Season 2 Episode 10

Day 2: 5:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2003 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When the police car bringing Kim and her friend to L.A. had an accident, Kim called the cops and an ambulance. When the cops arriver, you can clearly hear on the radio, "Dispatch, it's 143." However, the number on the car is 134.

    • Kate Warner holds a bloody towel to her wounded earlobe. She puts it away and you can see a very clean band aid around the lobe.

    • At 5.03pm, we see Nina pushed to the ground and that she has her hands handcuffed behind her after her failed attempt to shoot Jack. As the CTU officers pull her up on her feet, it is clearly seen that her hands were free and not cuffed.

    • After Kate Warner is saved, Jack Bauer is talking to her outside but her hair keeps changing. It goes from one ear sticking out, to covering up the ear, to the hair being behind the ear, back to one ear sticking out.

    • Jack was limping in the previous hour after pulling a piece of wood from his leg. His limp has since vanished.

    • During the final commercial break of the original FOX airing of the episode, a promo appeared saying that "every second counts" and that 24 will be right back. The clock incorrectly read 5:23.

    • At about 5:30pm, when Marie Warner enters her father's office to talk to Reza, she runs into the office and throws her handbag on the desk. At 5:31pm, when she gets up to leave, she grabs the handbag from the floor behind the chair that Reza is sitting in.

    • Reza is handcuffed to the chair by Richards and this is commented on (Reza: I can't work like this!). However, Reza is not handcuffed later and is able to stand up for Marie to shoot him.

  • Quotes

    • Palmer: That wasn't the Gettysburg Address, but it should buy us some more time.

    • Tony: (to Michelle) So what are you saying, that if we save L.A. from a nuclear bomb, you and I can go out for dinner and a movie?

    • Jack: You shoot me before they find Ali, it'll be a violation of your agreement. They'll just slap you back in prison.
      Nina: And you'll be dead!
      Jack: I'm already dead!

    • Jack: You know what, you're right. I don't feel like waiting to die.

    • Nina: I never meant it to be personal.
      Jack: It felt pretty personal when you killed my wife.

    • Agent Richards: There is a nuclear bomb somewhere in this city, and if you don't give me something useful in the next half hour, I am going to take you back to CTU and chain you to the roof so you have a front row seat when the damn thing goes off.

    • Mason: So what are you going to do tomorrow? If the bomb doesn't go off? Have you thought about it?
      Michelle: No.
      Mason: Probably come back to work here?
      Michelle: Of course. Why wouldn't I?
      Mason: I don't know. Are you happy on this job? Believe it or not, I used to want to be a teacher. Long time ago. Know why I didn't? DOD offered me more money. That's how I made my decision. So I made myself miserable and made everyone around me miserable for five thousand more dollars. That was my price.
      Michelle: Sorry
      Mason: You know, Michelle, I'm not a big advice giver, but under the circumstances, don't wait for your life to happen to you. Find something that makes you happy -- do it. Because everything else is just background noise.

  • Notes

    • Originally the writers planned to have Bob Warner be the dirty member of the Warner family. They were inspired to make it Marie after the story of "American Taliban" member John Walker Lindh.

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