Season 2 Episode 10

Day 2: 5:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2003 on FOX

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  • As the investigation moves forward on many fronts, two huge breaks occur both at the White House and at Warner Enterprises.

    As we approach the halfway mark in this season, the episodes seem to be getting better. This particular episode is the most exciting and compelling of the season up to this point. The scene of Jack and Nina's conversation was well written. I do have one small criticism of it however. Nina has worked with CTU for many years. We even learn in this episode she and Tony were lovers. Considering in the first season she had her way with Jack, its safe to say the lady gets around. To get to my point, she has worked extensively with CTU and knows how they operate. Therefore I think she would have known better than to follow Jack as he walked off because she had to have known she was being set up. Yet she failed to do so and allowed herself to be exposed to a CTU sniper. Sherry Palmer shows how well she knows her ex-husband. She did just enough to gain President Palmer's trust and even abolished his suspicions of her. It turns out those suspicions were justified. The raid on the house where Kate was being held was also well done. Look fast for a pre-"Lost" and pre-"Hawaii Five-0" Daniel Dae Kim! I also liked Jack's scenes with Kate after the raid. They were also well written. The final scene with the biggest reveal of the episode was good, but not as good as other parts of this episode. Only because it was not too much of a shock who the traitor at Bob Warner's company was. There is a lot to like about this episode and about the current season too!
  • awsome episode

    This is so good i have no words, you dont see anything before it happens. The twists and shocks just keep coming and are so great. Best show ever.
  • 'Silenced' guns ARE NOT ACTUALLY SILENT.

    also I liked Richards.
  • Obvious To Me

    First let me say that i love 24. I believe that season 2 is even better than season 1. Now on to this episode. The best parts of this episode was Jack's hunt for Salid Ali, and the Kate Warner storyline.

    It turns out that there are two moles. Sherry being one of them. This came as no surprise to me. I suspected her from the moment she showed up. The fact that she had the NSA director in her pocket, was a surprise. The other mole was Marie Warner. If you had told me that two episodes ago, i would have been very surprised. But it became obvious to me last episode. Kim's fugitive storyline is starting to get interesting. But how we got there, is a little unrealistic. The police would have taken everything from there pockets. There would have been no lighter, no bandana. Also, handcuffs used by the police, have a three link chain. The ones Kim was were eight to ten inches long. Those kind of restraints are used to chain prisoners to a bench, not used when transporting someone under arrest. I've seen many shows make this error, so it is forgivable here.
  • Trust no one.

    This was probably the best episode of season 2 up to this point as it reveals two moles and both of them are the two people you would least expect I couldn't believe that Sherry is working against Palmer after she seemed to be a great help The other person was even more unexpected when it turns out Marie was the one working with Syed Ali while CTU were to busy trying to fins out whether it was Bob or Reza With Jack getting out of the tricky situation with Nina he was able to save Kate and hopefully he will be able to stop all these traitors that are being revealed that are planning an attack on America.
  • Two moles are revealed. A double whammy!!

    This episode steps up a couple of notches and the plot finally begins to advance when two traitors are revealed at the end of the episode.

    Ok, the first mole, it was about time this was revealed considering the plot was beginning to get old with the constant interrogations of Bob and Reza. But no one ever expected it to be Marie! I thought of her as the innocent party in this, I mean it was her wedding day so she was the least likely person to be involved. I actually thought ther'd be more chance of it being Kate lol. And as for the second mole, its wasn't a shock that Stanton was involved as much as the person whos working with him. Sherry!! Just as David was starting to appreciate her more as well, I hope he doesn't end up being fooled.

    Also, Jack manages to escape from Nina. Its such a mystery trying to figure out what Jack whispered in Nina's ear, I guess its leaving it up to our imaginations. But whatever it was, she was obviously completely taken back by what he said. Jack then goes to Syed Ali's house and ends up rescuing Kate. It was a very clever way of them becoming acquainted with each other. Their relationship really grows throughout this season, you can tell they're fond of each other from this episode, and even more so in the next episode.

    And whattttt was Kim and Miguel doing? Tut tut. They both get the award for dunces of the episode.

    And I know its probably an unlikely choice considering how many twists are in this episode, but the highlight of the episode for me is the scene between George and Michelle. Its my favourite everyday banter conversation of the whole series so far. I mean, it was just so simple; how he was going on about wanting to become a teacher and that. But it was so moving at the same time. His acting was so good in that conversation, the shining moments he is having this season just aren't going to stop are they? Also, I absolutely loved how Michelle took his perfect advice later on with Tony.

    Quote of the hour! George Mason: "You know, Michelle, I'm not a big advice giver, but under the circumstances, don't wait for your life to happen to you. Find something that makes you happy -- do it. Because everything else is just background noise."
  • Two Major REvelations!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now Kim is a fugitive, this fugitive plot could be interesting if the writers have any good ideas.

    Jack saves KAte Life and jer provide some information for him and of course, the writers managed to tied Kate to Jack to keep her apperance seems logical.

    The twist in the end of the episode was predictable for some genius people, but unexpected for the majority. I think this twist was very well covered until this episode.

    Palmer Administration continues with some setups for the next episodes.

    There was a great Scene between Michelle and Tony, very nice.

    That are another twist regarding Palmer administration that was very well done and make all the sense,

    Nina plot is over and was resolved very fast for my taste, but that is OK.

    Overrall, a episode that brings two major revelations, with the resolution for Nina plot, some goods scenes like Tony and Michelle, that make this episode deserves a 8.5 .
  • Only 24 has endings like that

    Wow.. last couple of episode have really surprised me. And this one goes for that list. The all action going on, getting closer. Michelle's talking with George - another tearjerker moment for George. He only gets them lately. And Jack in action and Nina. Oh, taking her down, it was superb even thought I like her in control. But we all know we need Jack more ;)

    The best part of this episode was ending. We now know how Kate's storyline is connected with all and the way things got revealed in last minutes - first Sherry who is just Sherry.. and we were already thinking that maybe... and then Marie.. that I did not see coming. Amazing
  • fine episode

    5:00 P.M.-5:06 P.M.: Palmer delivers a statement to the press, telling them that there is a threat levelled against the country. He goes on to say that
    there are dozens of these threats each week, and concludes by assuring them that there is no cause for alarm. Jack exchanges words with Nina while held
    at gunpoint. He tricks her into stepping forward and into view of a sniper he's spotted, who wounds her. The CTU guys then move in and cuff her. Miguel
    and Kimberly are put back into a police SVU for their trip to LA. Miguel creates a quick disturbance with the cop, causing a lighter to fall from the man's
    pocket. Miguel grabs it before anyone can see what's going on. Palmer receives word that Jack is alright. He tells Nina that he will still pardon her if
    the information proves to be true. Jack whispers something to Nina that is inaudible, but certainly scares her. As Jack makes his way back to the CTU chopper,
    he sees the tattoo of one of the men who tried to kill him just minutes earlier. He recognizes it.

    5:06 P.M. - 5:09 P.M.: At Warner Enterprises, a handcuffed Reza is escorted to a computer terminal by CTU agents. Agent Richards boots up a Mac computer.
    Ali's assistant, Mohsen, tells Ali he wants to interrogate Kate again. Ali leaves the room to pray one last time.

    5:14 P.M.-5:15 P.M.: Jack calls Palmer from the chopper to reveal that the tattooed soldier that attacked him was a member of a deep cover group out of
    Fort Benning -- one run by the NSA.

    5:15 P.M.-5:21 P.M.: Michelle goes to talk to Mason about his illness. She expresses her condolences. Mason proceeds to tell her that she should think about
    what she plans on doing tomorrow. He advises her to find a job that she likes more if the bomb doesn't go off. In the President's compound, Palmer begins
    asking Roger Stanton about the commando unit that attacked Jack. Roger claims to know nothing about it, but tells the President he will look into it. Palmer
    tells Sherry and Mike that he plans on firing Roger and having him arrested, as he believes he's hiding something. Sherry feels that it's a bad idea to
    arrest him, whereas Mike disagrees. Palmer sides with Sherry, and sends her and Mike to find out if there is a connection between the NSA and this group.

    5:21 P.M.-5:23 P.M.: Miguel tells Kimberly to pull a bandanna out of his pocket and light it on fire with the lighter he swiped. She reluctantly does so.
    Officer Brown phones in for more information about the bomb, and the person on the other end tells him he'll look into it. Kimberly lights the bandanna,
    and throws it at the officer. While Brown tries to put the fire out, the vehicle goes out of control and flips off the road.

    5:27 P.M.-5:29 P.M.: Kimberly escapes from the car unscathed, and moves around to the officer's side to grab his keys. Miguel is conscious, but seriously
    wounded, while Officer Brown is seriously wounded and unconscious. Realizing that Miguel isn't in good enough shape to follow through on his plans, Kimberly
    undoes her cuffs, and radios the dispatch for help.

    5:29 P.M.-5:34 P.M.: Mohsen begins cutting Kate's ear with a knife. Jack and other agents arrive at the house where they are. Marie shows up at Bob's office
    to talk to Reza. She seems a little more amorous this time around, and apologizes for shouting at him earlier. Mohsen continues to play with Kate, as the
    CTU agents, led by Jack, enter the house. Mohsen is about to kill Kate when he is interrupted by an agent he spots on the transparent roof. Mohsen opens
    fire, but Jack storms the room and takes him down with a beanbag hit. Kate is taken away by agents. Jack wants to take Mohsen into custody, but the fact
    that the guy swallowed a cyanide capsule he had stashed in his mouth puts a damper on those plans.

    5:38 P.M.-5:40 P.M.: Miguel tells Kimberly to leave him, but she refuses. He insists repeatedly, and she finally follows his advice. As she gets out of
    range, the police and paramedics arrive.

    5:40 P.M.-5:43 P.M.: Jack attempts to interview Kate at Ali's place. She tells him that Ali is not the dead man in the room, as Jack had thought. Sherry
    begins briefing Mike and the President about a twenty-year-old communications network called OPCOM that was shut down long ago, only to be reactivated
    last month under orders of Roger Stanton. Palmer asks Mike to call the Attorney General, so they can begin proceedings to arrest Roger.

    5:43 P.M.-5:45 P.M.: Jack phones in to CTU to tell Tony that he is with Kate Warner. Tony then brings Jack up to speed on the situation with Reza and Bob.
    Jack asks an agent to bring Kate Warner back to the torture room.

    5:45 P.M.-5:47 P.M.: Sherry gets the code of a retired deputy director that still has access to the network. She gives it to Mike to track down more information.

    5:51 P.M.-5:54 P.M.: Michelle tells Tony that she likes him. He tells her he likes her as well. The two agree on a date for tomorrow should the bomb not
    destroy the city.

    5:54 P.M.-5:56 P.M.: Kate tells Jack about what Ali was saying, and how she and her family used to live in Saudi Arabia, and thus, she can speak some Arabic.
    She says she believes Ali was taking about praying before he left. Jack looks at his watch, and then calls CTU to give him a list of every mosque within
    a 15 mile radius.

    5:56 P.M.-6:00 P.M.: Sherry calls Roger, and warns him that Palmer is about to arrest him. Reza finds the shipping order in the computer system, and realizes
    that the only person who had access to the computer that made the file was Marie. A second later, a bullet takes out Agent Richards. Marie is holding the
    gun. Roger paces the hall while pondering his next move. Sherry looks on, pleased with herself. Palmer sits at his desk pouring over documents, as Marie
    tells Reza she never expected him to find the information.
  • The Great Exposition

    Things get significantly heavier as we learn:
    A) which member of the Warner clique is really involved with the nuke,
    B) the commandos who shot down Jack and Nina's plane and tried to kill them afterward are American military, and
    C) Stanton is indeed involved in a conspiracy against Palmer, as is Sherry.
    Okay, that last thing is one big snore, but it's still an important plot development, and this hour dishes it out like…dishes…out of a dishwasher. Like a maid would do. I don't think I'm good with analogies.
    Another major occurrence this hour is the meeting of Jack and Kate. After escaping from his thing with Nina, Jack arrives to save Kate's life. The relationship between these two is a crucial part of the remainder of the season. Along with that of Tony & Michelle, who set up a date in case they survive the day. Gag.
    Of course, by the end, Syed Ali's still on the loose, the nuke's still ticking away somewhere out there, and we've yet to get a clue as to why some white dudes are apparently helping to blow up LA. Gotta take the story a step at a time, you know?

    Hourly Highlight:
    It ain't Bob…and it sure as hell ain't Reza…
  • Review

    Without a doubt one of the best episodes that the writers of 24 have ever produced. This episode was a classic from start to finish - there were no weak spots. Start off with Jack bauer, who had amazing scenes at the beginning with Nina and the continued along when he saved Kate Warner from being captured. Both of those scenes were intense and very fun to watch. Jump over to the Marie Warner storyline for a huge twist in the show - Marie Warner, the one that no one expected to have done anything wrong is the mastermind behind this entire plan! Then over to the Palmer situation, which is generally the most boring. Turns out Sherry has different intensions then what we orignally thought, she is working with Stanton and for what reason we dont know yet. George Masons conversation with Michelle about finding what you want in life was both educational and I appluade him for the brillant acting in that scene. I also liked how the writers used that scene to set up the Tony - Michelle scene later on in the episode. One of the greatest episodes of 24 ever!!
  • The episode triple-blow

    Wow. Not only are there traitors, but 3 of them. Two of them are inside the OC, one of which is completely outragous but believeable. The second you probably sensed coming, but still who she/he works with is just...wow. The third is the most jawropping of them all, which resolves the Warner plot completely, and it's probably the last person you'd think of, but why oh why, would this person want to ruin their own wedding day just to kill millions of people. It's not reza, it's Marie. Try processing that. You'll find out it all makes sense, but believing it is another matter. Excellent episode.
  • this is another great episode

    This episode reveals some bad characters. The tension is raised as a result of the revelation. Jack Bauer tracks down Kate Warner's location. CTU brings in a team to rescue her. While Kim and Miguel are being transported to a police station, they try to escape, unfortunately, this ends up tragically. Jack Bauer really rocks, they did another great episode, this is one great show. it's fast paced, they made another great episode, i had a great time. it's so much fun to watch. they did a really great episode, the acting is excellent, the action scenes are well made.
  • Oh my goodness!


    How crazy awesome was this episode?

    So many twists!!!!!!!!!

    Sherry? Oh my gosh. I was just starting to believe like, "oh, she's changed! yay!" then she has to call that guy and warn him that they're gonna issue a warrant for his arrest. ahhhh. why?! they fooled me!!!

    and marie? she's evil? oh my gosh, i just thought she was a side character, like not important, at all. And she SHOT her fiance!! AHHH! so sad! but WOW i didn't expect it!

    Geez...that torture scene...good lord...they, what, what did they do? they got a grinder-thingy and took it to that one guy's skin?! oh my gosh. that made me cringe, so bad...
    ahhh...and oh my gosh i just couldn't watch it!


    well, the scene, the bit, with David palmer and how he had to choose to pardon nina in advance for killing jack! oh my gosh, that was amazing. he cried! aw! he really likes jack! that must be a hard decision to make! it was hard to watch kinda, and i did start tearing up...

    it was also hard to watch Kim trying to convince the cops to take them out of LA but they didn't lesson! ahh. Frustrating! the little girl is so cute and i really wanted her to get out of LA. But she got to go to Santa Barbara, so it's all good!

    what else...aw. George Mason. sigh! i like him now, he's nicer. but it's sad he has to die! ahh! it's so sad! stupid radiation poisoning!

    i'm so glad tony and michelle shared their feelings! kinda funny how it's like "hey, if a nuke doesn't destory LA, wanna go out with me tomorrow?"


    yay! jack is safe, kate is safe, marie killed her fiance, george is getting worse, tony and michelle are gonna go out, nina is still evil, sherry is even more evil, kim's on the run, miguel's wounded, reza is dead and no one knows where Syed Ali is!!! what will happen next?!
  • Fox kills another random black guy.

    Fox seems to be a slightly racist TV channel. They always seem to kill the random black guys and just when you decide they are the coolest character ever, they get shot in the head. Other than that this was another great and exciting episode. I was recently watching it on my DVD and nearly had a heart attack. Was it true that one of the coolest actors ever (Daniel Dae Kim) was in the episode? When I did decide that it was in fact him I was quite happy. That made the episode even better. It was an episode that made me decide who I like and who I don't like. I've decided I hate most of the characters that will most likely end up dead at the end of the season.
  • Damn, so many moles, so little time.

    I should've seen both mole reveals coming, but they both surprised me, especially Sherry. I never cared too terribly much about the Warners, so while Marie's was more of a shock logically, Sherry being in league with terrorists indirectly was more of a shock emotionally.

    Very good episode also.

    -Pretty nice way to rescue Jack in the beginning.
    -I love that we'll never know what Jack whispered to Nina. We'll always have our imaginations to fill in the gaps.
    -Agent Richards is my hero. If you saw this episode, you know what I'm talking about. No need to explain it. :)
    -Holy crap at the shots of Koplin's bloodied and mangled body. There were so many graphic moments this season...
    -I loved the additional intrigue of the Coral Snakes. It brought a new storyline into both Jack and Palmer's storylines.
    -Mason and Michelle's conversation about "tomorrow" was very memorable and moving.
    -I loved Palmer just saying out of the blue that he was going to have Stanton arrested.
    -More nice gratuitous Kim running shots.
    -Great kill by Jack on the terrorist holding Kate Warner.
    -Great ending with the two moles. While the Sherry one registered with me more, the Marie reveal was shot better. I loved Marie's weird eye thing as the final shot of the episode.

    -Hokey acting by the press corps during Palmer's opening press conference.
    -I hated Palmer's decision to actually pardon Nina.
    -This is the episode where Kim's storyline fell apart. As soon as she was on her own in the woods, it was over. She didn't have another compelling storyline until there were only a few episodes left in the season.
    -More wooden acting by Sarah Wynter.
    -While I've liked Tony and Michelle's relationship, it evolving throughout the course of this day did seem silly. While there was a nuke somewhere in the city, they were seemingly more concerned about their future plans.