmer thing for a few minutes, though that's dropped when the all-important microchip is found to be essentially useless.

    The drama gets even better when Palmer accuses Novick of conspiring to bring him down, and it peaks when the majority of the Cabinet votes Palmer out of office. I seriously didn't see that coming the first time I watched this, and I was actually frustrated to no end, but I guess that just proves that this episode is great TV.

    Hourly Highlight:

    Palmer being voted out.moreless
  • Palmer Administration Plot Pay Off!!!!

    Can be this episode get any better?

    Jack is finally with the chip, but of course, the chip is damaged, and when you thing this is all over, then they come with a new idea.

    This trial of David Palmer stole all the Other Scenes. Jack, michelle, Tony, Kim and Kate.

    The Final Scene is a mix of surprise with expected.

    This is a great pay off, thanks to Palmer administration plot, roger, the reporter, and even Mike, and any other details, play their vital role here. The dialogues were excellent.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - »moreless
  • Trial of Palmer

    So this is it - all the plots those politicians have to plot, are plotted and they are out to open with their try to overtake Palmer. And when last episode had most of the excitement on Palmer staff storyline, then this time all the excitement are on that storyline. All the slow motion and little plots trough the rest of the season really works and proves themselves into this. I do like that but I still feel they could have had some more excitement on Palmer storyline before.

    And to make it even more exciting, the last seconds add another point of view to that storyline. What she is doing there?

    Cannot wait to see next onemoreless
  • David Palmer vs Jim Prescott

    This episode is all about the trial of David Palmer, and oh my, I was so frustrated by it. The whole thing was very well written though and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Its a very important episode of season 2.

    I really hated Stanton !! I was shocked at how the old git managed to get away with what he'd done, poor David. It seems that Chappelle is in league with the Vice President too, so that made me want to slap him. But to be honest I've wanted to slap Chappelle every time he's on the screen.

    Mike was soo conformtable during the trial, it was so obvious. I dont dislike Mike at all, I actually feel sorry for him. He's not a bad person, he was just doing what he thought was right, but Palmer is never going to let him get away with his betrayal. I love how Palmer owned Mike though, that moment totally kicked ass. xD

    Jack isn't really involved in this episode, I didn't miss him though considering the Palmer trial was so great. The ending was class, Sherry !! Could she really be behind the whole thing?

    Quote of the hour! David Palmer: "I'm the President, Mike. You don't call me by my first name."moreless
  • Review

    With only a couple of hours left in the show, I felt that Palmer would win out over Prescot and that the main focus would shift over to Jack. The fact that Palmer has been removed from office came as a huge shock and I thought that the White House drama really took it up a notch with this episode, providing very pulse pounding drama without the action that Jack bauer provides. The intensity that surrounded the character of Jack Bauer has dimmed this episode, with him uploading the data to CTU only to find out that it was a fake. With Jack needing to get a new led to investigate, the White House drama shined in this episode making it one of the better episodes of season 2. I think that the last three episodes have been amazing and have really stepped up Season 2, which started off a little repeatitive and boring with Kims storyline. I think the show works much better without her in the main story, though I liked the conversation she had with her father in this episode. Overall, very solid episode...moreless
Maurice Compte

Maurice Compte


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Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman


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Michael Holden

Michael Holden

Ron Wieland

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Glenn Morshower

Glenn Morshower

Agent Aaron Pierce

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Paul Schulze

Paul Schulze

Ryan Chappelle

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Alan Dale

Alan Dale

Vice President Jim Prescott

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    • Novick: Mr. President, this Bauer thing is an illusion...a mirage. Every time you get near it, it moves further away. For your sake...for the country's, authorize the attack.

    • Jack: (to Kate) There are things in this world that are just out of our control. Sometimes, we like to blame ourselves for them, so that we can try and make sense out of it.

    • Tony: Why are you so determined to keep my people processing intel on an operation that's been scrapped?
      Chappelle: Because there's a strong possibility the White House will reinstate the attack order.
      Tony: Doesn't make sense...why would the president reverse his order twice?
      Chappelle: Just keep your people on a war footing.

    • Palmer: Now I can see why I had such a hard time reaching you today, Jim. You were busy.

    • Palmer: Mr. Prescott, there seems to be a collective feeling that a discussion is called for. In the interest in putting this behind us, I'll agree on one condition. When it's over, if I'm supported you tender your resignation as vice president of this country.
      Prescott: Very well, Mr. President.
      Secretary of State: I, uh, suggest we all take a few minutes to compose ourselves and, uh, then get on with the proceeding.
      Palmer: Let's not mince words, Mr. Secretary. You mean the trial of David Palmer.

    • Pierce: I'm not a lawyer, sir, but as far as I can tell, the Constitution has been followed. I have no choice but to ask you to come with us. I'm sorry, sir.

    • Palmer: Listen to me, all of you. I know your not in the same room with me... but you can see and hear me plainly enough. Take a good look . Do I seem scared? Am I breaking into a nervous sweat? Am I babbling at a loss for words? Is my voice shaking? Can anyone of you look me in the eye and tell me I'm disabled?

    • Palmer: I'm the President, Mike. You don't call me by my first name.

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