Season 2 Episode 22

Day 2: 5:00 A.M. - 6:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 06, 2003 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Jack locates the man who forged the audio evidence, but his efforts to break him down are sabotaged by Sherry Palmer, who has a hand in the conspiracy.
Kim returns to the Matheson home, where she discovers that her problems are far from over.
Palmer searches for an ally who will help him get a message out to CTU.
Tony and Michelle take Chappelle out of action when he hinders their efforts to help Jack.moreless

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  • When the chip proving the Cypress Recording is damaged beyond salvage, Jack resorts to locating the man who created it. His mission takes an unexpected turn.

    After a few episode that did not live up to expectations, I was happy to see an episode that managed to get the series back on track. I thoroughly enjoyed Jack's scenes with David Palmer's ex-wife. I liked how the two were able to match wits with one another. Another thing I enjoyed just as much was David Palmer. Despite the fact that the presidency was wrongly taken away from him, he still managed to maintain his composure and prove he is better than all those who felt he should be removed from office. For once I have to say hooray for Kim. The scene where Jack convinces her over the phone to kill Gary Matheson in self defense was her best moment in the series. Not because she killed somebody, but because she finally showed some courage in the face of extreme danger. Her reaction afterwards to what she did shows that unlike Gary Matheson she is a good person with human emotions. I actually watched it a second time because I liked it so much. I know I sound morbid for applauding Kim for killing somebody but that took a huge amount of guts. That scene alone made this episode for me. This episode managed to get season two back on track and set things up for what looks to be an excellent finale.moreless
  • About this episode

    It had great single camera picture editing.
  • When You Mix Jack Bauer and Sherry Palmer...

    When sherry appeared in the final scene from the previous episode, was a surprise, because maybe she wanted revenge from his ex husband, but how she is involved with all this?

    This is exactly the kind of question that you can expected to be answered in this episode,

    Sherry interation with Jack is cool, Jack is totally different from Palmer and Sherry learn that Today.

    Alex play is role here too. Aaron has is share of participation too.

    Tony and michelle continue to risking their jobs to help Jack to find a way to prove that his cyprous recording is false. CArrie and Chapelle prove not only to be annoying, but a great obstacle for Tony and Jack.

    Kim pycho plot is over in this episode too, thanks god, at least this time was funny to see.

    What I didn´t Like was the poor ending.moreless
  • Jack Bauer and Sherry Palmer... sounds great

    ... and it was great. It is just everywhere she goes and whatever she does, there is those little plots she chases. And in this one, I am not even sure what she is really out of. Palmer was right when he said to Jack: "Do not trust her".

    So, most of the action goes around Jack and Sherry and that computer hacker who forged the evidence. But also Palmer gets some screentime and again, his storyline is quite interesting. The whole thing with the man who was not to suppose to talk with him but who did and what he said when they take him away. It was beautiful.

    And Kim.. one of few episodes I am not annoyed of her? As it was quite clever move.. with phone of her dad and Jack telling her to shot. And again.

    So, good episode.moreless
  • Jack Bauer and Sherry Palmer = awesome!

    They were introduced back in season 1, but only briefly. And in this episode, we get to see Jack Bauer and Sherry Palmer interact with each other properly. Jack does whatever the hell he wants and Sherry is bossy and demanding, so there was no denying they were going to clash. Their conversations are the highlight of the episode.

    Kim returns in this episode too, and surprisingly, the things involving her are quite exciting!! Maybe because she actually kills someone. It was good that she did what Jack told her to do.

    I felt sorry for Mike in the previous episode, but now... I'm grrrr at him. I was soo mad that he had Aaron Pierce arrested. Aaron Pierce was so cool, I've called him the loyal one ever since this episode!

    Tony and Michelle were also great in this episode. Holy cow, they are soo going to get it for doing that to Chappelle. I'm glad that Tony has redeemed himself, he's really starting to believe in Jack now.

    Quote of the hour! Sherry Palmer: "Don't worry. I'll handle agent Bauer. He's very low on the food chain."moreless
Steven Arthur

Steven Arthur

Military Officer

Guest Star

Alex Daniels

Alex Daniels


Guest Star

Paco Farias

Paco Farias

Deputy Sheriff

Guest Star

Glenn Morshower

Glenn Morshower

Agent Aaron Pierce

Recurring Role

Paul Schulze

Paul Schulze

Ryan Chappelle

Recurring Role

Alan Dale

Alan Dale

Vice President Jim Prescott

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Kim told the officer she had only one suitcase to pack, she was leaving with two large duffel bags.

    • When Sherry entered into Hewitt's loft in the last seconds of the last episode, she had a bodyguard. After Jack knocks him out in the early stages of this episode, he isn't heard from again, even after Sherry gets stabbed and Hewitt dies.

    • After Kim killed Gary, she's talking to Jack, holding her phone upside-down.

    • Kim would not have been allowed to enter the Matheson's house without a police supervisor.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Jack: Don't try me, Mrs. Palmer.

    • Tony: The chopper's about to leave; ETA is about 20 minutes.
      Jack: So Chappelle's on board with this?
      Tony: Not exactly...
      Jack: What do you mean?
      Tony: Jack, it's better if you don't know.

    • Sherry: In light of what's happened today, my resentments seem obscenely petty. I don't know what I was thinking.
      Jack: There's something I haven't told you about Mr. Palmer.
      Sherry: (confused) Mister Palmer...?
      Jack: Yes, Mr. Palmer. His cabinet invoked the 25th Amendment less than an hour ago.
      Sherry: What?!
      Jack: Prescott's president now.
      Sherry: My God!
      Jack: You got what you wanted.

    • Sherry: I wanted to bring down David's presidency. I was so angry with David for what he did to me. I worked tirelessly for years to put him into office. I sacrificed everything! My career, my family! David? He betrayed me.
      Jack: So you wanted revenge.

    • Sherry: You must be here for the same reason I am.
      Jack: What reason would that be?
      Sherry: To find Alex Hewitt.
      Jack: Why?
      Sherry: Well, you must know. You're here.
      Jack: Why don't you tell me.
      Sherry: He created a recording that's about to start a war.
      Jack: How would you know about that?
      Sherry: I don't like the way this conversation is going.You will answer my questions.
      Jack: How do you know about the Cypress recording?
      Sherry: How dare you talk down...!
      (Jack shoots at Sherry, causing her to fall in fright)
      Jack: I'm not a politician, and I not going to debate this with you, so answer my question: What do you know about the Cypress recording?!

    • Gary: (last words) Kim, you little bitch.

    • Palmer: Aaron, do you think I'm unfit to be President?
      Pierce: I'm under orders not to discuss it.
      Palmer: Are you under orders not to listen?
      Pierce: No, sir.
      Palmer: Good, then I'll do all the talking.

    • Palmer: I thought you were under orders not to speak to me.
      Pierce: I'm doing my best, sir.

    • Michelle: Do you really want to do this Carrie? Because I've been letting you get away with a lot since you got here. But if you want the gloves to come off, fine.

    • Sherry: Don't worry. I'll handle agent Bauer. He's very low on the food chain.

    • Palmer: Shame on you! It should be you putting yourself on the line for me. Instead, Aaron did!
      Novick: I tried to be a friend to you.
      Palmer: I don't want a friend! I need someone to do the right thing!

    • Jack: Kim, I want you to point the gun at his chest and pull the trigger, now!

  • NOTES (1)